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Jason: Nico! The floor is lava!

Nico: *rolls eyes*

Jason: Nico! The floor is Percy saying that he’s everyone’s type!

Nico: *jump in Will’s back*

Percy excUSE ME

Sick Of Losing Soulmates (Biadore) Chapter 1

Hey guys!! This is my first time posting a fic on here so I hope you like it. It’s based off of the song sick of losing soulmates by dodie clark, and the concept is inspired by the fic say you won’t let go by fucking awful, which you should check out!! Don’t worry the plot is completely different, it’s just the song thing, lol. This should be a few parts, not sure how long tho. The bold  is the lyrics. Thanks for reading if you do!!

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Hawke and Bianca

Inspired by @ellenembee: In your headcanon, has Varric told Hawke about Bianca? If so, how much?

In mine, Hawke knows pretty much the whole story. At some point shortly after Act 2 she and Varric are drinking together at the Hawke estate, and she’s feeling a little frustrated and embarrassed about her lingering feelings for Fenris. Varric, best friend that he is, swears her to secrecy and tells her about the woman he’s always loved and can probably never have.

What’s your take?

“Brooklyn Witches, Revolutionary. Come up with a read that’s better than hairy!”

Rupaul’s Drag Race Winners illustrated as Crystal Gems from Steven Universe

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