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I've been struggling with my identity a lot. I'm asexual, heteroromantic, and a girl. I've seen a lot of posts saying heteroromantic asexuals don't belong in the LGBT+ community, especially if they're cisgender, like me. Your thoughts?

Oh babydoll, disregard exclusionists and their gross musty ideology. Het aces are still aces and aces are a part of the lgbtq+ community. You know you see a lot of this discourse online, but if you were to attend an irl lgbt+ club or event, they most likely wouldn’t care.

Probably the one of the best defenses for het aces I’ve seen is this post by @itsallurs. Check it out.

Hope this helps. Just know that the majority of the ace community welcomes you! <3


The whole ‘Nygmobblepot’ story up till the end of season 3 I made. Enjoy!

[Oh, the storm clouds were moving across your eyes, and I could hear the war drums pounding from inside your mind, so I gave up my life for love, but it still was not enough.]

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Honestly I was so sad when Lou and El broke up originally(not like actual tears but like an "oh no" sort of, you know?) and watching them find their way back to each other is everything 😫😫

oh my god me!!!! I was devastated for them 😩😩 but now they’ve come back to each other and I’m like that’s some true love right there, when will I ever???

Another thing about the stream I got planned. Uh. Is anyone opposed to me using my mic? I’ve been wanting to try it out for awhile and I think now would be a good opportunity to try so I can talk freely with chat and focus on work all at once. The only time I used my voice on stream is that one time I tried to play a game during break but I’m feeling a lot more confident.

Only downside is I may burst into song if something I like comes on so watch out haha.

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My college makes its students fill out questionnaires every couple of months. One of the questions asks about sexual orientation and gives us three boxes to tick - lesbian, gay, bisexual. There's no option for ace or anything else but you can't finish the survey without answering. I hate having to lie about my sexuality just because someone at my college thinks it doesn't exist. You have asexual students, damn it!!

Yeah, I’ve had to fill out college surveys like before. I just chose ‘bisexual’ because I figured “Well, I’m not interested in men and women equally, so…” (I know that’s not how bisexuality works…now). It’s frustrating to be totally overlooked and still forced to choose like this. I bet they only allow you to pick ‘male or female’ on that survey too. 

You could try writing or calling the office or person that creates these surveys about your concerns. Most likely they aren’t actively trying to exclude people, they just aren’t aware of different sexualities.

An Early Announcement

Really early but I’m gonna get this out there for those of you who may be busy.

Since my animation collab friend is off work today, I’m gonna try to stream more parts of the Popee animation later today to get more progress on it. 

If I go to sleep in the next hour or so, chances are the stream will be around 5 or 6 tonight. Hope to see some of you there!