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I love how much pyo cares for jaehyo. He knows hyo has a lack of confidence and tries to take care of him as much as possible. Of course the other members love him too but they’re assholes on camera. Whenever they get asked stuff like “who looked best in the mv?” Or “who is the most handsome?” Pyo answers Jaehyo almost all the time. He pushes Jaehyo to get screentime and tries to bring attention to him during v lives. He always brings up hyo’s activities and everything. Pyo acts like a child but you can tell he has a lot going through his mind.

Late Night Phone Calls (Memory)

“Of course you do.” You say laughing looking up at your ceiling. You held your phone close to your ear as you waited for his response.

“Why not? Since all men are the same.” He quoted what you said to him a couple days ago. You laugh along with him and shake your head even though he couldn’t see you.

“Not all men.” You say turning to your side.

“Oh really? So they aren’t all the same?”

“No….You’re different.” You whisper feeling your face grow hot. You guys have been dating for two weeks but you still felt shy around him. Everything was much different from when you two were just friends.

“I’m different?” He says with a chuckle.

“Yes. Out of all the guys I’ve dated you’re different.” You said smiling to yourself. “I’ve told you the stories.”

“I remember.”

“Why didn’t you tell me you liked me back then when I would cry to you about them?”

“Because you never looked at me the way you looked at them.” You pouted to yourself.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry. You’re mine now.” He says chuckling and you smile really big. Silence followed as you both laid there.

“I want to see you.” You mumble and he laughs lightly on the other end.

“You just saw me this morning.” You pout.

“It wasn’t enough…” You whine and he laughs.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault it’s our jobs.” Your work schedules were different so it was hard to see each other during the week. You guys tried to meet each other in between and even try to talk on the phone or FaceTime late at night. Sometimes when he was free you would be sleeping or the other way around. But you guys always made it work and tried to spend a lot of time together on the weekends.

Silence followed as you laid in bed.

“Are you tired?” He asks.

“No.” You lied not wanting to cut the time with him short and he chuckled.

“Stop lying. You have to be up at 5am and it’s…” You heard shuffling on the other end. “1am.”

“But I’m not tired.”

“Good night.” He says laughing and you laugh along with him.


“I’m hanging up.” He continues laughing.

“No please don’t.”

“Ah don’t use please…you know that gets me.” You laugh.

“You should’ve never told me.” He laughs and you smile.

“If I sing for you, will you go to sleep?” You smile even bigger and turn to lay on your back. Now he was using your weakness against you.



“I promise.” He chuckles.

“Hold on one second…..Let me just get my guitar.” He says and you wait patiently.

  • me: hello, yes, Doctor. i've had "yesterday" stuck in my head on a loop for two weeks straight now. no- it's not a medical concern i just want you to know it's a straight-up bop
  • Me, about studying: So if I just look at my notes a few times, that should be okay.
  • Me, about joining KPop fandoms: *rolls up sleeves, ties hair back, and puts on glasses* Time to dedicate my whole day to learning their names, birthdays, hobbies, and this whole fandom's inside jokes.
Imagine Your OTP #42

The pair are in a bit of a money pinch at the moment and have been refusing offers of help for months.
When Person B’s birthday comes around, Person A feels horrible about not being able to buy even flowers for them.
With a bit of shame, they swallow their pride and post a message on Facebook(blocked to Person B of course) that asks if someone would mind sending a some flowers or a card to Person B for their birthday because they can’t.
They come home late on Person B’s birthday with a little cupcake for them. Only to find them waiting, knee deep in vases and bouquets of flowers.
Person A sheepishly tries to explain what they did but they’re cut off by Person B tucking a flower behind their ear and kissing them.
They spend the rest of the night pressing flowers and making them into thank you cards.
((And half way through they discover Person B is highly allergic to a flower and they don’t know which one.))

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1. nillili mambo - block b (of fucking course it would star with kpop right)
2. la hormiga brava - calle13
3. valjean arrested/valjean forgiven - original broadway cast recording
4. vanilla - the maine
5. we are young - fun.
6. mi soledad y yo - alejandro sanz
7. festa - ivete sangalo
8. tag, you’re it - melanie martinez
9. overrated - mika
10. damned if i do ya (damned if i don’t) - all time low

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You’re scared at night (Block B reaction)

“Thank you again for the wonderful response! s2 Very cute, now need to think, kekekekekekeke, like reactions that end up always coming out cute! s2 Well, now then I will ask for a reaction (of course the Block B s2) every night at three in the morning you hide in under the bed because of a story you heard as a child about a monster! kekekekekeke This will be cool! Thank you again! s2 I will not get tired of the reactions made for you ever!“ requested by @williane18​ :3
Taeil: “Twinkle, twinkle, little star~“
Sings a lullaby while looking to your eyes and caressing your face with the soft touch of his hands.

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B-bomb: “Do you want me to check the room? I’ll fight any monster just for you“
Gets out the bed and starts opening every closet,drawer…assuring you that there isn’t anything else at home.

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Jaehyo: “Is the monster going to kill us…?“
As soon as you told him the story he’d be as much if not more scared as you,so be prepared to endure him from now on.

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U-kwon: “Come here,I’ll protect you every night“
Pats on the bed inviting you to go by his side,taking you into a tight embrace.

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Kyung: “I can talk the monster’s language,I’m sure if it shows up we’ll become friends“
Starts talking nonsense in order to make you laugh so you won’t get worried about the monster again.

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Zico: “How can you think about a monster when you have this cutie in front of you?“
Makes a lot of aegyo,giving you little kisses here and there.

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P.O: “GROOAAR! I’m the monster.Now that my identity has been revealed I’ll have to eat you up“
He’ll keep making weird noises and gestures,pretending being the monster.

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Heyo!! I’m Meg and i was wondering if I can get a selca ship with the following groups…
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Hello~! I was wondering I could have a selca ship with bts, got7, block b and seventeen please? If its not too much trouble of course! ~ thank you in advance and take care~! ❤

Sorry for the wait!

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Here are my ships for you~



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I love Evol, but I feel bad for them. They debuted right before the Block B lawsuit, so of course Stardom was still trying to recover from that when they gave them a comeback and probably couldn’t promote Get Up that well for the same reasons. Then Topp Dogg debuted and it’s obvious their popularity surpassed Evol’s so Stardom is promoting them more. I have no idea where they disappeared to and I miss them. A lot.


guys so I’m interested in a bunch of new groups and I want blogs to follow for themmm D:

Vixx (Blond Ken ??? I’m feeling so attacked rn ???)
Big Bang (also please be angels and message me names of songs which have a similair vibe to Loser bc I’m legit addicted to Loser and really wanna get into Big Bang)
Monsta X

and of course Block B and BTS and The Ark and Mamamoo blogs bc these four are my ultimate bias groups and I can never have enough of them.


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