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Keith: Lance is the worst.

Somebody else: I know, right?

Keith: You’ve just been unfriended, unfollowed, blocked, ignored, my mom’s calling your mom and you’re not invited to my teen queen sweet sixteen summer beach bash birthday party.

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Kacchako is a disgusting ship I can't believe you ship it, guess you love abusive ships

First of all my dude, if you’ve been following me for more than a hot minute and actually paid attention to the things I post you’d know that that is Not Correct. 

Now, moving on to Kacchako. 

- just cus I ship it doesn’t mean you have to! Look at all these beautiful characters, pick two you think have good chemistry and BAM you got yourself a ship. Congrats on just figuring out what 12 year olds already know when they watch tv and whisper ‘kiss’ when their faves stand next to each other.

- Just cus you hate it doesn’t mean I have to! While I agree on being wary about power dynamics and not romanticizing abuse, I highly doubt that’s the angle you’re coming in from, in which case I have a place for you to shove your unnecessary adjectives. 

- My dude if you think that this ship is abusive then you need to go outside. Meet people. Have relationships with them (and no that doesn’t mean romantic don’t be a doorknob). Is Bakugou a massive prickly dick? Hell yeah! Does the child have a shit ton of issues to work through? HELL YEAH! As the character is RIGHT NOW he is in no state to do anything more than have rocky friendships, and not to mention how OOC it’d be for him to be seeking a relationship. 

- If your reasoning for the ‘abusive’ nature of kacchako is that they fought at the showcase then my dude. Buddy. Wet canoe. It was a fighting tournament. They were supposed to fight, and fight their hardest at that. Also there’s like 20 metas to show how their battle actually helped grow their relationship so…

- If your reasoning that kacchako is abusive is bcus you Bakugou being a giant asshole with anger issues guess what! You can’t ship him with ANYONE EVER. Bcus the dude does Not change around people, and if it’s okay that he acts the way he does with Kirishima or Deku or Todoroki but not Uraraka then my dude that’s your own bias coming through

The fandom fully acknowledges that Bakugou needs to grow up? Like legit everything I’ve ever read has been set YEARS in the future so both characters could develop and grow their friendship first, which, you know, happens in healthy relationships. 

If the ships squicks you out then let me know and I’ll tag so you can black list! That’s perfectly fine, some things just rub people the wrong way! But don’t come into my inbox with this accusatory tone and soap box when you’re obviously just a troll looking for attention and trying to shove your opinion (which I didn’t ask for btws) down someone else's throat.

BTWS didn’t mention Uraraka in the reasoning for not shipping it bcus she is the embodiment of sunshine and I can’t fathom of a way in which she would be the abuser or source of abusive in this ship, if there were any the way it’s done. 

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I was looking at your friends to lovers and I don't see a sicheng one (may be my mistake? But if you haven't done him already would you please do one for him? In honor of his soon to be released hair ;)

after seeing sicheng at the concert ive really wanted to write something for him so here’s a cute friends-to-lovers with the softest boy,,,,

  • you and sicheng meet at a workshop at a local dance studio and tbh at first,,,,he seems like the shyest person there???
  • but in reality,,,,he’s the best dancer and it’s obvious from the get-go and everyone is completely fawning over him and asking him where he learned to dance
  • and the crowd of attention looks like it’s making him a little embarrassed,,,the tips of his ears going red and the way he keeps trying to smile but it comes out a lil forced
  • and it’s,,,,,kind of silly of you but you feel bad just watching him be flooded so you clear your throat and mention something about another famous dancer,,,,taeyong? being outside of the practice room and in an instant everyone’s turned their attention away and flocked out of the room
  • sicheng had wiped his forehead with the back of his sleeve, letting out an obvious sigh of relief that made you giggle
  • and when he’d noticed you he kind of perked up a little,,,,scratching the back of his neck and stammering out a formal thank you as you shook your head and said it was nothing,,,,but you two would need to escape before the others came back
  • for a split moment sicheng had looked confused when you said ‘we’ but you just grabbed your bag and pointed to the door and sicheng,,,,,sicheng followed you
  • and from then on you two just,,,,,clicked?? there was something about you that made sicheng really comfortable because you were never too demanding
  • and it was always chill,,,,like you two could talk about how blue the sky was and it wouldn’t get boring 
  • and you’d found out that as sharp and strong as sicheng could look when dancing,,,,in reality he was a bit naive and cute,,,,always getting stuck in a daydream and saying something blunt with absolutely no context
  • but to you it was what made him so easy to get along with and tbh everytime one of the people at the dance workshops would try to badger sicheng with questions you’d always come to his rescue 
  • (even if that person was taeil making countless bad jokes over and over again until sicheng was practically bEGGING you with his eyes to save him)
  • which is why when a new person had joined the workshop,,,,a handsome jaehyun you were sure he’d come to sicheng for dancing advice
  • but instead,,,,,he came to you
  • and jaehyun’s personality and aura is always nice,,,, and sweet
  • to the point that it might confuse people because ??? is he being flirty?? polite??? nicE????
  • but you shrugged it all off,,,because jaehyun was the only other person in the class who didn’t constantly want something from sicheng so you three quickly became close
  • that is until one day jaehyun asked if you two could hang out alone
  • and sicheng had looked alarmed but also told you that it was fine,,,, he’d be ok,,,,, and you had went out with jaehyun but it felt a weird looking to your side and not seeing the smiling,,lanky,,,,,cute face of your friend
  • ,,,,,cute,,,,um,,,,you didn’t say that?!?!?!?
  • but regardless you had fun with jaehyun,,,,but it was still a little less fun then you usually had with sicheng
  • and when you’d gotten home your phone didn’t have any messages from sicheng,,,,which was weird you two usually texted to check up on each other
  • but again,,,,it was nothing right?? not like you and sicheng fought or anything??? 
  • so the next day ,,, when you’d called sicheng and asked to see him you guys had met at a favorite cafe of yours,,,,but there was something in sichengs face that looked uncomfortable and you asked what it was but he just shrugged,,,, eyes avoiding yours
  • and it was awkward and it made your hurt heart,,,,because he was ur friend? why was he mad?? what had you done??
  • but the answer just walked through the door,,,,jaehyun as bright as ever sitting beside you and putting a hand around your shoulder and that seemed,,,,to irk sicheng
  • up to the point where he had gotten up and said “i have to go” and you’d followed him to the door asking quietly what was wrong
  • till you noticed it,,,,,his red ears,,,,,the pout on his face,,,,,the same lost confused look and sicheng looked away 
  • but you asked again and with a low voice, “are you going to date jaehyun?”
  • the question had sent a shock through your body,,,,dating???? jaehyun???? 
  • “no,,,no?? what,,,he’s just a friend?? sich-”
  • “am i also just a friend?”
  • your eyes had widened,,,,the usually dreamy, cute sicheng was gone for a bit and here he was being more serious than ever and u were at a loss for words,,,,but you didn’t want to lie either,,,
  • “n-no you’re-”
  • “tell me you’re mine.”
  • looking up ,,, you could see the same deep brown eyes of the boy you’d been friends with for so long,,,,,but this time they weren’t begging you to save him from some awkward situation they were asking you if you’d want,,,,,to be his
  • and with a long nod,,,sicheng had sprouted that smile again,,,,,making your heart melt and the angels sing
  • and as you went back to sit with jaehyun you could hear him under his breath mumbling something about how you two were now each others
  • and again you couldn’t help but giggle to yourself about sicheng 
  • and jaehyun just looked between you two and grinned himself,,,,clapping his hands and congratulating you two
  • shyly you’d reached over and sicheng had clasped his hand in yours and you asked jaehyun how he could tell you guys were together so fast and he just pointed to sicheng and went
  • “red ears means his embarrassed, also you two were obviously gonna get together. that guy doyoung told me you’ve been flirting since forever”
  • both you and sicheng deny that you were flirting but,,,,i mean always walking home together and smiling at each other while forgetting everyone else is in the room and just genuinely sicheng accepting skinship from only you,,,,like must have been something hehe (and it was u guys are the cutest sweetest couple and sicheng loves it when u tell him you’re his and he tells you he’s yours and it’s chee*y but also sicheng is soft) 

Y'all need to stop rebloging and liking uncredited reposted art. Credit to the artist doesn’t make it ok. I see you guys supporting this shit. Do you want artist to stop posting their art? because many do. They don’t want their art reposted and yet people do. Ask for permission, it’s not that hard. If you’re to shy then sorry but that’s no excuse.

At the very least Google the art, look up the artist and credit the damn artist. You can’t find the artist? Well then to bad, so sad DON’T POST IT.

Stop supporting people who repost art with out permission or credits.

i dont know how or why i got here but thank you guys so much!!!

like OMFG just over 900 followers! 900!!! never did i ever think i would get this far on this art blog i remember getting my first 50 and nearly exploding.

Whether you followed my when all i have to give was pencil sketches wayyy back to now  i love and appreciate all of you, im so greatful to have so many amazing followers who give so much love and support i would die for you guys and honestly you are all the reason im still drawing today and the reason im going to keep going! 

i know this sounds cheesy af but i do love you guys you are all my friends no matter what. HAVE AN AWESOME DAY!!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖