by catarina

anonymous asked:

Do you ever wonder about Magnus in the past with relation to his race? He did so much and met so many people, but I think a lot about how that experience was for him as an Asian person when a lot of his stories and exploits supposedly take place in non-Asian countries.

I think about this all the time! It’s a shame the books never explored this in detail; I’d love to see the show explore it more with all the warlocks we know, especially since Dot is also Asian and Catarina is black. These are warlocks who have grown up being told their blood isn’t good enough not just by those in the Shadow World but by mundanes, too. On top of that, Magnus is bisexual, too, which means he wouldn’t have much fit in even within Asian countries or Asian communities.

In some ways, I think because Magnus’ default state of being is to be out of place, his experience no matter where he goes is always sort of the same. I don’t mean to say he doesn’t notice when people single him out for whatever reason bc ofc he does, but more that it would have been a normal daily experience for him regardless of where he went. It’s not surprising that Magnus ultimately made his home in New York and that he has such a deep rooted connection to the Downworld in particular.

Can we take a moment to think about Magnus? He says he got Madzie out just in time and that they went to Catarina’s. Can you imagine the absolute terror he must’ve felt falling through a portal because he’s in so much of a rush that he can’t even keep his balance? That he must’ve dropped in on Catarina unannounced, with a child, but his mind is entirely focused on the destruction he’s barely managed to get them away from? The terror that Alec is still in that institute with a raving lunatic that has a heavenly sword? The endless pacing at Catarina’s apartment as he waits for the sun to rise because he doesn’t know if it’s safe to go back. And the instant he feels like it’s ok he’s giving Madzie a hug, promising a whirlwind of favours to Catarina if she just takes care of the girl please and opening a portal near the institute. And he sees Alec as he steps out of the portal and suddenly he’s running; he needs to be close to him and the utter relief that cascades over him when Alec turns around and pulls him into his arms is breathtaking, because he’s alive, they’re both alive.

I’m really hoping Magnus dancing is the aftermath of him and Alec having a fight and Magnus calling Cat over to get drunk and just relax and then end up drunk dancing in his living room because my boy needs a break.

Alec arrives to apologize or sort things out then and does that face. You know the one. The 17k face. He’s 50 shades of shook and 100 shades of aroused. Cat notices him first and she doesn’t stop dancing but she looks at Magnus and says, “I think your Shadowhunter is here to apologize. Does he dance?” because if she can have an opportunity to tease a Shadowhunter, she’ll take it. 

Magnus just smirks and twirls around to face Alec, who shakes his head, his eyes widening.

“I don’t think he does,” he sighs, waving his hand to switch off the music.

Cat stages an affronted gasp and gives Alec a very disappointed look.

“Shadowhunters… Always so serious, so eager to follow the rules…”

Alec frowns, now almost offended himself. “I stopped my own wedding to make out with the High Warlock of Brooklyn,” he argues.

Catarina lifts an eyebrow, surprised, and this is the story of how Alec Lightwood and Catarina Loss become friends by the only but groundbreaking power of sass.