by burdge bug

anonymous asked:

Hey Viria! I know that you're a great fan of Burdge-bug's art, I am too! But do you know what happened to Burdge-bug since she last posted? I know it's been a few years since she last posted some art.. I thought maybe you would know something...

First of all I have to say I’m not competent enough to answer this kind of question, but as I can only assume through instagram stories, I feel like Burdge looks very content and happy! I think her life is spiralling in a good kind of way and it just doesn’t leave much time for the internet.

All the dots in the end of your sentences made you sound somewhat worried, so I had to reply just to let you know she seems to be doing great:”)

It’s been two years since I last posted on this account. It’s 4 AM and I’ve been thinking a lot about what a big part art used to play in my life. It’s killing me that it’s not as prominent as it used to be. I’ve also been thinking a lot about burdge. Five years ago I stumbled onto her deviantart and decided to improve my art skills; I decided to use art as an outlet for my father’s death. I don’t know what I would have done with out her. So Brigid, I am forever thankful for you and the impact you have made on my life. Above drawing by Burdge ( and edited by me. 

(P.S. I’m going to start up this page again)