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Shatti 💕 :3

For a first date, I think Shatti would just be very simple and choose something she likes. Aka a cute, confortable dress with pretty fabrics, barely more revealing than what she usually wears. But first, someone would probably have to explain her what exactly is a date, that’s not really something the Jedi teach…

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YO how about headcanons for all girl phantom of the opera

my FAVE thing to talk about
also i wasn’t sure if u meant all the characters are girls or just erik so im stickin w just erik bc i have the most thoughts about her
also most of these aren’t female-specific and i think them abt erik too

• she’s a contralto, obviously, and a very impressive one, believes she could’ve been incredibly famous and loved for this if she were Normal and can sing abt the same as a tenor or baritone at times (think amanda palmer in “delilah”)
• completely runs on attention, can never let anyone else have the spotlight, except maybe christine
• she was actually born w a normal amount of hair, but it fell out as she got older. now she wears a short, black wig, about ear length.
• speaking of, once when she was a child, her mother cut all of her very long hair off as a punishment.
• really does not like men, she has a huge distrust for them and could probably never trust one except maybe nadir. maybe. (i ESPECIALLY think this is also true for erik)
• she’s also very easily jealous over other women
• when she was a child she set her mother’s house on fire with the intent to kill both of them, but a neighbor pulled her out. she hates that neighbor for that.
• wears a lot of makeup, red lipstick and black eyeliner, etc, she’s just not too good at it
• when she got her first period she thought she was dying and laid in the bathtub and cried until it was over. it wasn’t until years later, when she told christine, that christine explained what happened
• learned basically everything she knows about beauty and personal upkeep from madame giry and has somewhat styled herself after her
• she never wears a corset or bra or slip. ever. not that she really needs a bra as she’s p flat chested
• in a modern au she has ash costello hair (half red/half black)
• she actually, 100% believes that if she were a (still deformed) man, she would be respected and accepted and christine would easily love her. this is obviously not true.
• her feelings toward raoul are about the same as erik’s but the hate is upped 1000%. i ship raoulerik a lot but honestly it’s hard to imagine her feeling anything other than disdain for him.
• contrary to popular opinion i don’t think she’d particularly like animals. i think she’d find them very annoying.
• speaking of, she accidentally killed her mother’s cat when she was a child, furthering her mother’s belief that she’s an Evil Monster
• almost always wears suits + pants, the only time she wears a skirt is at the masquerade. think lucille sharpe’s red dress.
• when christine and raoul have left and she’s a alone, she picks up christine’s bloody wedding veil and puts it on and sobs bc literally all she ever wanted was to be luved like a normal woman and to be somebody’s “bride” so to speak and now she’s accepted that will never happen
• oops that made me rlly sad
• gonna end this on a fun one so no one kills me for that Angst
• she was born w very sharp teeth. no one knows why. she just was. nadir is very very freaked out by them.