by ahmoniqued

Daniela Ruah: It’s kinda quite interesting because Sam is the only who really has a family. Hetty is always talking to Kensi about don’t make your job, your life - you know - because you will regret if you don’t have a family or a husband or whatever. Um, Kensi lost her father and we don’t really know what happened to her mother. So all these things about her private life are really iffy and lonely. Callen is what we know. Deeks lost his father at a young age. We’re all kinda loner, like lone wolfs, who form this team.  We are people who are really tough and have very few emotional attachments in real life.
Eric Christian Olsen: That’s probably why they are good at their jobs.
Daniela Ruah: Right but I think it’s interesting. I’m wondering if they think of that - in terms of plot - as in, Hetty brought us all together (to be one family).