by armle

Cat logic.
*Jumps on desk* Now, what are these? Organized papers and pens? Better knock them off the desk. Yeah, much better. So you’re studying… Well, I need to sit on your notes. Yes, I know you’re writing stuff and all, but I have to sit exactly here, I have no election. Now pet me, I command you. Yeah, that’s good, rub my belly *purrr*. Now It’s time to bite and scratch your hands until you faint from blood loss. Yeah, fun ! What? Ahhh, you moved and are writing again. That’s cool, I’ll just lie here and stretch to cover as much space as I can, while moving my tail right where you’re trying to write. Oh, you moved again ! Okay, I guess I will stay here and keep you company. Actually, no. I’m leaving. Now feed me.