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Do you ever read about quirks and idk like it astounds me how much thought process goes into them and how they're as realistic as they can be (like aizawa not being able to erase physiological quirks), or how Deku would break his bones, how Todoroki's body needs to get adjusted to temperatures. I love how you did Katashi's quirk! It's good that the boy is drinking milk, but reads about his quirk made me think of bone life cycles and how quickly they must go through his body!

!!!!!!!!!!!!! anon you’re so well-read this was a very pleasant message to read!! and yes the extent that horikoshi goes to to make his hero universe so realistic in this context is one of the biggest most refreshing charms of bnha! ALSO BONE CYCLES YES katashi’s quirks results from his extremely enhanced bone metabolism!

October 18

The girls got a well deserved break today after a whirlwind past few weeks.

Lauren’s performing with Halsey this Sunday in Miami!

Normani has a photoshoot coming out next week!!! AHH!

The girls all took the time to post some photos of what the past weeks were like for them. (warning: photo spam)

Dinah posted on IG about the tour (again)

and about yesterday…

Lauren, girl.

These girls are on FIRE!

She also posted about TRL:

Normani was on fire last night!!

She’s back on IG!

Everyone’s shocked tbh.

Normani also gave some fans some exclusive pictures!

Yes to all of these.

She also commented on the fact that Gucci Mane was playing “Down” during his wedding!

The Fifth Harmony IG story also teased about… He Like That..? French? What could it be!