by bby gurl

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @crownsims 🎂

Yes, I know, I am very late! I already wish you “happy birthday” in time, but my gift is late, ‘cause I’ve been busy and I’m slow at editing and everything, so forgive me Mag’! 
Anyway, here it is! This is my gift for you, who are one of the funniest person I know, who I can talk about dogs for hours and hours, who love Percy Jackson’s universe so much! I luv’ ya gurl and please, never stop being amazing! 

So, yes I know that those t-shirts have already been created by other fans of the sims and Rick Riordan’s readers. But, this is my own version of it. I hope you’ll like it!

There are two versions of the shirt: Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter. They are both:

  • Base game compatible
  • Disabled for random
  • Available for C/T/YA/A/E and also for Aliens and Vampires.

Let me know if there is any issue.

Download: Children ; Women ; Men.