by adrien again! of course

aaayyyyy lmao

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1. What is your favourite sentence you’ve ever written? Why?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

‘Of course, I’m not a stalker,’ Adrien assured himself, bringing up dozens of images of Ladybug across all three of his computer monitors. ‘I’m just a concerned partner is all.’

2. Are there words, phrases, or images that you return to in your writing?

“Of course,”  “Of course,” “Of course,” “OF COURSE.” “OF COURSE.”

(I use this as a sentence starter way too much someone kinkshame me)

Also I tend to use laughter alot?? I have a stockpile of words to describe laughter and boy do I utilize it in everything I do.

3. There’s that saying about how good writers just up and steal stuff. Have you ever read anything so good that you just had to have it and put it in what you were writing? What was it? What would you want someone to steal from you?

I think all art is stolen in one respect or another, that’s just the nature of creativity. It was Picasso who said “Bad artists copy. Good artists steal” and I 100% agree. There will be times when im reading a fic and come across a line or paragraph that really resonate with me, and I’ll have this ah-ha moment of “this is what I want my writing to look like”. That’s when I’ll copy the section down in my inspo doc to call upon later when I’m doing my own work. 

I wont copy a sentence word for word, but I will steal the overall feel.

Honestly, I hope my fics are to the point that people want to steal a little inspiration from my stuff?? I’ve already been blessed to encounter writers who’ve written things based off my work and I think it’s wonderful. Rob me you little maniacs.

4. Multi-chapter fic or oneshot? When writing multi-chapter (if you do), do you plan everything ahead and then write, or do you just write as you go along?




5. What motivates you to continue a fic you’ve already started and shared?

mostly my readers not leaving me the fuck alone lmao

6. Is there anything in your writing you’d like to change or improve?

ac tion sequences???

what are they

7. Is the fic you like to read the same as the fic you like to write?

absolutely not. I thrive off of writing fics full of slow burn and cliffhangers, but will quite literally throw a tantrum when forced to read anything like that. give me cut and dry one-shots. give me instant gratification. i live for plotless drivel as long as I’m not delayed in my catharsis 

(how hypocritical can I be?)

8. How many fandoms do you write for? Are they all for one medium (television, books, film, etc.) or more than one? If more than one, is there a different feeling to writing for one as opposed to another?

ladybug fandom was the one that made me start writing, seeing as though there were like 50-ish fics when I first joined. I’d love to start branching out to some of my older fandoms though- especially dragon age, since there is so much lore to explore.

9. Is there something that you want to write that you haven’t yet? What’s stopping you?


i literally need it my blood is boiling but I have so many other works in progress that require my attention *wipes tear as I stare at all the beautiful art*

10. What’s the one no-good trope that’s #problematic that you just can’t break up with?

I’d like to think I dont really write things that are problematic?? none of my writing is #edgy or anything and I’m not exactly pushing boundaries by making dick puns

possibly… dramatic irony???? Though that is too be expected whenever writing about a show as ridiculous as miraculous. I think perhaps I push the envelope of “lol look at these clueless losers” a bit, writing situations that would be obvious to a TODDLER.

11. Post a link to one of your fics that you think has been overlooked and would like for more people to check out! :)

please read and comment on “Can you D.D?” 

I love it so very much but it is one of my least popular fics, and I’d be so happy to see it gain more traction so I’ll be inspired to finish.