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flips - boyfriend!tom

As part of the new Spider-man film’s promotion, Marvel wanted to shoot a video of Tom teaching other cast members some simple gymnastics tricks at a gym near where the two of you lived. You figured everyone would be thoroughly embarrassing themselves, so you decided to tag along and watch. Tom wanted to get there early, though, so he could practice some of the old moves he hadn’t done in a while.

“Damn,” you said, watching him flip around on the bouncy floor, just the two of you in the big space. “I wish I could do that.”

“Let me show you some stuff!” Tom exclaimed, suddenly his excitement level skyrocketing.

You chuckled at his wide eyes. “Nah, I don’t wanna hurt myself.”

“I won’t let you hurt yourself, promise.” He gave you his puppy eyes for a second, but you still looked unconvinced. “C’mon,” he pleaded, “you can be my test dummy for my teaching skills.”

You sighed. “Okay, fine.”

You walked across the bouncy floor to the other side of the gym, to the giant foam pit for practicing new tricks.

“Can you do a front flip?”

“Who do you think I am?”

Tom laughed. “Okay, we’ll start with a front tuck then.” Tom demonstrated a few times, getting a bit of height on the trampoline before tucking his chin, rolling his body forward in the air, and landing gracefully feet-first in the giant pile of foam cubes.

“Think you’ve got it?”

“I mean, I guess. Should I just…go?”

“Yes. Go.”

You bent your knees and jumped on the trampoline a few times, gaining height. You sprung yourself forward, but hesitated too long about the flip part, letting out a brief “Ahh!” as you basically just twisted a bit sideways and landed in the foam.

“That was about the lamest attempt at a flip I’ve ever seen, I think.”

“Okayokayokay, I’m doing it, I’m doing it.” You climbed back up onto the trampoline.

You started jumping again. “Don’t hesitate,” called Tom from your side.

“Okaaaay…here I go….”

Unfortunately, you were a bit too eager this time. You flung your upper body forward and around, overturning by a half.

“Yes!” Tom cheered, clapping his hands together and laughing hysterically. You righted yourself, frowning, your hair all out of sorts since you’d landed face-first in the foam pit.

“My lip is bleeding, you ass,” you accused, barely able to keep a smile off your face - his laugh was too contagious. “‘Oh, no, I won’t let you hurt yourself,’” you quoted, mimicking him in a bad, overdramatic British accent.

Tom bit his lip to try to stop himself from laughing. “I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, yeah, sure,” you teased as he took your hand and helped pull you up out of the pit. You sighed. “I don’t think I’m cut out for the gymnast life.”

“It was a valiant effort.”

You rolled your eyes and smiled at him. He lifted his hand and rested his fingers on the side of your neck along your jawbone, using his thumb to gently pull down your bottom lip to see the small bleeding cut. “Sorry,” he said softly, an amused smile still ghosting his lips.

You bit down on his his thumb. “It’s okay,” you smile.

He dropped his hand just as the door opened to the group and crew. “Oh, hey guys,” called Jacob, the first one in the gym. “Practicing?”

“Yeah,” you responded. “He injured his first student, so watch out.”

Hope you like this drabble, big thanks to whoever requested it!! Sort of inspired by the video Harry made of Tom teaching Jacob and Harrison some ballet in South Korea.

Keep those requests coming we looove you

Who I think is more husband/boyfriend/daddy material

Requested by anon. Xoxo, Ara~

Boyfriend Material:

  • Chanyeol
  • Sehun
  • Kai
  • Baekhyun

Husband Material:

  • Kyungsoo
  • Yixing
  • Junmyeon
  • Kris
  • Xiumin

Daddy Material:

  • Tao
  • Chen (he’s a family man but… I don’t doubt he would be kinky too so…)
  • Luhan

I know Chan and Sehun are majorly seen as daddy material but… I just can’t. We are talking about the boy who saw a mouse trapped and wanted to take it home because it was cute and the boy who actually takes care of his hyungs. And then Xiumin, as much as I would like to make him naughty, I think he is so soft and so shy to picture him as a daddy. And Then Kris… he knows what not having a family is, if anything he would be the best dad ever, so husband suits him more than daddy. But this is all my humble opinion.

BTS Reaction: Their Girlfriend Being Too Short To Kiss Them

Anonymous said: Bts gif reaction to you being too short to kiss them without them bending down a bit?

A/N: Omg I’m literally fetus sized and this request made me so happy. Hope you like this!! Thanks for requesting!! <3

Jin: *giggles and bends down to kiss your nose and then your lips* “Jagi you’re so cute oh my god!!”

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Suga: *doesn’t show it but lowkey loves it* “Jagii, come here and give me a kiss” *smirks*

Originally posted by leojuseyo

Namjoon: *constantly teases you and doesn’t bend down just to make you beg* “You want a kiss baby?? Too bad then” *smiles innocently*

Originally posted by choke-me-namjoon

Hoseok: *boy be losing his shit every time you tag his shirt to signalize you want a kiss* “OMG IMMA KISS YOU IN SEC BUT YOU’RE SO CUTE OMG”

Originally posted by kookiyoon

Jimin: *highkey loves it because it makes him feel more powerful*  “Jagi we’re short couple goals ayeee”

Originally posted by jimiyoong

Taehyung: *picks you up instead of bending down to kiss you because he finds you so cute and he feels the need to return the cuteness* “How did I get so lucky?? You’re so adorable babyyy”

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Jungkook: *he constantly teases you and he ain’t even sorry* “Sorry baby, I am not into dwarfs..Grow a little taller and then ask for a kiss”

Originally posted by ktaebwi

((I’m so sorry for this gif omfg))

BTS reaction when you sleep with them in one bed for first time

anon: Hey!!!! Love your blog ❤❤ Can I request BTS relations to your first time ‘sleeping’ with them?? ;)  Sorry if it is a bit weird 😅

It’s really cute request not weird ^^ I hope that you liked it!     


Originally posted by jjilljj

handsome guy in pink hair

He would be a gentelmen. Giving you half of the blanket, making sure that you are all cover with it. Jin would softly say “Good night” and hug you tightly. It was the first night that he sleep that well. Next day he will do a breakfast and will eat it with you in bed

“Sleep well jagi~ Dream about mee~”


Originally posted by yoongisoo

He don’t care that you’re in one bed with him. Yoongi just want to rest and he made a blanket burrito from him. (Of course he gave you one blanket too.) You were more stressed than him. He’ll passed out after few minutes being really close to you and put your hand on you waist. Maybe he’ll tease you a little bit following day because he “felt your stress”

“Go sleep, Y/N. Enjoy being in one bed with me. But in normal way you pervert”


Originally posted by chimneytaels

Hobi before going to bed would make sure that you will have your own space. He wanted you to get enough sleep and place for this sleeping which is important. But he’s fluffy ball and he want to you spend a night in his arms. When he woke up  first thing that he want to  see is your face.

“I want to waking up with you every day and spend rest of my life with you” -maybe its strange that he think like this beacause of you sleeping but I think that somehow it  match.


Originally posted by bangtanboys-official

Our leader have to deal with big war of hormones. He would pretend that it’s really nothing but inside he would be fighting with his “instinct”. Namjoon wouldn’t do anything with you without your permission and he just went sleep, kissng your forehead for goodnight and hugging you.

“Maybe next time this will end in another way babe, but today just rest” -I’m sorry! I know I’m little, bad pervert


Originally posted by valieen

Your peaceful face will make his heart soft. He thought that you can’t be more pretty but now he knew that you can and there is nothing impossible for you. He wanted to know what you are dreaming about and he hope that he is part of your dream.

“My sleeping beauty. I’ll wake you up with a kiss tomorrow like in this fairy tail~ Goodnight”


Originally posted by jeonbase

V would make a pillow  barier. Just for fun, because why not? But after few minutes he’ll kick off all of pillows and come closer to you. Talking all night with you about everything. I feel like this night you two won’t sleep and just enjoing association of second person

“Do you think that maybe we could sleep together  tomorrow too? Hmm.. I think that the best option will be living together”


Originally posted by jungkook-hearts

Warm body of loved person in his arms. What more someone in love would want? Jungkook spend a lot of time just looking at you while you were sleeping and softly stroking your hair. He thinks how beatiful you look while asleep and how it’ll be to waking up with his Y/N everyday. Jungkookie would remembering all things which he did with you and all memories that he had with you.

“I want this moment to last forever. I think that time spend with you is my most beatiful moment in life”

Reasons Bucky Barnes Would Make a Good Boyfriend
—  gentle giant
- kind heart!!
- when u see a stray animal he helps u take care of it
- he has walls up but once you’ve broken through them it’ll all be worth it
- he never raises his voice at you.
- ever.
- even during arguments he just hugs you and you talk things out
- he likes watching you get ready
- loves you w/o makeup
- loves you w/ makeup
- wants you to do HIS eyeliner
- straightens ur hair while u get ready
- carries u around a lot
- fun fact: he blushes. a lot.
- thighs.
- he likes watching movies with u
- “watching” movies *;)*
- when he sneezes he squeaks a little
- long hugs before leaving for missions
- lets u put his hair up
- you steal literally ALL of his clothes and he doesn’t care
- isn’t good at conversation but is really good at cuddles
- cute texts
- ‘text me when you’re there!’
- 'hey (y/n)?’
- 'what buck? ur literally in the next room’
- 'I love u’
- c h e e s y boy
- ahem, |kinky|
- sings in the shower with you
- dances in the kitchen while ur cooking
- u burn the pancakes
- showers ur face with kisses
- protective but not controlling
- he hardly even notices other people when you’re around
- classic case of 'bad boy who is good to his love’
- calls you a lot of cutesy names
- loves u a lot
BTS Reaction to Their S/O Not Wearing a Bra at Home

Request: How would bts react to gf relaxing in their shared apartment and not wearing a bra around them, tysm a

A/N: truthfully I doubt they would sexualize the situation unless they were horny in general, but here you go! I hope you enjoy ♥


He simply gave you a smile, not wanting to make you feel uncomfortable if you weren’t in the mood and wouldn’t bring it up unless you mentioned it first.


*isn’t subtle at all about his ogling and continues to stare even if you noticed*

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Dating Min Yoongi Would Include:

•Oh boy where do I begin
•This man has a sweet spot for you
•Loves you to death
•Tho, he is always afraid he doesn’t show it to you
•He doesn’t say I love you a lot
•He’d rather say it once
•And prove it to you everyday
•Lazy kisses
•Lazy cuddle sessions
•Calling him cute nicknames
•And him not being able to get mad at you
•Because he adores you
•He doesn’t show affection in public
•But when you guys are alone, he’d treat you like a princess
•He’s not into skinship
•But some days he would be so clingy
•Also at nights
•He’s a total cuddler
•You pushing him away when you’re too hot
•And him growing and pulling you close again
•Judging the guys together
•Highkey judging/insulting each other all the time
•But you would hardly ever fight
•99,99999% of the songs he writes are for/about you
•Because you mean so much to him
•And that’s the only way he can show his emotions
•"my muse"
•Not being able to stay mad at him for more than 5 minutes
•Because he looks at you with that gummy smile
•And you instantly forgive him
•Taking care of yoongs
•Making sure he eats properly
•"Jagi I’m not a baby! I can take care of myself!“
•Lowkey loving it tho
•That tongue technology huehueh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (sOrrY oML I cOulDnT hElP iT)

Requested by multiple lovely anons :)
I hope you all like it ❤❤

-Admin Vanillakookie 🍪

the stories so far - masterlist

(* = 200+ notes)

(^ = smut)

Tom Holland

“You look cute with a baby bump!” (prompt) (x)

“Sit in my lap.” / “Really? Right now?” (prompt) (part one*) (part two*)

- Tulips (x)

“We’re just friends.” / “What if I told you I’ve been in love with you since I was eleven?”* (prompt) (x)

- Love Me Now (x)

- We’ll Try Again (x)

“I think I forgot how to breathe.” / “Shut up and kiss me.”^ (prompt) (x)

Harrison Osterfield

- Jealous^ (x)

- Dog Walks and Happy Thoughts (x)

“Bite me.” “If you insist.”^ (prompt) (x)

- “You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad.” / “You’re my soulmate?!” (x)

- Late Night Loving^ (x)

- One More? (x)

Bucky Barnes

- The Winter Soldier (part one) (part two)

- A Broken Promise (x)

kang daniel as your boyfriend

wanna one boyfriends 4/11

  • if you’re dating this human work of art girl let me tell you you really scored
  • the perfect mix of sweet ‘n spicy
  • looks tough but is actually a gentleman
  • treats you like you’re the most precious and beautiful being he’s ever seen
  • likes looking at you for long periods of time whenever you’re talking about the things you love (him)
  • he just loves seeing you excited over things that make you happy (HIM)
  • coffee shop dates
  • long walks in the park preferably at night
  • ok listen this is basically just a super chill relationship
  • nonetheless daniel is very serious about his feelings towards you and always lets you know that he loves and appreciates you
  • if you’re feeling particularly good one day and maybe start dancing a lil because you want to express your happiness he just can’t help but look at you like that
  • and honestly his gaze makes you want to melt
  • he smiles just a little and his eyes lock onto yours with such adoration that you get a little weak in the knees
  • wow he’s just completely whipped
  • sometimes you’ll have to share him with his cats
  • and seongwoo
  • his best buddy will invite himself to your dates a lot and be whiny about the fact that he’s third-wheeling because he doesn’t have a date but the only person he wants to be his date is daniel tbh
  • you’re gonna make lots of plans on how to spend your free weekend but then the two of you end up binge-watching some dumb show on netflix
  • “do you really want to go out later because i kind of like this”
  • “yeah you know what i’m actually quite comfy let’s stay here”
  • when the two of you do go out though he pays for all of your drinks
  • tipsy make-out sessions dear lord forgive me for i have sinned
  • so when the both of you are just a little drunk he’ll slide his hands down to your waist and pull you close and kiss you with an intensity that has you weak
  • he really knows how to use tongue that’s all i’m gonna say bye
  • just a very good kisser in general
  • soft ‘n lazy morning kisses are also a thing
  • another thing about mornings: his raspy and incredibly hot i’ve-literally-just-woken-up-three-seconds-ago-voice
  • will whisper a soft “good morning babe” into your ear and boom you’re awake and screaming
  • lowkey domestic
  • likes making breakfast for you whenever he wakes up before you
  • cleaning up together after having a meal
  • y’all take a lot of showers together tbh
  • can handle mood swings really well
  • sometimes when you’re upset because of something he’ll quite literally wrap you in a blanket and have you sit on the couch while he hits up the local convenience store
  • and then he comes back with your favorite ice-cream and popcorn and some cheap ass prosecco and y’all eat ice-cream out of the tub and get tipsy and vent to each other about how unfair the world is
  • and you always feel better afterwards because wow you have such a nice and caring and hot boyfriend and as long as he’s around nothing will ever be entirely bad tbh
BTS Reaction: You have a really bad dream

Anonymous said: Really really long BTS Reaction to you having a really bad dream then cuddling up to them

Anonymous said: Hey! Love your blog!! Could I request a BTS written reaction to you having a nightmare and waking them up?

A/N: Since these two requests were so simular, I thought I’d combine them! Hope you like this! Thanks for requesting!

Jin: Jin would wake up at the sound of your soft sobs and would turn to look at you. His heart would break seeing you with your hands on you face covering it. In his sleepy voice he’d ask you what’s wrong and within telling him you saw a nightmare, he’d pull you closer to him, wrapping his arms around your waist. He’d whisper sweet nothings in your ear trying to calm you down and kiss your cheek softly, falling asleep himself once more.

Yoongi: He’d groan at the feeling of you moving around in bed and would turn to look at you annoyed. Seeing the scared look in your face and the tears that were threatening to fall from your eyes, he’d instantly realise you had a bad dream. He’d lazily wrap an arm around you and would kiss your lips softly, buring his face on your neck.

Namjoon: Namjoon being the heavy sleeper he is would not realise you had woken up and had sat up in bed trying to calm down. You’d have to shake him lightly to wake him up. He’d look at you worried and rub his eyes trying to realise what happened. He’d ask you if you wanted to talk about it and would open his arms signaling you to come close to him. With one hand he’d rub your back up and down, while with the other he’d play with your hair trying to calm you down.

J-Hope: In his sleepy state he’d unconsiously realise you moving around trying to calm down from the nightmare. He’d automatically wrap his arms around you and bring you close, hugging you tightly. He’d mumble things in your ear that probably didn’t make sense but were enough to help you relax. 

Jimin: This poor thing would jump out of fear as you tapped on his shoulder to wake him up, seeing you with tears on your eyes, whispering you had a bad dream. He’d instantly grab you by the waist and start leaving kisses all over your face. He’d try his hardest to stay awake till you fell asleep to make sure you were okay but would probably fail, being very tired and you’d eventually fall asleep to the soft sound of his little snorts.

Taehyung: He’d be one to wake up because he couldn’t feel you in his arms. He’d look over to you and would instantly ask you what’s wrong. When you told him you had seen a nightmare he’d pull you close letting you burry your face in his neck and tell you over and over again it was just a dream and that he was here to keep you safe, until you relaxed and fell asleep.

Jungkook: Being someone who moves around a lot in his sleep he’d probably accidentally hit you and because you were awake,trying to calm down you let out a small whimper that woke him up. He’d look at you originally wanting to apologise but within realising something was up he’d ask you what’s wrong. Being rather sleepy he’d just pull you close wrapping his arm around you and sing to you soflty until you fell asleep.

BTS Reaction to You SC’ing Them in Their Shirt While They’re at Work

Request:  Hi! Could I please get a bts reaction to you Snapchating them at work wearing only their shirt?? ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️


Unable to hide his growing smirk as soon as he opened your message, he responded back with a photo of him biting his lip, captioned: “So you’re being naughty today huh? You better still be wearing just that by the time I get home.


Once he tapped the square by your snapchat name, his eyebrows raised in surprise before a grin spread throughout his face. He excused himself from the other boys and headed straight to the bathroom, proceeding to show you just how badly your picture effected him.

I think I’d like it if you wore just my shirts more often.”

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BTS Reaction: Their Small Girlfriend Hides Behind Their Back When She Gets Scared

Anonymous said: Hi, how would bts react if their smoll gf hides behind their back whenever she gets scared 🐥

A/N: This was so cute of a request oh mi gawddddd! I loved writing it! Hope you like this! ~Admin Vanillakookie

Jin: Everytime you did, it he’d turn his head to look down at you in awe. He’d find it absolutely adorable and would go on full mom asking you what’s wrong or what scared you.

Originally posted by allforbts

Yoongi: Although he wouldn’t show it much, he’d lowkey adore it. Being the shortest member and quite small himself, it would boost his confidence knowing you viewed him as someone who could protect you.

Originally posted by minpuffs

Namjoon: Now, Namjoon belongs on the category of more protective boyfriends. Seeing that you went to him whenever you were scared and used him as your “shield” could make him feel acomplished, knowing you felt safe when you were with him.

Originally posted by forjimin

Hoseok: Despite finding your action cute and adorable as hell, he’d freak out himself and ask you what scared you. Truth be told he might feel a bit scared himself but would try and stay calm.

Originally posted by jaayhope

Jimin: He’d loooove it. As someone small who gets easily insecure about his height, your move would be a total ego booster. It’d make him feel more powerful and capable of protecting you. He wouldn’t hesitate to tell you how much he loved it when you did that either.

Originally posted by nochuie

Taehyung: This man would fangirl into oblivion. He’d find it so cute and would constantly praise you about it. It would bring his more protective side to the surface and would feel obliged to protect you, even from the smallest things.

Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

Jungkook: The first time you hid behind his back he’d be shocked and maybe even blush a bit at your action. But when he got used to it, he wouldn’t hesitate to tease you about it, although he found it so precious.

Originally posted by bangtan

~Admin Vanillakookie

BTS if they had a daughter


He would be a very loving father. If he had a daughter he would spoil her and buy her a lot of pink outfits and toys.He will also make sure she eats well. As she gets older he might be a little over protective with her and will try to be with her every second of the day. He will be the type of dad to tell embarrassing jokes in front of her friends on purpose. His daughter will be very girly and sweet she might develop Jin’s eating habits.


I think he will be a little awkward if he ever had a daughter. He was always bad with girls so it might be a challenge for him. I see his daughter most likely ending up being a tomboy and being into sports as she gets older due to Jungkook’s influence on her. She will most likely try to pick on Jimin’s kid if he has one.


Jimin will love his baby girl to the moon and back. He might be awkward at first but as soon as he holds her he is attached. When she gets old enough he will teach her how to dance. I see his daughter being a ballerina at first but she might want to try something new and go into hip-hop


I honestly pray for this child. Namjoon will be a very clumsy dad but he will do any and everything to protect his little girl. As a baby she will laugh at how clumsy he is but as she gets older she might develop his clumsy habits. Namjoon will most likely teach her about rap music and she might become a rapper herself as well as having Namjoon’s IQ.


Hobi will spoil his daughter to death. He will always try to make her laugh every second of the day. He will hate to see his little princess sad. As she gets older she will develop his spirit and desire to make others laugh. She will be an excellent dancer as well as being hyper just like him.


Yoongi will most likely try to make his daughter sleep most of the day if she already doesn’t do that. He will be the laid back type of dad as long as she wasn’t making too much noise everything is fine. He will have a hard time trying to express his love but deep down inside he loves his little girl more than anything. She will most likely have his lazy nature as well as being a musician and might secretly become a rapper without him knowing.


OMG!! If Tae had a daughter he will be so clingy towards her and wouldn’t want to let her go. He will always make her laugh with anything that he does. As she gets older she will be loving and clingy just like Tae she might want to be a dancer rather than a singer.

Dating Im Jaebum Would Include:

Requested by Anonymous, hope you like it! <3

Originally posted by mintokkies

•Many (The whole fandom tbh) view Jaebum as a dominant bad boy 

•But I can’t help but think he’s actually vanilla af 

•He’s so romantic

 •Buys you flowers 

•Matching necklaces

 •Would take you out on fancy dates

 •This boy adores you 

•You’ll have to put up with him

 •Because he’ll literally get mad over the tiniest things 

•So much skinship

 •But not in public tho

 •He always has his arms around you 

•Best friend type of relationship

 •He’ll only open up to you

 •And sometimes when he’s too emotional he’ll break down

 •His ego would be so big he wouldn’t want you to see him crying 

•So he’ll try to exit the room 

•Although he high-key wanted you to stop him

 •Which you did 

•And held him in your arms until he calmed down

 •So so overprotective

 •No guy was even allowed to look at you in the eye

 •He’d get ‘mad’ if you wore revealing clothes if you were to go out because 

• “I’m the only one who’s supposed to see you in these" 

•So proud to be able to call you his 

•That signature smirk never left his lips when you were together

 •"She’s hot right?? Too bad for you she’s all mine”

 •Inside jokes 

•Having nicknames for the boys so you can judge them without them knowing 

•Speaking of the boys

 •They’d freaking love you

 •You’d help Jaebum take care of them •When they made him mad you’d be the one to calm him down

 •And they’d all rush over to you thanking you for keeping them alive

 •He’d take so many pictures of you when you were sleeping 

•Or when he caught you doing something embarrassing

 •Tbh he’d have a whole folder of pictures dedicated to you 

•Probably have pictures of you doing cute couple things hang up on the wall

 •That’s how proud he is of this relationship 

 •At nights when you were laying on his chest

 •He’d play with your hair

 •And sing to you

 •No matter how tired he was 

 •He’d wait for you to fall asleep first 

•Morning kisses 

•You’d have to get up and ready for work

 •But he wouldn’t let you 

•If you tried to push off his arms 

•He’d just tighten his grip around your waist 

•And be all cheesy 

• “Gimmie a kiss and I’ll let you gooo" 

•"Jaebum I haven’t brushed my teeth!!" 

•” I don’t care baby doll, I want my kiss!“

 -Admin Vanillakookie 🍪

Got7 Reaction: Your Hair Colour Doesn't Match Your Eyebrows

Anonymous said:
could you do got7’s reaction to your eyebrows not matching your hair color? This is totally weird but I’m naturally blonde and I recently dyed my hair brown and doing my eyebrows is an actual struggle. ALso I love your account im trash

A/N: This is on the more weird side of requests but I thought why not😂 Enjoy💕

Mark: *notices but doesn’t say anything in order not to offend you*

Originally posted by marksseunie

Jaebum: *confused af* “"something’s different.. But I don’t know what..”

Originally posted by crying-in-korean

Jackson: *looks at you and dies from laughter* "looking gewd m8″

Originally posted by jackseunie

Jinyoung: *judges you quietly* “Do you want me to buy you a mirror? Don’t you own one?”

Originally posted by soulmatesjjp

Youngjae: *confused but beaming sun* "Babe.. You know there’s this thing called an eyebrow pencil? ..that comes in different shades..” 

Originally posted by seokijn

Bambam: “Is this a new trend I’m missing out on?” 

Originally posted by jypnior

Yugyeom: *thinks to himself* “Bitch who am I to judge, I look like a rejected mushroom”

Originally posted by chattyang