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'sinning' was used to refer to nsfw before it was used to refer to gay ships - using it to refer to nsfw is not homophobic, using it to refer to gay ships just bc theyre gay ships IS, but tumblr doesnt seem to accept that distinction

THANKYOU ANON. YES. whenever i go into the tags of my favourite ships, they’re tainted with shitty posts that go “omg i ship a gay ship i’m sinning [insert random fangirling gif]” and they’re tagged with like, every single gay ship in popular fandoms to rack up notes from fujos????? it disgusts me.


Maria Nikolaevna of Russia (26th June 1897 - 17th July 1918)

In life she used to be overshadowed by her elder sisters, in the years post her death it was the name of Anastasia that drew attention. Maria Nikolaevna, third daughter of the last Tsar, had a reputation of being placid and almost angelic, as well as often ending as the butt of a joke because of her clumsiness. By nature Maria was essentially a Mother. Extremely earthy and straightforward, she felt awkward during official occassions, but would lose any shyness when face to face to an ordinary person. With remarkable memory for faces, Maria never forgot anyone and felt keen interest in other people. Occassionally there would be pangs of loneliness and jealousy in her heart, owing to the fact she suffered from the middle child syndrome, but her inborn unselfishness and devotion always triumphed over them. 

Maria was the only one of the four sisters whose birth disappointed the Emperor so much that he had to take a long, solitary walk in the park before he could face his wife and greet the new baby. But it was also this daughter, who stood as the greatest support and pillar of strength to her parents during the days of February revolution in 1917, and a year later during their transport to Ekaterinburg. She died a horrible death in the hail of bullets and thrusts of blunt bayonets, just one among millions of innocent victims of the Russian Civil War. Today she is considered a martyr and a saint. But all she ever wanted was to have a family of her own.

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eh ally :( why is ur bio on nsfw acc saying that what youre drawing there is 'sinning with a sinning hand', i learnt that saying stuff like that is homophobic when ur talking about ships & mlm in general

lmaoooo??? look, i know which post you’re referring to and it annoys me when people read like, pure happy fiction and go “MOM IM SINNING” just bc its gay. that’s wrong. but it’s a NSFW account????

Okay so I post a lot of political stuff on my Facebook wall and I post a lot of social issues stuff on my wall.
Whenever it’s something to do with race like “White privilege explained in 5 mins” or I shared a post from Martina Big where she details her plans on transforming into a black woman…only white people seem to comment on my posts and it’s always in support of me.
Like where are my black people supporting my posts? My black friends claim they’re woke but they seem like they don’t want to known for being woke as they hardly ever even like my posts.
A lot of white people are instead -whether it’s because they want to seem as though they’re not racist or they genuinely care - commenting, liking and supporting all the issues I need to share out and that’s good and all but WHY ARE MY BLACK FRIENDS ABSENT.
Black issues need to be discussed by black people.