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“A current passes through the crowd with the news of each survivor. Relief and sorrow follow each other rapidly, because with the names of those who live comes the void of those who have not. Death brings life; life brings death.

There are no words in that fleeting moment between hope and the knowledge. There is no way to express how a heart can burst and break at the same time, how the sun can cut through the darkness but will cast shadows everywhere.

There are only fingers that entwine with another’s, arms that link solidarity.”

Rant time! Kpop related!

Warning, ranting and swearing.

So I don’t know why but being on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram or any social media platform for the last few days has really irked me to the point of ranting right now. Yes, being a 25 year old female should prevent me from saying alot of this for the younger people but here we go. Go get your popcorn and be prepared for this ish. I understand that being human, it is natural for one to not like something (yes it’s natural believe it or not -gasp-) but for fucks sake, posting on the anonymity of a blue screen is just cowardly, pathetic and plain dirty. I’ve seen posting of people bashing for Yixing for stupid things like his schedule in China and how he should leave EXO because he is hardly with them and now he can’t promote because of his previous schedule that I’m sure has been set up for months., maybe years knowing the business. I’ve seen posting of J-hope, Yoongi, Jin or Namjoon saying that they should leave BTS because they are one of the lower members on a god damn stupid poll on Billboard. That TOP should leave Big Bang because of recent incidents that GD went thru long before him which both have apologized for yet people are making them seem awful for anything they do, like I dont know, breathing.. I just saw a post about Monsta X and how Kihyun should loose more weight as well as bringing up past things that happened when he was younger. I swear to god, I’m pissed. I’m not going to sit here and bash some netizens or anti fans but come on and grow up. When you get older and realize how stupid you were back a few months, years, centuries ago, your going to regret it. I’m not a saint as I have done stupid shit when I was younger. I’ve hidden grades from my parents. I stole something when I was younger (That I was reprimanded for and was forced to write a sorry letter to the store owner). I’ve done some pretty stupid shit this year but let me tell you, I regret doing it and it makes me think of bettering my life. I’ve never once hidden behind a computer and thought “Hm, who can I talk shit about today and make sure they can’t find me.” Like the old saying goes that most of us were taught when we were little, ‘If you wouldn’t say it to your mother, don’t say it at all.’ In the states I know, we’ve had a huge movement of being kinder and nicer to people so it’s about time that we show it and not just the US… Other people should start practicing this and maybe we would all be better off. No one wants to see these bands disband. No one wants to see these people who have given up literally everything, loose everything. No one wants to see these bands cry from sheer agony. I want to see these bands happy because they won something that they deserve. To cry from happiness of something that happened. I want these people to be happy. It’s ok if you don’t like something but just because you don’t like something, doesn’t mean that everyone else has to hate it too. I dislike Avocado but do you see me saying that everyone should hate this green thing that people rant and rave about. I dislike heat but I don’t think that people in Texas or anywhere else that is hot should just get up and leave. It’s natural but it’s something we have to live with. I’m not going to hide behind the anonymity of the internet and preach this but I’m going to cut it simply here. Think before you act. Think before you say something that might cause someone to hurt worse than they already do. 

Now, I’m going to go and listen to my music and be a happy person enjoying what I enjoy, a little writing and some good music. 

And as always, 

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Hello 😊 could I get a private selca ship for BTS, Monsta X, Block B, Big Bang, and Got7
Thank you ❤️




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↪reacción de los miembros de block b cuando la chica que les gusta (y su mejor amiga) les toca el culo 7u7. (en plan fuerte, no sé si me explico)↩


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“¿Cuando yo tengo ganas de hacerlo me tengo que aguantar pero tú puedes tocarme el culo cuando te venga en gana? Tss…”


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“Vigila lo que haces con esa mano.”


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“¿Por qué has hecho eso señorita? ¿Tanto te gusta mi trasero?”


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“¡Yah! Quieta ahí _____, ¿Cómo puedes ser tan atrevida?”


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Sorprendido y sin entender nada, así es como estaría. Se te quedaría mirando sin entender nada y con las mejillas ardiendo, y ya no se atrevería a acercarse a ti sin sospechar de que ibas a tocarle de alguna forma rara.


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“Con que ganas de tocarme el trasero, ¿eh…? Ya veremos cuando te lo toque yo a ti…”


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Al igual que a Jae, creo que le sorprendería tanto tu acción que no sabría como reaccionar, solo te miraría como un tonto y se reiría nervioso.

I watched the live earlier today with Hansol and although I don’t speak Korean I kind of picked up on what he was saying. It was so shocking and scary. I’m glad his friend got in contact with him and told us not to worry but I really hope he’s alright. 
If anyone doesn’t know about all this basically Hansol from Topp Dogg did a live on Instagram and was saying things like he wanted to commit suicide and that hes going to kill himself and was standing beside a road and after a while there were tears in his eyes. I think it would be good even if you aren’t a ToppKlass to leave some supportive messages on his instagram.

kpop vs. western artists
  • kpop: we're releasing a music video of our new title track in three hours. the full length album will be on itunes 6 minutes later. the world tour will start in four days. pre-orders begin in 26 minutes. promotions will begin exactly 47 minutes after the album is released. we'll have another comeback two weeks later.
  • western artists: i'm releasing a New Hit Single in 7 months. we don't know if there will be a music video yet, probably not. the tour for my full length album, that will be released six months after the New Hit Single, starts in three years. after that, you won't hear from me for another ten years.
@ kpop idols

We know you’re imperfect. We love you for you. Whether it be your chubby cheeks or thicc thighs. Your tanned skin or acne. Or even the cute baby tummies when you loose your abs. It’s all beautiful our eyes and we wouldn’t change a thing. Please don’t diet or stress over acne or change filters to whiten your skin or cover freckles. And above all please don’t apologize for the way your body is. If someone can’t love you for how you are then they don’t deserve you.