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Does the second half of S4 parallel S1?

it’s strange because the first half of season 4 had A LOT of parallels of season 3 but now this second half? 

The more I think about it, the more it parallels season 1, so here we go.

Losing Friends 


Just like Eva Sana is feeling alone and out of touch with the people she loves the most. She doesn’t know how to fix the rift…so she doesn’t, but still she wants to so bad. she misses them and watching them from afar because she no longer can belong with them…is tearing her apart. Just like Eva in season 1.

Social media rubbing their new friends in their faces


we then get a true sense of the isolation between the two when they both sit at home alone and watch their friends…literally replace them. That’s what it feels like for both Eva and Sana. and after they both see these social media posts and drives them to get up and do something about it. “don’t let yourself be a victim” as doctor phil says to Eva and “don’t live in fear” as Nas tells Sana…it’s too similar and I love it 

Benchy Buddies


Not only are they both sitting on the same bench, with the same person, on THE SAME SIDE, but it is insane that Isak has served as a focal point in both of their painful dramas of secrets. in Eva’s season Isak revealed her lies to Iben, in Sana’s….Isak still revealed Sara’s lies by Sana getting access of them from Isak’s account. so essentially the truth came out and disaster happened because of Isak in both seasons…w i l d 

Trying to muster up the courage to make things better


I talked about this shot earlier today but oh my god I can’t believe how similar they are. The only difference is the change in time and the main character. This shows how 3 seasons later we are still in the same place. but this time with Sana. How we all feel isolation, misunderstanding and shame and how it never goes away. It is forever and it comes with being human. no matter who you are we all feel this pain, fear, and sadness. Both Eva and Sana felt like outsiders in their school. 

Confiding in someone about their mistake right before it hits them in the face


Just like Eva, Sana could not hold it in anymore and chose to confide in someone about the saranors2 account. Just like Isak (but with purer intentions) Chris advised Sana to not tell. I actually find this parallel really cool because in season 1 Eva was scared of losing Jonas and Jonas not forgiving her but in this scene Sana is actually afraid of Eva never forgiving her. It is like we have gone full circle in skam world. Eva has gone from the girl begging for forgiveness from her mistakes to…being the one who needs to do the forgiving… hmm



wow, so we have literally gone from season 1 where Eva is calling Isak after the reveal and getting voicemail, to Sana calling EVA after the reveal and getting voicemail. I think this was very intentional. 



Eva and Sana both get told that the people they love are incredibly heartbroken with them right now in a very similar way. Both with other people involved (Isak and Chris) and both with a phone…and then they break knowing that forgiveness is not going to be easy and they are both alone. They both fucked up and now they are alone and it is heartbreaking. 

what does this s1 parallel mean? 

Season 1 was the beginning, Season 4 is the end. The parallels are evident and I think it is because Julie wants to remind us why she made skam. Reminding us what it’s really about. I know with the girl squads current behaviour it doesn’t make sense just yet, but it will. and I wonder if this is also reflecting on Eva’s character now? She has gone from the character who we are crying with and hoping to god she can make friends and be happy to….being the girl we are screaming at to listen to Sana and FORGIVE HER. 

which is amazing because Julie is doing what skam has always meant to do. 

she is showing us every single side, corner, and edge of every character on this show. By doing this to Eva though is even more powerful because she was our first main. she is our firstborn who’s pov we all witnessed and now Julie is showing how we all make mistakes, we all get mad, we all are the person who needs to forgive, or the person who needs to talk. and each of these characters have had a turn to be each other if you think about it. 

Because now it’s Eva’s turn to be season 1 Ingrid…who needs to stop, and listen to what Sana has to say as they cry and forgive each other <3 

I did something really stupid today

Earlier today, I did something that received a lot of backlash and with good reason. It was wrong and insensitive for me to talk about something that’s happening in real life and use something that is supposed to be light hearted, fun, and loving as a vehicle to raise awareness about this issue. Even worse was to drag the fandom into this painful situation.

And I am going to name it: I mentioned and used the anime series, Yuri on Ice to raise awareness of the extreme homophobia and treatment of gays in Russia. In the post, I tactlessly and poorly pointed out how unrealistic the official couple, Viktuuri, would be due to the current nature of Russia in real life in regards to their stance on Same Sex relations. To finish, I used this relationship as a reason to protest against the homophobia there.
It was wrong of me to do that.

At that time of posting, I was mindless and impulsive. I heard about the news of what is happening on Tumblr and my thoughts were to spread that news in a fandom, which I personally am a part of, as the issue of same-sex relationships are also a major part of the story. I made the connection, hoping this would further highlight the homophobia in Russia, and raise awareness.

Instead, I received a harsh reminder from the tumblr community to keep these two things separated. I was told to delete my account, that they are not real people, that my behaviour went too far, and that the problems were real and I shouldn’t have taken it so lightly when responding to it.

And you are all right about that.
I am regretting what I have done and I don’t expect anyone here on tumblr to forgive or accept my apologies for what I have done.
So, I want to say how sorry I am for what I did earlier today.
I took down the post, but I am here to tell you that it did happen earlier today at 10:30-ish GMT+11 time.

And as for deletion of this account, there are too many happier memories of Tumblr in it, so I will not delete this account. I don’t want this disaster destroy my love for this platform. It raises awareness of so many issues, has beautiful fandoms and artwork, and many wonderful people on it.

I hope that this is enough for everyone.

TL;DR- I am regretting what I did earlier, and I am sorry for my impulsive and mindless actions. I will not take this account down, but I have deleted the post. This apology post will stay just to clear things up.

Flirting With Disaster

A/N: Happy Birthday to @constellunaa! I saw your beautiful drawing of Laxus and Cobra and thought ‘hey what if she actually ships it?’ and then wrote 6.5K of it in hopes that you actually do lmao.

If not, have some hint of nalu bcus I am so sorry

Part of my deaf!Natsu college au bcus I’m a slut for continuing universes! Also shout out to @papalogia for putting up with me yelling about this and for helping with some of the words. Natsu and Cobra are cousins, with Indian!Igneel and his unnamed brother who is Cobra’s dad. 

Also praise @rivendell101 for helping me title it! Apparently I’m useless without my friends :D


Pairing: Cobraxus, Nalu, Fairy tail

Words: 6515

Rating: M for language

Part: Oneshot

Laxus wanted to die, and not just because of his pounding headache or the fact that he was in an eight AM lab for fucking chemistry of all things. No, Laxus wanted the sweet embrace of death -or maybe to plead for manslaughter on account of insanity- because of his benchmate.

“Could you please make your stomach make disgusting noises quieter? I’m trying to measure out our chemicals, considering you’re going to be useless today.”

Laxus narrowed his eyes at his labmate, thinking of other uses for the sodium hydroxide solution that was being poured from the erlenmeyer flask to a petri dish.

“Stop looking at me like it’s my fault you decided to do jagerbombs instead of sleeping like a normal human being with an eight AM.”

Laxus scowled. The dude wasn’t even able to see his face, eye on Laxus’ side closed from a nasty looking scar. Laxus felt his own scar over his right eye twinge in sympathy, line thinner than the other boy’s. “How’d you know what I was drinking?” he asked, tongue fuzzy and thick in his mouth and voice rough with disuse. He sounded like his dad, and Laxus wished for another double jager to push back that unwelcome comparison.

“Because you reek of licorice, red bull, and regret.”

Laxus snorted, grinning as he scrawled down the fourth trial’s measurement in his lab notes. “I showered.”

“Don’t feel bad,” the boy drawled, sealing the vacuum box the petri dish now resided in before they turned on the chlorine gas, “it’s a stench that permeates engineering students.”

Laxus frowned, wanting to bite back against the generalization of his major, but flashbacks to the group of twenty somethings doing keg stands and flip cup after their last electrical midterm stopped him. His labmate wasn’t exactly wrong.

But his class had fucking earned going a little wild, especially after the hell that was the four hour midterm of Jose’s quantum nuclear midterm. Laxus was pretty sure that time length wasn’t even allowed by the school board, but seeing as how his grandfather was at a bit of a cold war with the dean, Laxus wasn’t about to say shit.

“Well I’m sure you biology kids know all about the danger of popping illegal prescription pills, don’t you?” he snarked. He had yet to meet one that wasn’t permanently shaking from a near overdose of Adderall, struggling to stay awake to finish making their four hundredth flash card.

“I’m not a biology major,” he said flicking on the highly poisonous gas with the most uncaring expression Laxus has seen on something besides his mirror.

Laxus eyed him critically. “Only biology majors are actually interested in chemistry labs,” he said finally, watching the plastic cube in front of him as the gas reacted with the solution.

“What about chem students?” he asked flatly, switching off the gas lever after the thirty seconds had passed on the stopwatch.

“Those freaks can do this shit in their sleep and try to go and set shit on fire under the fume hoods.” Laxus said just as flatly as his lab partner, focusing on writing down the chemical equations involved in their experiment. “If you aren’t biology then why the hell are you in this lab then?” Laxus asked. He knew why he was there, stupid requirement for his degree saying he need at least a 200 level in each of physics, chem, and bio. Not that Laxus fucking understood why he needed to know how bases and ions reacted to make deadly gases, considering he was going to be an electrical engineer.

Fucking reqs.

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Ugh so liam did end up visiting the duck dynasty family today while in Louisiana. I knew he would, I just wish that he would not associate with those individuals so openly.

Being that the initial Duck Dynasty incident resulted in such bad PR for Liam, the logical thing to do would be to never ever do anything to remind people that it ever happened–even if you’re not sorry. So this begs the question: Why do they keep turning up like a bad penny? Even if somehow from thousands of miles away, Liam and the DD fam bonded, they’re perfectly able to keep that friendship private. So why is everything so public? There’s no crossover appeal happening here. 1D fans don’t give a fuck about DD and DD fans are probably only vaguely aware that 1D even exists, if that. So why is this happening? And while we’re at it,  does anyone really think Sophia got in touch with them for that b-day shout out that resulted in DD disaster part 2? Why would she do that when it represented a rough patch for Liam? Are we to believe she’s too dumb to understand the concept of bad PR? Really?

If you can’t ascribe any logic to something, you can bet 1DHQ has their dirty little fingerprints all over it. It seems to me the DD trilogy is all about reinforcing a manly hetero dude bro image for Liam and by extension, 1D. It’s just more of the same desperate homophobic fuckery that brought us beards, “Louis” supporting people that are anti-gay, “Harry” porn tweet favoriting, “biggest load of bullshit”, “100% not gay”, Harry being linked to any random broad in the known universe, etc, etc. 

I think part of the reason we got the tweets and follow spree (including the Mexican LGBT account) today was because Liam was attempting to distract the fandom from DD disaster part 3. It’s so so sad. 1DHQ is the rock bottom worst.

Our First Valentine's Day.

14th February. It was cold but the streets couldn’t be busier. Everybody seemed to have a date or an important place to go…People carrying flowers bouquets somewhere weren’t a strange sight either.

‘’Keep walking, keep walking!’’ The couple wasn’t an exception. They were taking a walk holding hands, although actually…Nitori was almost dragging Rin along like a little kid would drag his mom to the toy store.

‘’Really…Where are we going?’’

’Hehehe…Don’t be so impatient! Besides…We’re already here…! TA-DA!’’ Nitori pointed at some building.

‘’What’s this? It looks fancy…’’ Rin was impressed.

‘’It’s a spa.’’

‘’A spa?…Wow! You…You shouldn’t have! Now I feel bad…I only got you chocolate…’’

‘’Senpai! You got me like a mountain of chocolate! Besides, this is not my present.’’


‘’Somebody else gave me the tickets, so…But I thought it would be nice to go today…!’’

‘’I see…’’

‘’So…Want to go in?’’


Rin and Nitori were relaxing in the jacuzzi. The whole place was impressive, with giant marble columns and artificial waterfalls here and there…Since it was Valentine’s Day, the staff had decorated everything with candles and flowers too.

Nitori was between Rin’s arms and that felt even better than the bubbles. He couldn’t be happier.

‘’Look, we have champagne here too!’’ Rin commented. ‘’We should sue them. Giving alcohol to minors.’’

‘’You look older. Maybe they didn’t notice…’’

‘’You’re calling me old?’’

‘’Wah! No! Maybe the champagne was here for everybody anyway and they didn’t expect minors…’’

‘’I’m gonna drink it…’’ Rin let go of Nitori for a while so that he could pour some of the cold drink in a flute. ‘’You want some?’’

‘’I hate champagne…’’

‘’I don’t really like it either…But on the other hand…FREE STUFF’’ Rin grinned.

Nitori laughed. ‘’Good point. Then I guess I’ll have some…That way we can make a toast!’’

‘’Ok then…Here…’’ Rin handed him the flute. ‘’Let’s make a toast for free stuff!’’

‘’And for breaking the law!’’ Nitori nodded and raised his flute.

‘’And for our first Valentine’s Day together.’’

Nitori blushed a little and then…

‘’Three, two, one…!’’ Both of them drank the champagne in one gulp.

When Nitori finished, he made the ugliest face ever, sticking his tongue out. ‘’So bitter…’’

Rin found it cute though so he kissed him.

‘’Oh… I guess champagne doesn’t taste so bad after all…’’ Nitori confessed.

‘’I’m glad to hear that, my love’’ Rin said all dignified.

‘’Senpai? You’re drunk already?’’

‘’No. I’m trying to be romantic. That’s what you do today, isn’t it…?’’

‘’I guess…’’ Nitori shrugged.

’You mean, ’I guess, honey?’…You can say it, don’t be shy…’’

‘’No way! I didn’t drink nearly enough for that…’’ Nitori cracked up.

’Well, that has an easy solution…’’


‘’Home, sweet home! Senpai, hurry…Hurry! I need to pee!’’

‘’I could open this damn door if it stopped moving’’

The couple only drank a bottle of champagne, but since they weren’t used to alcohol, it was more than enough to make them tipsy.

Somehow, Rin managed to open in the end.

Nitori ran towards the bathroom and Rin lay on the bed as if he was exhausted after his epic battle with the door.

‘’…Fuck…’’ He cursed. ‘’Beaded curtains. I want to live in a house with no doors…Only beaded curtains…OH, SHIT…’’

He’d curse once more when the boy got out of the bathroom because…He was wearing his Arabic outfit.

‘’Don’t laugh! I’m gonna dance for you as you wanted’’ Nitori announced. He was blushing, but he seemed serious. ‘’But first, I need music…Where’s my laptop?’’ The kohai turned around.

He looked beautiful, but Rin couldn’t stop admiring his ass now. That outfit was really something…And revealing…Rin was speechless.

‘’Oh, here…’’ Nitori decided to take it and sit on the bed where Rin was. ‘’You can help me choose the song’’

‘’Ai, you…Don’t have to if you don’t wanna…’’ Rin caressed his back.

‘’But I want to!’’ In the end, Nitori found a playlist in YouTube and clicked on it. He stood up, he left the laptop in his bed and grabbed Rin’s hands. ‘’Now, sit’’ The boy commanded. ‘’And watch me’’

When Rin had Nitori’s stomach in his field of vision, he realized something. ‘’Hey, since when do you have a tattoo?!’’

‘’Oh…You noticed. Don’t remind me…What a disaster!’’ Nitori forgot all about his dance and sat on Rin’s lap. ‘’I wanted to give you a surprise today…But I’m such a mess…’’


‘’These are temporal tattoos…I have a few hidden all over my body…I wanted to play a game with you…’’

‘’A game?’’

‘’Yes…The tattoos were clues…You needed to find them all and decipher the message.’’

Rin was impressed. ‘’Oh? Which message?’’

‘’It was just ‘meet me at the hotel’ and the number of the room. But the thing is, I didn’t take into account an important detail…It’s Valentine’s Day and hotels are so expensive today! Can you believe it?…I’ve been saving so much and still…I couldn’t afford it in the end…!’’

‘’Oh…I see…But…What…Did you want to do in a hotel that you can’t do here anyway? Don’t worry about it so much…’’

‘’They had a huge bathtub and a huge bed.’’ Nitori sighed. ‘’I wanted to do something special…’’

‘’Well, we did take a bath together today…And we have a bed here too’’

‘’Yeah, but…This is not a surprise…’’ Nitori seemed sad. ‘’My present was a night in a romantic hotel after all…And in the end…’’

‘’Our dorm is perfect. You’re here…’’ Rin tried to cheer him up.

Nevertheless, Nitori seemed down still. ‘’I’m a disaster’’

Rin just grinned. ‘’I don’t see you dancing. And for your information, that’d be an awesome present too’’

‘’REALLY?’’ Nitori’s face lighted up a little.


Nitori got up again laughing and he started dancing. ‘’Then I’ll show you everything I learned yesterday!’’

His belly dance was actually quite good. He was moving his hips nice and slowly.

Rin wanted to laugh too at first, but he definitely had to stop when he realized how sexy the whole situation was. He focused his attention on Nitori’s stomach again and he kissed the tattoo there. It was a small ‘’me’’. Nitori kept on dancing for him.

‘’So, you’re saying there are other tattoos on you right now?’’


‘’I can still try to find them, right?’’

‘’R-right…’’ Nitori turned around, arching his back a little. It seemed he wanted Rin to watch his butt, but that wasn’t the case.

‘’Oh…I see…’’ Just in the small of the boy’s back, there was another tattoo…’’I found the word ‘meet’ now’’ And Rin kissed it as well.

‘’W-Wah…I…Can’t remember where the others are!’’ Nitori turned around again, shaking his hips a bit more clumsily now…Maybe because he was starting to lose his concentration. Rin was kissing him in new places today after all.

‘’No problem…That’s my job, isn’t it?’’ Rin inspected the boy’s body.

His gaze burned Nitori’ skin. His heart almost explodes when Rin stood up as well.

He still couldn’t handle it when Rin looked at him like that…He was so breathtaking…

Rin wandered around Nitori staring at him. ‘’Oh…I found another’’. The word ‘’hotel’’ was written in the back of Nitori’s neck. Rin kissed it as well.

At some point none of them noticed, Nitori had stopped dancing.

Nitori just wanted more kisses.‘’I should have asked my friend to write a longer sentence’’ He decided to be honest and say what was on his mind. The champagne helped, of course.

Those words caused Rin to stop searching. The red haired boy looked at Nitori in the eye. Just a couple of seconds later, their lips met.

‘’You don’t need a longer sentence. If you want me to kiss you, I will.’’ Rin whispered.


The kiss became deeper and hotter.

‘’Just say it.’’ Rin bit the boy’s bottom lip carefully.

‘’…Kiss me…’’ Nitori managed to say.

‘’Where…?’’ Now Rin licked Nitori’s upper lip.


Rin started kissing his neck. Nitori’s legs suddenly felt weaker. ‘’…Bed?’’ He muttered.

Rin just nodded.

Nitori lay there…He didn’t know if he was dizzy or too excited…

Rin kneeled on the mattress. He lifted the silky skirt a little and he started kissing Nitori’s ankle and then the rest of his leg and thigh.

‘’Oh my god…’’ Nitori wanted to scream already and he wasn’t even being touched in the places that hurt the most at that moment.

Rin sat on his belly so that he could kiss his mouth a bit more, but when he bent down a little, their crotches ended up meeting.

Nitori gasped and Rin was shocked. They were both really hard. Rin froze in his position and glared at the boy. He wanted to check that everything was still ok.

Nitori was blushing but he wasn’t freaking out, in fact he looked expectant. Should he go on? He was waiting for a sign.

Somehow, Nitori understood…He avoided his gaze but he arched his back, rubbing himself a bit shyly against Rin.

When that happened, Rin almost lost all of his self-control…But he breathed in, holding the boy’s face between his hands. He wanted Nitori to look at him. Then he kissed him and he rubbed himself against him again and harder this time.

The kohai broke the kiss because he needed to moan…He couldn’t help it.

‘’Shit…’’ Rin cursed.

It was driving him wild…He wanted to rip the boy’s clothes and make him moan again and again…But at the same time he wanted to be careful…So he just kept kissing and moving like before.

Nitori’s breathing became irregular and after only a couple of minutes he moaned again…But this time it was different…This time…

 The boy turned ever redder and he hid his face with his two hands.

 ‘’S-Senpai…’’ Nitori was gasping for air.


‘’I think…I got my dress wet’’

 Rin opened his eyes wide but then he laughed. ‘’Already?!…You’re lucky I’m not a girl…I’d be pissed.’’

 ‘’…W-What do you mean already?…That was…Too much for me…’’ Nitori needed to catch his breath still.

 Rin was kissing him and laughing at the same time now.

 ‘’Don’t…Laugh…That’s mean…’’ But Nitori smiled. He looked beautiful and in a bliss after his orgasm.

‘’…Sorry.’’ But Rin wouldn’t stop.

 ‘’Senpai!…’’ Nitori pushed Rin and they interchanged positions. Now it was the kohai the one sitting on top of Rin. ‘’Now it’s your turn. And you’ll see it’s not so easy!…’’

Nitori started unzipping Rin’s pants, determined to prove his point.

He licked the palm of his hand. When he became aware of what he was about to do, he doubted a little. But he couldn’t go back now…That’d be selfish too…So just to make it easier, he decided to use the fabric of his dress to hide both Rin’s crotch and his own hand that in that moment was looking for Rin’s cock under the boxers.

‘’H-hey…Not fair…You’re using your hand…’’ Rin tried to excuse himself beforehand because he realized he wouldn’t last long either.

 ‘’…You…Don’t like it?…’’

 Rin couldn’t watch what was happening because of the fabric, but he could see Nitori’s  face while he was jerking him off and somehow, that was even better.


Nitori was sweating and his cheeks burned. He wondered if he was doing it right. He tried to move his hand up and down just like he did when he was all alone masturbating…But was that enough? He remembered it felt good when his thumb caressed the slit there a little…Maybe if…

“Oh, fuck…Ai…!”

The moment he did that, he heard Rin groan and he felt something warm and sticky wet his fingers. Nitori opened his mouth…He was able to make Rin come after all…He was glad he managed to do it…!

Rin  was breathing heavily and looked tired but also satisfied, just like when he’s done swimming. He was so gorgeous…

 ‘’Oh…My dress is even messier now…I hope Nagisa doesn’t want it back…’’ Nitori realized. ‘’By the way…You didn’t last too much either.’’

 ‘’…Shut up’’

Rin tugged the boy’ skirt and he hold him between his arms. ‘’I love you’’ He said earnestly.

 ‘’I love you too…’’ Nitori smiled…He was content and the moment he was comfy in his senpai’s arms, he yawned.

 They’d both fell asleep peacefully just a few minutes later.

 …The laptop ran out of battery just then.