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Sick Day [Vampire Lover]

Request submitted by @vadame-vangluss, Hope you like it!

“The things I do for you.” You muttered as you downed the last of the cold medicine in your hand, washing it down with a glass of water.

Now you weren’t sick, amazingly you were as healthy as can be. Your boyfriend however, not so much, and he couldn’t take the cold medicine himself as it wouldn’t even get through him.

He gave you a sheepish smile, though it was cut off with a bout of sneezing. “I know, I know. I’m sorry babe, I do owe you one.” He told you softly, wrapping his long slender arms around your waist to pull you against his chest.

“Maybe next time you won’t go off and feed from a sick person.” You scolded lightly looking up at him, his tall figure hunched over slightly so he could hold you, pouting softly at your remark

“Hey I was hungry!How was I supposed to know he was sick.” He argued with you, but sniffled and groaned shortly after.

“Okay, okay. Hurry up and feed before I get sick too.” you laughed softly at your sniffly boyfriend, moving your head so he could access your neck easily.

He hummed in response and nuzzled it softly, planting a soft kiss before sinking his fangs into the soft flesh of your neck with all the care in the world. It hurt at first, but only a little, then a warm feeling would wash over you and you’d start to feel a little numb and dazed, and you didn’t mind it at all really if you were helping out your boyfriend in the process. But you both had to be careful, if he’s just a little too hungry and latches on for a minute any longer than required you would be in very dangerous waters. But you trusted him and he was always reluctant to feed from you so everything worked out in the end.

A content purr emitted from his throat as he fed, pulling away soon after to wipe the blood from his mouth, you sighed and fell into his arms, your legs too weak to hold you up form long.

“I didn’t take too much did I?” he asked softly as he held you in his arms, making his way into your shared bedroom so you could rest.

“No, it’s alright.” You assured him tiredly, head lolling into his neck as you yawned. He laid you down carefully and climbed in bed next to you, one of his arms secure around your waist while the other traced delicate patterns on the small of your back as you slowly drifted off to sleep.

“I love you.” He muttered against your neck softly as he lapped at the small mark he made.

“I love you too you.”

Lee Minho as Your Boyfriend

Genre: fluff

Requested?: yes (anon)

Type: headcanon

Message?: this brings me too close to my bias wrecker and I don’t like it


  • i view Lee Minho as a vodka aunt
  • and a bias wrecker
  • and overall very cute but could kill JYP a man
  • Minho seems quite shy but I think that he’s actually v open and like pda
  • like
  • a LOT
  • and when y’all go on your first date you’re kind of shocked at the amount of hand holding and kisses he’ll steal
  • but who’s complaining LMAOOOOO
  • and when you’re at home there’s even more
  • yes even when the boys are there
  • and mostly the boys don’t know whether to be disgusted or find it cute
  • Jeongin runs away with his hands over his eyes bc BABY
  • like when you come over to the dorms, as soon as Minho’s opened the door, he’ll pull you into a hug
  • and if you’re cooking bc he’s not allowed he’ll come and backhug you and kiss your cheek/jaw/neck/any area he can reach
  • dates are cute
  • you’d go to places like street markets and get random matching accessories
  • or you’d go to dog cafes and play with the dogs
  • or you’d go to famous places in Korea/your home country and be tourists
  • but at any date, expect him to be touching you in some way
  • his hands never leave your body
  • ngl you love it
  • how am i suppose to do an overall all ive talked about it pda
  • Minho is a very very touchy boyfriend and doesn’t care who sees it, he’ll take you on cute dates and he’s very very thankful for you being there bc otherwise his elimination would have been 100x harder
  • fin

🌙Late Night Texts From BTS🌙








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 can we just talk and think abt monsters with mentally ill s/os

  • monsters who feed off of despair with their depressed s/o who they were drawn to originally for food but as they fed they fell in love but know that they can not last because their very existence in their human’s life adds to their depression and no matter how much they want to help their human recover they can never truly do that without leaving 
  • monsters who want their humans to explain human social things but all they’ve got is the shrug emoji
  • monsters learning about stimming and lets their human pet them to stim
  • werewolves helping their s/os with anger issues let it all out through helping hunting and running 
  • monsters who dont understand breakdowns and they get scared when their human shuts down on them and they end up making everything worse but afterward their human tells them about what happened and how they can help 
  • late night anxiety cuddles where just being in their monster’s big warm arms makes them feel slightly better 
  • monsters getting anxiety over losing their human and their human having to help them and reassure them
  • monsters being their human’s fp and not really getting what that means but theyre honored none the less
Reasons Bucky Barnes Would Make a Good Boyfriend
—  gentle giant
- kind heart!!
- when u see a stray animal he helps u take care of it
- he has walls up but once you’ve broken through them it’ll all be worth it
- he never raises his voice at you.
- ever.
- even during arguments he just hugs you and you talk things out
- he likes watching you get ready
- loves you w/o makeup
- loves you w/ makeup
- wants you to do HIS eyeliner
- straightens ur hair while u get ready
- carries u around a lot
- fun fact: he blushes. a lot.
- thighs.
- he likes watching movies with u
- “watching” movies *;)*
- when he sneezes he squeaks a little
- long hugs before leaving for missions
- lets u put his hair up
- you steal literally ALL of his clothes and he doesn’t care
- isn’t good at conversation but is really good at cuddles
- cute texts
- ‘text me when you’re there!’
- 'hey (y/n)?’
- 'what buck? ur literally in the next room’
- 'I love u’
- c h e e s y boy
- ahem, |kinky|
- sings in the shower with you
- dances in the kitchen while ur cooking
- u burn the pancakes
- showers ur face with kisses
- protective but not controlling
- he hardly even notices other people when you’re around
- classic case of 'bad boy who is good to his love’
- calls you a lot of cutesy names
- loves u a lot
BTS Reaction: Their Girlfriend Being Too Short To Kiss Them

Anonymous said: Bts gif reaction to you being too short to kiss them without them bending down a bit?

A/N: Omg I’m literally fetus sized and this request made me so happy. Hope you like this!! Thanks for requesting!! <3

Jin: *giggles and bends down to kiss your nose and then your lips* “Jagi you’re so cute oh my god!!”

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Suga: *doesn’t show it but lowkey loves it* “Jagii, come here and give me a kiss” *smirks*

Originally posted by leojuseyo

Namjoon: *constantly teases you and doesn’t bend down just to make you beg* “You want a kiss baby?? Too bad then” *smiles innocently*

Originally posted by choke-me-namjoon

Hoseok: *boy be losing his shit every time you tag his shirt to signalize you want a kiss* “OMG IMMA KISS YOU IN SEC BUT YOU’RE SO CUTE OMG”

Originally posted by kookiyoon

Jimin: *highkey loves it because it makes him feel more powerful*  “Jagi we’re short couple goals ayeee”

Originally posted by jimiyoong

Taehyung: *picks you up instead of bending down to kiss you because he finds you so cute and he feels the need to return the cuteness* “How did I get so lucky?? You’re so adorable babyyy”

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Jungkook: *he constantly teases you and he ain’t even sorry* “Sorry baby, I am not into dwarfs..Grow a little taller and then ask for a kiss”

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((I’m so sorry for this gif omfg))

living with boyfriend!tom pt. 2

-tom would be an intense shower singer. one day you’d snapchat it and he’d get so annoyed lol

-”can you zip my dress?” “I’d rather just take it off you now…”

-tom would always remember to water the plants in your place but every time he went away for an extended period you would forget. he’d come home and be like “what did you do to my plants, woman?”

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BTS reaction when you sleep with them in one bed for first time

anon: Hey!!!! Love your blog ❤❤ Can I request BTS relations to your first time ‘sleeping’ with them?? ;)  Sorry if it is a bit weird 😅

It’s really cute request not weird ^^ I hope that you liked it!     


Originally posted by jjilljj

handsome guy in pink hair

He would be a gentelmen. Giving you half of the blanket, making sure that you are all cover with it. Jin would softly say “Good night” and hug you tightly. It was the first night that he sleep that well. Next day he will do a breakfast and will eat it with you in bed

“Sleep well jagi~ Dream about mee~”


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He don’t care that you’re in one bed with him. Yoongi just want to rest and he made a blanket burrito from him. (Of course he gave you one blanket too.) You were more stressed than him. He’ll passed out after few minutes being really close to you and put your hand on you waist. Maybe he’ll tease you a little bit following day because he “felt your stress”

“Go sleep, Y/N. Enjoy being in one bed with me. But in normal way you pervert”


Originally posted by chimneytaels

Hobi before going to bed would make sure that you will have your own space. He wanted you to get enough sleep and place for this sleeping which is important. But he’s fluffy ball and he want to you spend a night in his arms. When he woke up  first thing that he want to  see is your face.

“I want to waking up with you every day and spend rest of my life with you” -maybe its strange that he think like this beacause of you sleeping but I think that somehow it  match.


Originally posted by bangtanboys-official

Our leader have to deal with big war of hormones. He would pretend that it’s really nothing but inside he would be fighting with his “instinct”. Namjoon wouldn’t do anything with you without your permission and he just went sleep, kissng your forehead for goodnight and hugging you.

“Maybe next time this will end in another way babe, but today just rest” -I’m sorry! I know I’m little, bad pervert


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Your peaceful face will make his heart soft. He thought that you can’t be more pretty but now he knew that you can and there is nothing impossible for you. He wanted to know what you are dreaming about and he hope that he is part of your dream.

“My sleeping beauty. I’ll wake you up with a kiss tomorrow like in this fairy tail~ Goodnight”


Originally posted by jeonbase

V would make a pillow  barier. Just for fun, because why not? But after few minutes he’ll kick off all of pillows and come closer to you. Talking all night with you about everything. I feel like this night you two won’t sleep and just enjoing association of second person

“Do you think that maybe we could sleep together  tomorrow too? Hmm.. I think that the best option will be living together”


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Warm body of loved person in his arms. What more someone in love would want? Jungkook spend a lot of time just looking at you while you were sleeping and softly stroking your hair. He thinks how beatiful you look while asleep and how it’ll be to waking up with his Y/N everyday. Jungkookie would remembering all things which he did with you and all memories that he had with you.

“I want this moment to last forever. I think that time spend with you is my most beatiful moment in life”

Other Masterlist

The outcast posts that don’t fit in anywhere

  1. You walk in on them
  2. You’re a body empowerment model
  3. You aren’t eating properly
  4. Another girl flirts with them
  5. You respond to a hate comment
  6. You’re jealous of their female friend
  7. You have a fight but wake up cuddling
  8. You hate salty foods
  9. You clean when you’re angry
  10. They hear an MC talk bad about you
  11. You stand up for yourself
  12. You have an asthma attack
  13. You talk in your native language when you’re angry
  14. You faint during a breakdown
  15. You have an allergic reaction to chocolate
  16. You love giving skinship but hate receiving it
  17. You ask them to help you do MMA Training
  18. You try to drink your problems away
  19. You kick them in the crotch by accident
  20. You’re a teacher
  21. They come home covered in blood - Part Two
  22. You’re asexual
  23. You’re short but don’t want any help
  24. They get hard in bed next to you

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