by birdy

Ppl like to make reminders at how soft Keith can be and that’s great but I think the real reminder some of you guys need is that Keith is also gruff, hot headed, impulsive and a boyish boy.

He likes the outdoors because they are quiet. He is quiet himself. He lived alone in a desert shack for a year, organizing information that he was instinctually drawn to find. He explored caves and studied ancient carvings. He’s instinctive and daring and wears a cropped sports jacket and has a mullet and uses phrases like “right on the money”

When no one is trying to rile him up he’s calm or neutral in character. His input is rational and logical, sometimes to the point of sounding insensitive. He’s socially awkward and sarcastic but never violent to his teammates. Most of the time when he’s teased he doesn’t even throw insults back, just defends himself. Sometimes he doesn’t even try to verbally defend himself.

So what I’m saying is: Keith is not a provocative feminine emo boy thirsting after boy love.

Keith is not a cold-hearted violently explosive asshole that will beat innocents half to death behind an Arby’s.

He’s Keith.


he dance