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You are ace/aro right? which means you don't experience sexual or romantic attraction (If i'm wrong please correct me.) So do you experience platonic love? and are all your love songs about that type of love?

yes yes and yes


I am her aunt, this is my gift to her. As God gifted me with my voice. Basically, I’m giving her a gift from God.

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For me, the ReyS theory took a big hit when immediately after the news struck that JJ announced Rey's parents aren't in TFA, Daisy commented "what can it all mean" on an Instagram post of Reylo shippers celebrating. She wasn't tagged or mentioned (correct me if I'm wrong), so for her to quickly comment on a Reylo post seemed interesting. There's no way she'd be ok with Reylo if her and Kylo were related. She'd find a way to subtly speak against it and let the fans down easy, but she never has.

yeeeeep. it was suspicious that mark didn’t say anything when there were reylo jokes in the bad lip reading that he did, too. you’d think he would warn them off from making jokes like that if the two of them are related.

and man speaking of jokes that theory was basically being mocked to high heaven at the last jedi panel. there were so many jokes about it and STILL people are taking it as confirmation. daisy looks so done with the whole thing tbh

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Correct me if i'm wrong but i can't help but notice that levi and mikasa have been appearing a lot together in all the official promo stuff that has been coming out lately (i mean they even came out watches that literally called them "humanity's strongest pair"!!!) do you think that the producers are preparing the fandom for all of their scenes together in season 2? (because in season 1 they had one scene so people aren't used to them together) Thanks! nearly a month to go! I'm so excited!

Hello anon, I think you’re spot on! I mean, it’s usual to see a lot of Ere/mika, Eru/ri and Ere/ri merchandise and promos since these pairings were already popular by season 1, but this much Rivamika stuff before airing season 2 and the Uprising Arc?? Even though Levi and Mikasa are the most popular male and female characters, this is no coincidence. If this keeps up, we’ll go insane when they actually deliver all the Rivamika scenes on tv.

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Hi umm so I am just coming to terms with being gay and I got to it through shipping johnlock and Rebekah's amazing videos :) but now that I realised I love girls I am even more obsessed with shipping gay couples and I feel kind of weird about it bc they are still guys? I see posts about how hot Martin freeman is and yes I agree he is handsome but I am not attracted at all 😅

Hey Nonny!

THAT’S TOTALLY OKAY!! You are not a product, ergo you do not need a label. You are a person with feelings and emotions and love in your heart. You love who you love, and IT’S OKAY if you don’t think someone is hot when someone else does! That would be rather boring if we were all cookie cutter templates, wouldn’t it Nonny? You are YOU, and You™ are Fantastic. 

That said, there’s nothing wrong with shipping opposing gender couples so long as you ship them for good reasons or because you want that sort of love in your life too! <3 Some people find it easier to dissociate from their own preferred gender, I believe I’ve read somewhere, especially when they’re coming to terms with their own sexuality, ESPECIALLY when they see themselves in one of the characters. I’m honestly not an expert nor psychologist, and I’m trying to still understand my own self, so I can’t honestly tell you why this is the case.

Regardless, it’s okay to not “follow the crowd” on everything :) You are an individual, LOL <3 I do agree that he is a very beautiful man though, hahah!

IkeSen coming out~

English Version!

So happy since I wait for it for so long and end up playing Japanese version~

The MC is awesome, right? Hands down my fav MC since I read the prologue back then. In Jap not much differences of meaning and context, it’s just the uses of politer version of language (sonkeigo, kenjougo, masu-stem, nuances so on so on LOL *remembering all the lesson and the agony*) tones her down a bit? Since Japanese usually known of being reserved.

To cater to international audiences, Eng Version makes her even sassier~ That’s still cool tho! Hats off to Cybird official translator and proofreader~ I love every moment reading it with her being so freaking funneh smoothly. 

Currently I’ve done reading Ieyasu’s route and currently in Kenshin’s. The plot is really good, especially Kenshin! Despite being yandere, he’s cute (he’s naming all of his rabbit ahhhh) and know his boundary a bit? And I kind of liking it, my fictional guy obsessive over me xD

Kenshin route comes out during Cybird Jap ikemen election if I’m not mistaken. He surpasses Nobunaga who’s being on top before~ Let’s wait a while for his route, he’s no 7 tho! After Hide > Ieyasu > Shingen > Kenshin (not remember on yasu and shingen order, might be switched over)

While in Eng version the endings choices are romantic route and dramatic route, in Jap they are 幸福な恋ルート (kōfukuna koi rūto) & 情熱の恋ルート (jōnetsu no koi rūto) which means happy love route and passion of love route respectively~

Anyway, it’s even fun playing now since it comes for international release and seeing all the excitement, influencing me too~ I can’t wait for both Mitsuss coming out~ Would translate their previews as soon as they come out~

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Ppl saying "d mentions being straight/gf in every interview" is not true. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this year, the only times were Conan & the 2 Mario ones from the same day. D's done most of his promo recently w/o her involved. There was more real PR work for that gay porn star story than there had been for her or his supposed heterosexuality in months. Just because everything doesn't change dramatically all at once doesn't mean nothing's happening.

Agreed, there has actually been relatively little gf mentions in interviews this year and it is not a coincidence that all three occurred under the watch of AB as we enter what everyone said would be a period where the beard was strongly pushed and promoted. And no question, he is more enthused about the gay porn star that the lady whose side he has been tethered to since birth.

I have learned to completely tune out references to her. Darren mentioning her is the same as taking photos with a water bottle, promoting Barry’s gym and most recently, promoting the air bud earphones and his Spotify play list. Things he is obligated to do.

She is his gf by contract and he is required to promote and market her. End of story.

And to me there is a distinction between him stating he is straight and reminding us of the “lovely lady he has dated for many, many moons.” I think he has completely disassociated the actual meaning of the word girlfriend when he applies it in interviews. To him the word girlfriend means “woman I have entered into a contract with to be my official plus one in the public eye and to hide my actual relationship that I am required to keep a secret.” And while we do not like it, I think it is how he is surviving.

I get much more upset when the topic of his sexuality comes up. Because by stating he is straight,he is denying his true self and his actual love.  But he hasn’t actually done this in quite some time. They tried and failed in the fall when he refused to answer the question in the affirmative and instead rambled around it.

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she actually means: Kaworu is seen playing a piano in 3.0. It's not just any piano: it's the Yamaha Yamaha CF III, which was discontinued in September of 2000. 3.0 takes place in 2029. It's been almost 30 years from its last production run but how did Kaworu ever find the means to acquire the piano and how did it maintain mint condition after all these years? Where did he even find the piano?
I try to say something, but all I get are the wrong words - the wrong words or the exact opposite words from what I mean. I try to correct myself, and that only makes it worse. I lose track of what I was trying to say to begin with. It’s like I’m split in two and playing tag with myself. One half is chasing the other half around this big, fat post. The other me has the right words, but this me can’t catch her.
—  Haruki Murakami, “Norwegian Wood”

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"Because we have you sarada" was mistranslated right? Isn't it "because you exist sarada" or something like that. I've seen arguments saying that he meant that's what's keeping he and Sakura together. It's ridiculous. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't he mean that she is proof of their mutual love? And basically if he didn't love Sakura he never would have impregnated her?

Of course that’s what he meant, but obviously the die-hard SasuNaru, NaruSaku and SasuKarin extremists just can’t accept that, and instead choose to formulate all these theories that make no sense.

“Because you exist” was the Viz translation, which is more often than not the most reliable one:

Sarada asked Sasuke if his heart was truly connected to Sakura’s, and he answered affirmatively. Firstly, what the extremists don’t seem to understand is that people’s hearts don’t connect through having a child; their hearts need to be connected in order for them to want to have a child in the first place. They were together before Sarada existed, so for Sasuke to say “we’re connected because of you” doesn’t make sense, regardless of how desperately the extremists try to make sense of it. They were already connected, and Sarada is the proof of that.

You also gotta love how so many of them spout things like how “a child being the proof of love is a horrible message because what about divorced parents who have major issues with each other?”, as if that has even the slightest bit of relevance. Sasuke and Sakura aren’t divorced, nor do they have problems with each other. So how is that in any way applicable? It boggles the mind.

If the extremists want to believe that Sasuke meant that Sarada was the only thing that was keeping her parents together, despite the fact that he obviously meant it as that Sarada is the proof that Sasuke and Sakura’s hearts are connected, not the reason, because if their hearts weren’t connected, then she wouldn’t exist, then let them, because what’s the point in trying?

They can’t even ask themselves why Sarada would have given such a warm smile after seeing the affection displayed between her parents if there was actually no love between them whatsoever:

Why would she be smiling like that after coming to the realisation that there truly was nothing at all between them? Why would she be happy about such a negative thing? It makes no sense. Yet, they think it makes perfect sense to believe that Sarada giving such a genuine and warm smile:

Was because she realised that there was absolutely no love or affection whatsoever between her parents. Lol, of course it does! She was so jubilant because she noticed that her parents don’t love each other. Logic! ^_^

Using that same logic, they also never ask themselves why Sarada would get so happy to the point of tears, and why Naruto and Chouchou would be so happy for her, after hearing Sasuke imply “You’re the only reason you’re mother and I are still together, Sarada”. Why would Sarada be so pleased to hear that? Why would Naruto and Chouchou be so happy for her?

Chouchou would essentially be thinking “Aww, lucky Sarada. You’re the only thing keeping your parents together!”.

See how stupid that sounds? And the extremists think that’s what the scene is indicating? Because that apparently makes perfect sense right? Goodness.

Now let’s look at some examples of how they grossly twist interviews!

Some extremists would have you believe Kishi claimed that Sarada’s mother is open for interpretation, that he wasn’t sure if Sasuke and Sakura were happy, and that he was thinking of divorcing them in the future. Despite the fact that what he actually said was:

God only knows where they got all that other nonsense from.

And lastly, back to admiring their logic :)

If the extremists want to cling onto the hope that Kishi, Sasuke, Sakura and even Karin herself could all just be lying in order to keep up appearances for some unknown reason, when especially Karin had absolutely no reason to lie to Suigetsu whatsoever:

Then let them.

Goodness, all of those statements just sounded so ridiculous, because that’s exactly what they are. If they want to ignore what the characters say, and not only blindly deny canon material, but also ignore what the author himself says, and even go so far as to actually twist his words in favour of their own headcanons, then I can only just smile and nod, seriously.

SPN Hypothesis

I think Jimmy Novak is related to the Winchesters.

Stay with me here…

Fact 1: Jimmy Novak is from Pontiac, Illinois, not even a 40 mile distance from Normal, Illinois where Henry Winchester is from.

Fact 2: Jimmy said, “[Castiel] said that I’m special; it’s in my blood” talking about his ability to listen to and host angels. And all of the Winchester boys are perfectly suited to hosting angels because of their bloodline (John, Adam, and Sam have all been hosts, and Dean was the chosen host of Michael).

Fact 3: Jimmy’s definitely got that whole, I will do anything to protect my family, including sacrifice myself for all eternity thing going on that runs so strong in the Winchester family (I’m not even going to give examples for the Winchesters on that one–if you need one, it means you don’t watch the show and won’t understand this post anyway).
Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Sorry to the Destiel shippers, but this tracks for me. I think Jimmy Novak is a long-lost Winchester cousin or something. What do you think?

You know what might actually be sadder than if Peter, Edmund, and Lucy were tense with Susan? This…

•Susan only says once that she thinks it was a game.
•Lucy cautiously brings up later.
•She finds out Susan actually thinks of it as a game.
•Peter tries to drop in hints of the small things they experienced together, but she has no recollection.
•The three of them have a talk and find that Susan has really forgotten, or at least suppressed the memories.
•They do treat it as a game.
•Edmund still talks about Narnia to her, but he words it differently.
•"Well, Su. It’s sort of like that time we fled Calormene.“
•"Oh! I remember that story. You told me to be brave then. I never forgot that.”
•"Yeah…I did. Good luck tonight then?“
•Peter tells her stories of Narnia where she was marvelous and she listens intently, saying that she wishes it were true.
•Peter sheds a tear because it was, and she truly was marvelous.
•Lucy constantly calls her Queen Susan as a nickname, and Susan smiles because for some reason it gives her a surge of courage.
•Susan asks why some sermon in church sounds familiar, and Lucy mentions Aslan.
•Susan assumes it was a way to make their Sundays less dry.
•Worst of all, the three of them watched Susan go to party after party, suppress her intelligence, grow more aggressive and short tempered, all the while knowing she couldn’t remember the Gentle Queen they knew she was deep down inside.
•They said she wasn’t a friend of Narnia anymore, but that didn’t mean she had necessarily been angry about it.

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I don't mean to be ignorant, but I am very confused about what is going on with Tapas? Why is everyone leaving all of a sudden? Thanks!

What I’ve gathered (correct me if I’m wrong!): 

-Tapas made a new rule in their ToS that by hosting your comic on their site (and I believe if you’re popular enough), if a company or another comic hosting website came to you askin to help you sell merch or make physical copies of your stuff, they’d have to negotiate with Tapas to see if Tapas is cool with it. 

-The time for this takes 30 days (not sure why a whole month, but it’d have given Tapas more time to offer you all kinds of ‘neato’ shit to keep you on their site instead).

-If you didn’t like the new rules, basically just delete your account cause they honestly would rather you did that (On several accounts Tapas’s conclusion to things you dont like about their site was basically ‘just leave’. 

-This lost the trust of many creators, fearing that Tapas was basically claiming some form of ownership over the comics that people posted. Creators have lost the rights to their comics many times before and it seems like Tapas wanted to avoid that but instead came off as basically BEING that. People feared that Tapas would claim ownership and the fear was justified cause this rule came out of nowhere. 

-The new rule is not null n void due to the huge backlash. Tapas has now cancelled that new rule so we don’t have to worry about it, but the damage has been done. 

Personally, I don’t feel too safe on Tapas myself, but I have no other place to host my comic besides here. I don’t wanna try Webtoon either and have no idea how I’d make my own website. As much as I feel weird about Tapas, I don’t feel the need to skip out just yet, but want to in the future… Either way, Tapas just came off as really shady and untrustworthy, and it doesn’t help one of their staff made a VERY condescending response to someone just asking a question (He was pretty fuckin rude about it like damn). They’re a growing site, but it’s taking really odd and upsetting turns here and there. :C 


Why don’t we ever, in the entire duration of Dany’s time with the Dothraki, see any woman who aren’t slaves or the Dosh Khaleen? 

There are several Dothraki khals and their sons mentioned (naturally there is a mother, probably a wife, involved?), not to mention Drogo’s khalasar and his bloodriders, but Dany never interacts with any women except for her handmaids, and later Mirri Maaz Duur. Do the Dothraki travel just men and slaves? Do free women exist? Do they have no status at all, not even the wives of relatively important people in the khalasar?

i see so many people lamenting that korra’s character “got lost” by the end of book 4. besides the fact that you can totally still see fierce, loyal, and strong korra in all four books, it’s almost like traumatic events…and ptsd…and the passage of 3 years…and the transition from childhood to adulthood…changes a person

Ok correct me if i’m wrong but i’m assuming these are the gatcha focuses for damematsu

so for Choukei we get

The neko set that we saw in the trailers (I WILL GIVE MY SOUL TO GET A KARA NEKO)

For nenchuu (YAS) we get

Pachinko Police set

and for suematsu we get

what….appears to be just a regular set?  Huh? I mean it uses the same currency as the nenchuumatsu focus so I assume it’s just….better to save for Pachinko Police?

I’m a little confused by how this works so if someone could explain that would be great

I have like….little to no japanese experience so I’m just very much guessing -.-’

Like there was an oso event and I was forced to make a choice and I picked the one that mentioned totoko and that seemed to be a good answer?  I’ve only gotten 3 solo events with oso and one suematsu skit which had THE CUTEST EXPRESSIONS

also cybermatsu is fighting and it’s basically become the battle of who can make the weirdest face (totty’s meme face vs choro’s intimidating face from ep 13 when he’s passive aggressive towards oso). 

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Favorite things about Princess Mechanic?

  • first and foremost when the shit when down with finn, clarke immediately took a step back out of respect for raven 
  • “i’d pick you first”
  • “it’s not rocket science.”/”…it is rocket science, actually.” 
  • clarke killed finn, who raven loved, and she still forgave her. (unlike some people) 
  • remember that hug when raven was still mad at clarke over finn? like, “i’m pissed at you but i’m not letting you leave and possibly not come back without showing you that i still care about you” 
  • the hug when raven says she’s been waiting all night for clarke 
  • i mean correct me if i’m wrong but isn’t raven one of the only people who hasn’t treated clarke like shit in 3B? (disregarding alie i mean) 
  • the SASS 
  • also clarke was like the first person to welcome raven to earth hello yes space babe it is i, space bisexual 
RFA reactions to MC being tall

I’m 5′9″ (I’m a big girl ok I drank a lot of milk as a kid not even kidding i inhaled dairy anyway) and a lot of the art in-game and fanart shows MC being pretty small. Even tho I look very similar to MC in every other aspect, sans bangs and crazy gold eyes, she seems a lot shorter than all the boys, and maybe Jaehee (they seem around the same height?? idk).

Here’s some luv to the tall MC’s out there (with the assumption that MC is around 5′9″)

  • Zen (5′9″): He’s very surprised that you’re as tall as him when you first meet, but he loves it. He pretty much loves everything about you anyway. When you wear heels, you’re taller than him, and even though he feels weird about it at first, he loves when you joke and rest your head on his head. He calls you a model and takes pictures of you in fun poses. 
  • Yoosung (5′6″): This baby child blushes as soon as he sees you. When he kisses you he has to reach up to you. At first he’s insecure bc he’s supposed to be the man aka taller, stronger, whatever, but he secretly loves that you can reach tall cupboards for him and he enjoys being your little spoon. Also he’s at that perfect height to hide in the crook of your neck when you hug. Perfect hickie access.
  • Jaehee (5′4″): She’s so much shorter than you holy shit. She’s shocked when you first meet but really likes how tall you are. She looks at you with starry eyes 24/7 and jokes about you being an amazonian goddess. Also she’s at the perfect hide to stuff her face in your boobs when you hug and she loves it. Is your little spoon but also likes being the big spoon when you let her. 
  • Jumin 6′: He’s still taller than you so he’s still the alpha, fuck you. He’s a bit surprised that you’re taller than average when he meets you but it doesn’t phase him. When you wear heels, you’re closer to his height, and it turns him on a little. He’ll still remind you not to get too proud and rest his head on yours to show you who’s boss, playfully. 
  • Seven (5′7″): Really mad that you’re slightly taller than him. When you first meet he gets indignant. The next time you meet, he’s in platform boots so he can be taller than you. Seems to constantly want to fight you because you’re so tall and will stand on tippy toes next to you. Makes you squat a little in pictures. You’re never allowed to wear heels!! He low key loves it though and thinks you’re amazing. Will make you give him piggy back rides because you’re the taller one (that doesn’t mean you’re STRONGER, Seven!! xox)
  • V (5′8″): You’re only slightly taller than him and he doesn’t mind at all. Others tease him for it and he just smiles and talks about how beautiful you are. Likes to rest his head on your shoulder when you sit next to each other and will hold your hand a lot… that has nothing to do with height but let me love V OK