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all characters are one word each don't be like this.

ok, got me there, i will do this for fairness

- beard
- fire
- strong
- morbid
- robot
- librarian
- lumberjack
- balloons
- magician
- valkyrie
- spider

- really good at surfing and likes it and dries off quickly afterward
- literally always prepared to cook a gourmet meal under any circumstances
- became king of his entire species somehow, runs fast and throws poop
- well-equipped pirate with the supernatural ability to find and also manifest treasure, apparently, i’m not good enough at shipwrecked to unlock him sorry

is this satisfactory

ways to start feeling again
  • sit in the sun without anything to do, feel the heat of the rays hit your skin, realize that this sunlight has travelled a very long way to reach you
  • walk around barefoot and try to feel as much of the ground under your feet as you can, notice every rock and blade of grass
  • sit quietly for a while and notice the touch of breath in your nostrils, feel how the air gets cooler as you inhale and warmer as you exhale
  • drive around aimlessly and blast some of your favorite songs, scream/sing along to them and feel the vibrations of your favorite lyrics as they change the air in your throat and around you, feel that the music is healing you from the inside out
  • stay away from alcohol or drugs for a few days, try to be as aware and present as you can in every moment, stop trying to numb or dull your senses
  • eat a few meals without any distractions, notice every bite and taste every flavor that covers your tongue, be grateful for it all
  • look up at the stars and the moon, understand how small we all are and how immense the universe is, realize what a miracle everything is, let your heart swell with amazement and admiration for life itself

specific personal parisian details from a parisian for ml fic writers:
  • High school gets out at around 5:00 for a lot of people, so theres not a lot of time after school to hang out. However in some school, Wednesdays are half days (however in high school that possibility diminishes).
  • In winter it’s dark until 8:00AM and during the summer, it can stay light out until 10:00PM
  • It’s very common to go to a Boulangerie with friends before school
  • Driving doesn’t really get you places. The most common form of transportation is the metro. Although there are many days where all of the lines are down because of protests.
  • Baguettes are necessary for any meal. Even from the age of 6 a kid can be asked to go to the boulangerie at the corner of the road and get a baguette for two euros.
  • There are Boulangeries EVERYWHERE there are every kilometer you can probably find a new one.
  • Parisians usually are rude and have a certain distaste for americans.
  • Biking is really common. There is this thing called Velib’ and basically you can take a bike for an hour if you pay and you have to put it at another Velib’ station when you’re done.
  • Teens hang out at cafes a lot after school.
  • Cafes have an outside portion with cute chairs and tables on the outside, but they also usually have a bar inside.
  • Les Champs Elysés is a big shopping center, so if Le Bon Marché.
  • Drinking is not that big of a deal in France. Most children start drinking wine at home from a young age. But the true drinking age in 18.
  • Driving age is also 18.
  • Most teenagers and adults smoke. That’s why the streets of Paris smell very smoky.
  • Most people don’t go right to college after High School. There are preparatory schools where people go to pursue their interests. After that they apply to colleges.
  • There are cutes shacks at the beach around france and at Paris Plage where they sell crepes, drinks, and candies.
  • At restaurants if you order a soda they will give you the small bottle and a glass.

i might do a part two to this honestly this is just because i miss france. but if any of you find this useful that’s awesome.


Ideal Offerings for Gods and Goddesses

Hearth and Home Gods:

  • Food: Bread and grains, cooking oil, salt
  • Drink: Milk, wine, cider
  • Herbs: Rosemary, thyme

Gods of Love and Passion:

  • Food: Eggs, honey, apples
  • Drink: Wine, fruit juice
  • Herbs: Lavender, sandalwood

Garden/Nature Deities:

  • Food: Bread, cornmeal, fruit
  • Drink: Milk, water
  • Herbs: Bay

Gods of Prosperity and Abundance:

  • Food: Grains, dairy products like cheese or eggs
  • Drink: Milk, beer
  • Herbs: Mint, pennyroyal, catnip

Ancestor Spirits:

  • Food: Any meal from your family’s table
  • Drink: Drinks from the family table
  • Herbs: Sage, sweetgrass

Childbirth or Fertility Goddess:

  • Food: Eggs, baked sweets like cookies
  • Drink: Milk (including breast milk)
  • Herbs: Rose, sandalwood, apple blossoms
A method to Cleanse and Ward after unsavory people visit your house

Personally, I wait 15 minutes to ensure they haven’t forgotten anything (it’s a long, painful wait, I know. Just bear with it!) and then get straight to work!

First off;

If they ate or drank at your house:

  1. DO NOT save any leftovers from that meal, as it is now connected to them. Use it instead in the compost heap to help further along your garden.
  2. Rinse down the dishes they used with vinegar first, spritz with sage-infused water, then proceed to washing the dishes normally.

And now if they did not eat or drink at your house

  1. Open all doors and windows to air out the house.
  2. Light some incense (honestly any will do at this point your just trying to make sure their scent doesn’t linger)
  3. The couch or chair they were sitting on needs to be thoroughly vacuumed.
  4. After vacuuming the couch or chair, cast a consecrated circle around the object and banish their energy from it.
  5. Lightly mist with moonwater and place energized crystals in a spiral in said area.
  6. Dust the House.
  7. Sweep the floors and collect any trash, immediately taking it out.
  8. Wash down all tabletops and counter surfaces with vinegar.
  9. Wash the floors and walls with a mix of lavender/sage/moonwater.
  10. Vacuum the carpets and rugs.
  11. Smudge.
  12. Squeeze out some garlic juice from 3 cloves of garlic and rub into ground outside of door (3 cloves per door).
  13. Mix lemon juice with a drop of peppermint oil and use it to draw a line on the door frame, both sides; make sure you left no line breaks!
  14. Rub a touch of dogwood oil on the outside doorknob.
  15. Recharge your witch balls!
  16. Air out your dreamcatchers if you have any!

If they sat down on your bed

Ohhhhhh boy oh boy oh boy. Guess who’s about to wash their sheets?

Surprise it’s you!

  1. Wash your sheets.
  2. Wash your comforter.
  3. Wash the pillowcases.
  4. Wash the pillows.
  5. Wash the mattress pad.
  6. Vacuum the mattress.
  7. Mist lightly with moonwater.
  8. Place energized crystals where they sat in a spiral.

Optional; write their name on an egg, take it outside, and crush it beneath your heel.

Can be a curse or just an emotional outlet, either way; it feels pretty good.

“But what if I don’t have all those incenses and oils and moonwater???”

Silly, just air out your house and clean it top to bottom using regular cleaning supplies!

If it helps, you can also say the following;

Your body left my house, 
Now, your spirits can too.
And by ‘can’ I mean ‘will’,
It’s time for all of you to leave.

You’ve worn out your welcome,
When you never had any at all,
Out the door with you lot,
Away you go, away!

May you never return here!
May you never come back!
I banish you from this threshold!
Now get the fuck outta my house.”

Quick Packing List for Protesting

For every 3 hours you’ll be there:

  • 1 granola bar (or protein bar)
  • 1 fruit (or fruit serving)
  • 12 oz water (freeze it the night before; try to get a spout/athletic bottle)

For every 5 hours you’ll be there:

  • 1 sandwich (or any “meal” you can eat with one hand)
  • Emergency bathroom supplies (a funnel to pee with, extra menstrual supplies, tissues/toilet paper, wet wipes, etc. - whatever you may need if there are no bathrooms available)

Assume you’ll be there at least 50% longer than you expect.

Other suggested items:

  • Umbrella (either for heat, or protection against pepper spray)
  • Milk (to wash your eyes out if you get pepper-sprayed - remember to wash out your eyebrows, too)
  • Thick Jacket (pad yourself against bruising)
  • Scarf or Bandana (in case it gets cold, or for shade if it gets warm, or to protect the rest of your face from pepper-spray)
  • Those little art sets people buy as last minute gifts for kids, these are really versatile for sign-making (multiple mediums = can be used on multiple surfaces/types of posters)
  • Wrist braces or cotton bandages (makes holding up signs for long periods of time easier, and can protect your wrists from handcuff/ziptie bruising if you get “detained”)

If you know someone who wants to protest, tag them.

Things I have been learning about cat food today

- ‘Holistic’ is not a regulated word and means jack shit. Any food claiming to be 'holistic’ is trying to put one over on the consumer.

- 'Organic’ and 'Made with Organic Ingredients’ are different. Companies don’t need as much 'organic’ material to make the latter claim.

- ’[Meat] Cat Food’ is required to have significantly more of the named meat than 'Cat Food With [Meat]’

- Ingredients are listed by weight

- If the first ingredient is not a named meat, walk the fuck away

- Non-specific 'Meat’ and 'Fish’ and any by-products or meals of such are highly suspect.

- ’[Meat] by-product’ is questionable because it means any squishy part that isn’t counted as 'flesh’, aka giblets and offal. While some of those (liver, heart) are healthy and good, others are meh. Needless to say this should not be the primary (and thus first-listed) source of protein.

- ’[Meat] meal’ is actually preferable to just ’[Meat]’ in dry cat food because the weight of 'Chicken’ might include water weight, while 'Chicken meal’ is weighed without moisture and is thus a more reliable measure

- Corn and wheat are distressingly common and are completely useless for your cat. If they’re anywhere in the first five ingredients, your cat is gonna eat twice as much and most of it’s gonna end up in the litterbox.

- Re the last point, Meow Mix is utter shit. So is Friskies.

- Filler carbs are necessary to hold the pellets together but should not be one of the first two ingredients.

- Soy, beef, dairy, and fish are the most common cat allergies and can develop at any time

- There are a fuckload more reviews for dog food than cat food

- Regulation in the pet food industry is frankly apalling

So let’s talk about the side of weight loss that isn’t always discussed. First picture was before my health journey (~140-145) and the middle picture was about 2 years about when I was dropping weight. I was ~105-110 lbs here 😳 I looked really good, really thin and healthy but I wasn’t. I was restricting calories to 1000-1200 everyday. I was terrified of gaining an ounce bc I didn’t want to go back to “old josie” ways. I went weeks, sometimes an entire month, without any sort of cheat meal. My hands and feet were constantly freezing and numb. I was incredibly cranky and short tempered.. you know bc I was starving myself.. (sorry about that robby!). I stopped going to any social events bc again, I was scared about gaining a pound. I was so boney that it was uncomfortable to sit in a hard chair bc it felt like my spine was being directly pressed against a hard object. I couldn’t lay on my side bc my knees laying on top of each other was painful and irritating. Then I lost my period. For months. The doctor said my body stopped ovulating and menstruating to protect against pregnancy during extreme physiological stress and to use any available energy to support my basic physiological processes. You know, like a staying awake, a heart beat, functioning organs. That’s when I realized I went from one unhealthy extreme to another unhealthy extreme and I needed to find a balance. Luckily I was only in that dangerous state for a few months. But girls who lose weight can get lost in this mindset that the thinner the better. That’s when scary shit like chronic eating disorders can develop. It’s not about being so thin you disappear, it’s about feeling good, being happy, eating healthy, eating donuts, exercising, spending all day Netflix binging, it’s about balance. and here I am today a health coach, helping people do it the right way AND about 10 lbs heavier PLUS SO MUCH HEALTHIER 👌🙏💪

  • Me: But am I really manic? *eats crisps for breakfast, forgets to eat any meals and only has some chocolate throughout the rest of the day*
  • Me: I just don't know. *doesn't want to sleep at night, is bright and alert despite medication that usually knocks me out, is alert in the morning despite medication*
  • Me: What if I've been making it up this whole time...? *wants to party, hypersexual, wants to drink all the alcohol, considers drugs maybe 'not that bad'*
  • Me: I'm so dumb. Maybe I just have severe depression, not bipolar? *freaks out because there are ghosts everywhere, is suddenly very productive, irritated by everyone, craves food constantly but is too busy to get food, makes a rational argument for why I'm Satan, wants to love EVERYONE, needy for touch and affection and love*
  • Me: *sigh* I'm such a faker

Hello my dear mutuals! this is my third follower forever I think, but this time I’m doing it for christmas/holidays and not for a special goal or number of followers ♥.

I want to wish you merry christmas/happy holidays, stay warm/cool, stay healthy and don’t skip any meals.  Also, I really hope you will reach your goals in the coming new year and do great at school/work. Thank you for blessing my dash everyday. Thank you for tagging me on things time to time. Thank you for crying and suffering with me because of bts and other groups and artists ♥.

“ Let’s fly with our beautiful wings in 2017 as well “ - Kim Namjoon 2k16    

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OTP Questions- Food Edition

1. Who eats more?

2. Who steals food off of the other’s plate?

3. Who prefers to go out to eat? 

4. Who prefers to stay home?

5. Where do they like to eat together?

6. Which one likes to cook?

7. Which one should absolutely NEVER cook?

8. What is their favorite thing to eat together?

9. What is the first thing they ever ate together?

10. Which one would try to recreate the Lady and the Tramp spaghetti kiss?

11. Which one has a bigger sweet tooth?

12. Which one always has a snack on them? (Do they eat them, or just keep them around because their s/o is always hungry?)

13. Which one could probably finish off any giant meal that could get them free food?

Got a theme for OTP questions you’d like to see? Drop me an ask! (Please keep it SFW!)

V ~ Amnesia ~ Alternative Ending

This is for y'all pussies who can’t handle the final chapter….. I’m one of those pussies why did I do this to myself. This is set the night after V got released from the hospital.


“ Thank you so much, Jumin ” you smiled.

“ It was the least I could do for a friend ” Jumin chuckled, walking you from his car to your front door.

Part of you was happy that Jumin hadn’t asked you on a date. It was just a friendly dinner to make sure you didn’t skip any meals because you were sad.

As of now, it was the night after and you stood by the bed you had once shared with V. This bed held so many memories you couldn’t help but smile at. Those nights where the two of you would just cuddle, kiss, and talk about life. When he would hold you close and listen to peaceful music as you tried to put yourselves to sleep. When the two would sprawl across the messy sheets, eating Chinese take out.

You hadn’t realized you were crying until your tears dripped onto the sheets. You were wrong earlier, at Jumins penthouse, when you said yourself falling out of love with V. He still had your heart and the entirety of it.

“ Luciel, I can deal with it. What do you mean we all liked her at some point? I guess you can say that. No I don’t need wine ” a familiar voice spoke outside the bedroom door. You sat on the bed, burying your face into your hands. Memories ran through your mind, but they were happy memories. They were memories that made you smile despite your tears.

“ MC, are you crying? ” the door swung open as V gazed down at you in shock.

“ I kind of…… miss you ” you mumbled, barely audible.

“ If I just remembered you, I could fix this… ” V set his gaze upon a picture framed on your night stand. Luciel took the photo after your proposal. You were cupping V’s face, kissing him, with the ring on display to the camera. “ I’m so sorry MC. ”

“ This wasn’t your fault ” you looked away from him. You looked everywhere but his face. Looking at his face would just cause you to shatter you even more. You couldn’t deny that his apology shocked you, though. You were truly expecting him to say something about Rika.

“ I’ll believe you, and everything you’ve told me since my recovery. About Rika, about you, about what caused my amnesia. I’ll believe all of it. ”

“ V, but why the sudden change in mind? ” you scooted back, allowing him to sit in front of you.

“ I’ll be honest with you ” V began, looking you in the eye. This situation felt unreal. “ When I figured out that you were the one kissing Jumin, I wont deny that I felt pain. Jealousy almost. I can’t tell what it is, but I need to know you. I need to know who you are, what you like to do, who you’re interested in, what turns you on and off, even simple things like your favorite color and lucky number. I feel the need to take my time and create happy memories to make up for all the lost ones. Something about you… draws me in. ”

“ I-I…. ” you stuttered out before tears began to flow once more.

“ I’m so sorry, did I say something wrong!? ” V practically squeaked before pulling you into his embrace.

“ No, V ” you sniffles after a minute or two of most likely staining his blazer with your tears, “ You said all of the right things. It’s just that I’ve been overly emotional this past week. ”

“ Please don’t scare me like that, I genuinely thought I lost you ” V pouted. “ I don’t even know what I’m saying, I barely know you… why am I acting like this? ”

You giggled as he had his personal monologue on why he couldn’t figure out his feelings. You tuned out for a moment as well, admiring his features.

“ Why are you staring at me like that, MC? ”

“ You’re ridiculously attractive ”

“ Oh my god ” V flashed a sweet smile that you’ve come to fall in love with. “ Let’s go eat dinner, and watch a movie possibly. ”

“ Don’t ignore my compliment, Jihyun Kim! ” you chased after him with the brightest smile you’ve worn since V proposed.

Well, it’s that time of year again, classes are starting and me and my family are going through some very rough times right now. Both my grandmother and mother have a few surgeries coming up and I would love to be able to take some of the weight off my family for all they’ve done for me by at least being able to pay for my own meals. Any little bit helps! Please feel free to reblog this and share it with your friends! Thank you so much for your help and support, it really means the world to me ❤️️

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will not draw: mechas,  complicated backgrounds, anything I find morally offensive/crude/etc.

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