by akanksha

Birthday Announcement

We would love to wish Akanksha (@softjiminstan) a very happy birthday!! We have loved getting to know you over the past few months. Seeing you on the network and on our dashes has been a joy, as you spread so much love for our boys! We hope you have a fantastic day! 

foryoubybts  asked:

💗💗💗💗 happy birthday akanksha!!!!!! i hope u have the loveliest day n all ur wishes come TRUE!!! (i put ur letter in my scrapbook the other day djsldksn how cute n emo!!!!) 💗💗💗💗

thank you heather!! fjlskjfklsd that’s so cute omg 💖💖💖

It’s said, that we are made of
star dust,
and when it’s our time,
that’s what we’ll turn back into.
But I believe that I,
my dear,
I’m made out of you.
—  Akanksha Gulia

i made this on polyvore yes indeed i did. ok this is my first like legit follow forever and when i say forever i truly madly deeply mean it (i hope lmao dont make me mad >.>) but yeah so here we go this is all happening in real time im not planning anything so leggo (no order lolz have fun finding ur url–or not o.0) ((also the names have hovere-able stuff yeah cool beaNS NICE ok)


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these are mostly mutuals and people i wished followed me (glares out window and touches computer screen)

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