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California is taking a stand against anti-LGBTQ states

  • California has a travel ban of its own.
  • On Thursday, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra blocked any state-funded travel to Texas, Alabama, South Dakota and Kentucky because of anti-LGBTQ legislation passed in these states.
  • These four states join a list of others — including North Carolina, Kansas and Mississippi —where nonessential travel is restricted for government employees.
  • Taxpayer money “will not be used to let people travel to states who chose to discriminate,” Becerra said, according to the AP
  • Each of the four states has passed anti-LGBTQ legislation since 2017 began. Read more (6/23/17)

There are skies and then there are Blue Ridge Parkway skies. The southern end of the parkway in North Carolina winds through the highest elevations, offering dramatic mountain top views. When photographer Robert Stephens chanced upon this scene at Bear Trap Gap, he said “It almost felt like an out of body experience. You can’t believe what you’re seeing, but it’s there! I was so in awe of the light filtering over the ridges I had to remember to snap my shutter!” Photo courtesy of Robert Stephens.


Dylann Roof at Sankofa - Sacred Burial Site of Our African Ancestors. The cemetery was the burial site for slaves on the McLeod Plantation on James Island, SC.

Sankofa is an African word from the Akan tribe in Ghana. The literal translation is “it is not taboo to fetch what is at risk of being left behind”.

The sign has been repainted in 2016. The symbol –– shown on the sign –– is based on a mythical bird with its feet planted forward and its head turned backwards. Thus, the Akan believe the past serves as a guide for planning the future. To the Akan, it is this wisdom in learning from the past which ensures a strong future.

Family Matters - Elias Lindholm

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you’d always thought that you’d be more nervous than elias when he finally met your family. you’d been way more nervous when you met his family. hell, you always worried about things more than he did; he just calmed you down.

elias’ family had been incredibly welcoming, and you were hoping your family would be the same. however, he had more people to meet and impress than you’d had; you had two younger brothers and an older sister as well as your mom and stepdad. elias only had his parents and his older brother.

you had gotten dressed hours ago and were trying to take a nap, but elias was bustling around your bedroom, moving from the closet to the bathroom and back again as he stressed over his outfit, his hair, his posture. his relentless pacing kept you awake and he wouldn’t stop despite you repeatedly assuring you that he’d be fine.

“el, my parents want to like you. i haven’t brought a lot of guys home, but they’ve liked almost every single one. my siblings will like you too,” you said soothingly. you gave up on sleeping and got up out of bed, padding barefoot into the bathroom to find elias. he was brushing his hair and smoothing it out repeatedly. you took the brush from his hands and placed it on the counter.

elias wouldn’t meet your eyes as you folded both of his hands in your much smaller ones to the best of your ability.

“i love you. that will not be affected by my parents’ opinion of you,” you said slowly. “my brothers won’t care as long as you sign their hurricanes jerseys and aren’t mad at them for not having yours. my sister knows you already—”

“i’ve never met her before…?” elias raised an eyebrow. “…but you tell her everything so she’s basically already met me.”

you grinned awkwardly. “one less first impression to make?”

elias chuckled and removed his hands from yours, gathering you into a hug. “you’re lucky i love you.”

you said nothing, only hugged him tighter.

“but really, do i look okay?” elias pulled back and looked at you nervously.

“you look fine. this is just a casual dinner.” you grabbed elias’ hand and led him back to the bed, where you sat down and scooted to the middle near a pillow. you curled in a ball and patted the bed. “now i am going to nap until we have to leave. you are more than welcome and in fact encouraged to join me. it’ll pass the time more quickly.”

elias threw himself on the bed and moved into place next to you. he slung his arm over you and coaxed you out of your ball shape, curling you into his body.

you hummed happily but then wiggled uncomfortably as elias kissed your neck, scratching you with his stubble. “elias. stop.”

“i’m just getting comfortable,” he said defensively, but he pulled back and let you be.

“sleep,” you ordered. elias’ arms tightened around you before he finally stopped fidgeting. you matched your breaths to his and soon fell asleep.

when you woke up, you immediately knew something was off. elias was still asleep next to you, snoring lightly. that was typical. you squinted in the darkness and your phone began to vibrate as you realized what was wrong.

it was dark in your bedroom. you sat up and grabbed your phone, which was lighting up with a call from your mom. hitting answer, you slid out of elias’ arms and off the bed.


“y/n? where are you! it’s almost six thirty!”

you cringed, rubbing your face with your hands. “elias and i were taking a nap. i thought i’d wake us both up in time to leave, but i guess i overslept.”

“we’ve been waiting for you for two hours! we thought you were in a crash, or–or–i don’t even know!” your mother’s voice was frantic.

“i’m sorry, mom. really, we were sleeping. elias was really nervous about meeting you guys so i convinced him to take a nap and pass the time faster. can we still come over?”

“of course; we didn’t start without you or the guest of honor. but your stepdad isn’t very happy.”

you sighed and rubbed your temples. “it’s my fault. i’ll go wake up elias and we’ll leave right away. i love you and i’m sorry we’re going to be so late.”

“it’s alright, sweetie. see you soon.”

with that, you hung up and trudged back to your bedroom. elias was still passed out on the bed, now lying in the shape of a starfish. you sat down and poked his stomach. “elias.”

his eyes opened and he shot up, looking around wildly. when he saw you, he relaxed slightly. “what time is it?”

“um, it’s almost six thirty.”

elias stared at you. “what?!

you put your head in your hands, tearing up. “i know, i know! i was supposed to wake us up and i didn’t and now we’re late. i’m sorry, el.”

“hey, hey, no, come here,” he said, clearly sensing your nerves in your voice. he pulled you into his lap. “it’s okay. we’re okay.”

“my mom called so many t-times and thought we w-were in a c-crash. now my st-stepdad is mad and it’s all m-my fault,” you hiccuped.

elias rubbed your back. “it was an accident.” he held you and rocked you slightly. once you were calm again, he said, “we should probably leave soon, okay love? we don’t want to make them wait more.”

you sniffled a few times. “yeah, you’re right. let’s go.”

you tightly held a bottle of wine and elias’ hand as you waited in front of your house. elias had rang the doorbell and was now fidgeting nervously.

the door opened and revealed your mother, who gave you a quick hug. “better late than never. we’re glad you’re here,” she said with a smile as she pulled away.

you led elias inside to the den, where your family was casually seated. immediately your stepdad stood up, shaking elias’ hand rather threateningly. elias stood tall, speaking in a respectful tone.

you apologized profusely for being late, but no one outside of your stepdad seemed to mind. your little brothers fell into a deep conversation with elias about hockey and the difficulties of being a center. your mother was impressed with not only his manners and the way he carried himself, but the way he acted around you. and of course, your sister already liked him.

dinner was great even if a little cold. your mother and sister had teamed up to try and cook swedish dishes. elias seemed to really appreciate the gesture and ate thirds of everything.

as dinner went on, you carefully watched your stepfather and his interactions with elias. they seemed to warm to each other after a while, and you found yourself able to finally relax.

after dinner, you and your family moved back to the den. elias sat on the couch with you tucked up under his arm. your brothers had run off, probably to play nhl17 or to grab their jerseys for elias to sign. your sister and parents spread out around the room as you all chatted.

you felt kind of out of it, removed from the moment. you were warm and cozy snuggled up to elias. he continued talking with your mom and stepdad as you stayed content to watch. your eyes never left his face as he talked. he wasn’t nervous anymore, anyone could see that, but you could see that he was truly comfortable now. the way he spoke and his open facial expression and the way his hand rested on your thigh showed this. as you looked at him, you could see your future: other nights like this, you and him and your family bonding together until he was a part of your family. having a family of your own (although that was in the very distant future). you saw all that and more, and you wanted it with him.

elias squeezed your thigh. “y/n? are you okay?”

you blinked. “i’m fine.”

elias nodded and kissed your forehead. you leaned into him, closing your eyes.
“i love you, and it seems they do too.”

he chuckled softly. “i’ve been doing my best to impress them, i should hope they do.”

you stayed like that for a while until elias gently shook you. “don’t fall asleep, love.”

you yawned and stood up. while it was early and you’d had a long nap, you were still exhausted. “we’re going to head out.”

elias shook your father’s hand and hugged your mother and sister, thanking them for their hospitality and dinner. you could tell how much it meant to him that they tried to make swedish dishes, even if they didn’t turn out too well. your little brothers came racing out holding their jerseys and bearing sharpies for elias. he signed both of their jerseys and jokingly offered to sign your fancy shirt. too tired for a witty comeback, you just rolled your eyes and hugged your family goodbye.

hand in hand, you and elias left your house. he walked you around to the front seat and made sure you didn’t pass out from exhaustion before you were in the seat. “let’s get you home, sleepy,” he said as he started the car.

you stuck your tongue out at him and struggled to keep your eyes open the whole way home. once there, you sped through your nighttime routine before falling into bed. minutes later, elias joined you under the covers.

“i like your family.”

“cool, i do too,” you replied sleepily.

you could almost hear elias roll his eyes in response. “do you think they like me?”

you rolled over until you were nose to nose with him, your eyes still closed. “of course they did. i would have already gotten a text from them if they didn’t. besides, it wouldn’t have affected my feelings for you. can we sleep now?” you puckered your lips, waiting for elias to do the rest.

he scooted forward and kissed you lightly. “yes we can. although you seem to need it more than me.” he rolled you back over and draped his arm over your waist. “go to sleep, love.”

“hey, i came up with my comeback,” you mumbled sleepily. “if i wanted a hockey player to sign my shirt, i would’ve at least asked a good one.”

elias laughed, the vibrations causing you to shiver. “i’ve had quite enough of your attitude tonight.”

“mmm,” was the most you could say. you felt elias kiss your shoulder and heard him say something else back, but you were already asleep.

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Every day me: I hope Louis doesn't advertise or release his song while I'm asleep. I'm asleep and Louis: new single coming. Me: Suddenly forget who he is. Me also: OMG YAS BLESSED I LOVE THIS KING OF EVERYTHING 😭😭

Hsjsjskslsls he always does this to me but that’s ok, he’s my baby