by anstar

                                     a kiss on the forehead
✿ a ritsumao fanmix ✿ 

* friday’s good morning - gumi 
⟨ Just being able to catch a glimpse of you every now and then,
    I can’t be satisfied with that forever. ⟩  

 ➞ mao run as fast as he could to catch the dark haired guy who was walking calmly in front of him. ‹‹ h-hey! ritsu-kun, right? good morning!! ›› ritsu looked at him, thinking he was very annoying. he didn’t want to talk with anyone, especially first thing in the morning. ‹‹ are you ready for today? i bet we are going to do a lot of funny things! ›› but then again, he thought that it wasn’t that bad to know someone so cheerful.

* electric angel - rin & len kagamine
⟨ I hate being alone,
    because I’ll end up melting away in a lonely world.
    I like to spend time with you,
    because you really warm me up. ⟩  
                                                             ➞ ‹‹ you are getting pretty good with the piano! mind if i sing something while you play? ›› mao stood up, getting closer to the piano where ritsu was playing. ‹‹ what about the one we wrote yesterday together? ›› 

* two breath walking - miku hatsune 
⟨ “Well, before you release me from your knife, those lips
     let’s shut them with mine.” ⟩  
                                                                     ➞ ‹‹ well, i think there is someone i might like. ›› mao blushed, smiling awkwardly. ritsu looked at him emotionless, although he thought he looked kind of cute like this. ‹‹ but still don’t know if they like me back. i’ll need to gather all of my courage, i guess… ›› 

* s pi ca - miku hatsune 
⟨ Only in my thoughts, I mutter your name alone.
    A foolish love, won’t reach you right?
    Longing for you, I played the piano, the sounds
    are overflowing with pain. ⟩
                                                                           ➞ ritsu played silently the piano. it felt empty without mao’s singing next to him. he stopped after a few more notes. he heard it again, mao moaning softly and his own brother whispering something he didn’t really want to understand. after taking a deep breath, he started playing the piano again.

* sweet devil - miku hatsune 
⟨ I really love you it’s true.
    You want to be my “only” one, don’t you?
    I have only you, it’s really true!  
   So kiss me. ⟩
 ➞ ‹‹ it’s not like i was really going out with your brother, we were just… having an affair, you could say. ›› he sighed deeply, laying next to ritsu on the soft and green grass. ‹‹ i’m not even sure i really like him, if i must be completely honest. i thought he was what i was looking for— but apparently, that was a completely different thing. ››

* freely tomorrow - miku hatsune
⟨  I trembled a little to your kiss back in our youthful times.
    I don’t know of this kind of love, so I want to cuddle with you a bit longer. ⟩  
➞ they were both soaked wet, but they did not care that much. the other’s warmth was enough to make both of them feeling at ease. ‹‹ i actually like you more like this. your hair look nice when wet. ›› 

* double lariat - luka megurine 
⟨  An 85 cm radius is as far as my hands can reach
    When I someday grow tired of spinning, please stay by me. ⟩
                     ➞ ‹‹ i’m going to join UNDEAD. ›› ritsu looked straightly in mao’s eyes, just to lower his gaze as soon as he saw the other sadness in them. ‹‹ i thought that it could be a chance for me to— i don’t know, i just thought it might be a good idea. don’t worry, you will still have to take care of me; no other one could do it. ››

* magnet - luka megurine ft. miku hatsune 
⟨  Pulling apart our intertwined fingers,
     moving from our lips to our tongues,
     what we’re doing do might be unforgivable,
     and that’s precisely why we’re so fired up. ⟩
                                               ➞ ritsu kissed mao passionately while the moon shone brightly in the dark night. ‹‹ i finally found what i was looking for. ›› 

* tell your world - miku hatsune 
⟨ All these words I want to tell you
    and this song I want you to hear.
    Everything is joined in a cirlce,
    joining us all together,
   no matter where you may be. ⟩
                                                                     ➞ ‹‹ there is something i’ve learnt over all these years that we have spent together. i’ve learnt to love every little thing you do, from the cute ones to those that would make the others freak out. all the things we’ve done, all the moments we’ve shared, they all made me love you. ›› mao smiled, tilting his head to the right. ‹‹ i love you, ritsu. ››

!!  cover credit goes to @nocoamin
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Ensemble stars announced

“Ensemble Stars” or anstars/enstars in short, is a male idol ccg game that has been released in 2015. Having nice graphics, a great cast and a bunch good voice actors (f.e. Morikubo Showtaro, Saito Souma, Hikaru Midorikawa, …) the game has been praised by lot’s of ppl, even overseas users (the game isn’t translated to English).

The story of the game is about Yumenosaki Private Academy. A school located on a hill near the ocean. It’s famous for producing male idols. Due to special circumstances a transfer student (the character you play) is the only female student in the school. You’re also the first student that takes the producer course. In other words: your task is to produce idols. Through the game you meet, train and befriend other characters.

Just a few minutes ago, an announcement was posted that confirmed an anime adaption of the franchise.
There’s no more information about the matter yet, they didn’t mentionhow many episodes it will be, which characters will be included or if they’ll stick to the storyline of the game. As for now. The only thing we know is that it’ll be an anime.

I’ll try to be up to date!