by a cliff on the sea

Fic Project: A Night in Portugal

Another bit in my Portugal project, in which I imagine scenes from Dan and Phil’s trip there in 2010. This scene refers to the fact that their trip was originally supposed to happen in April, but was delayed until the end of May. This is total, unapologetic fluff.

The evening was warm, and so they decided to explore the area outside their hotel. Extensive grounds spread between the building toward the edge of the cliffs that overlooked the sea, and during the day, these areas were crowded with guests partaking of the hotel’s various amenities: the pool, the tennis court, the little putting green, and the many chairs, tables, and divans overlooking the beach below.

Right now, though, the grounds were lit only by low, scattered lamps, and no other guests seemed inclined to venture beyond their rooms and the hotel bar. Dan and Phil had the gardens to themselves, and they roamed hand-in-hand, speaking to each other in low voices. They found a large divan at the edge of the cliff overlooking the ocean, which was only an expanse of darkness in the night, like a void at the edge of the earth. They lay down and cuddled close despite the warmth of the air around them.

“Isn’t it strange that we were supposed to be here last month instead?” Phil said in a hushed voice.

“Weird how?” Dan asked, pressing a soft kiss to Phil’s throat.

Phil wrapped his arms more firmly around the boy and pulled him closer, twining their bare legs together, glad that they were both wearing shorts thanks to the heat of the day so that he could feel more of Dan’s skin against his.

“It’s just … we aren’t even supposed to be here right now,” Phil explained in wonder.

Dan’s chuckle was quiet in the darkness. “Wow. That’s deep, Phil.”

Phil poked his side and said, “Shut up.”

They lay together for a while, just enjoying the distant sound of the ocean far below them at the foot of the cliff. Occasionally, the sound of indistinct voices drifted to them from the hotel, but it felt like they were in their own little world out here at the edge of the garden.

“I’m actually glad our trip ended up getting delayed,” Phil said softly.

Dan’s voice was tinged with disbelief when he replied, “You’re glad a volcano erupted in Iceland and covered Europe in ash so our flight got canceled?”

Phil breathed happily into the night, “Yeah.”

“Why?” Dan sounded puzzled.

Phil kissed him, long and gentle and slow, then replied, “Because otherwise you would be in Wokingham right now and I’d be in Rossendale.” He kissed Dan again, lips lingering as if he never wanted to pull away, before he concluded quietly, “And instead I’m laying here with you. Right now. And that’s everything I want in the world.”


Panoramic view of the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

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Gorgeous sea cliff, Sea cave, ocean, and sunset shots over the Atlantic viewed from Portugal.