by blueee


[170519] WEIZHOU weibo update
✩ Trans: A happy day. That little yellow one. I wanna take it home.

→ So he visited Universal Studios Hollywood. Such a little cutie kid enjoying the cartoon world ♡
→ Btw, that “little yellow one” also means “little Huang” (小黄人), so you wanna take the Minion or our boss HUANG Jingyu??


Special thank’s for @simblu and @nornities for allowing me to be one of the tester since the alpha project of this amazing world, “Seturenorn”

Credits: Lighting: (@nilxis)-Moon (@transcendentcacophony)-World (@nornities  @satureja13 @simblu)-Some upgrades and buildings (@willky12)-ITF Plant recolours (@divadoom). I hope I’m not forgot to mention all of the amazing simblrs related to this project :’D

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