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she’s grumpy because they don’t allow weapons on campus, and the uniform is just so red

me: i’m so disappointed in the way twd is going i’m still trying to have faith but scott gimple is making it really hard and i’m not excited at all for season 7-

twd trailer: *shows the tiniest hint of caryl*

me: anyway i’m so excited for the new season it’s gonna be their best one yet i knew i could count on you scotty

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And... Blaine and Santana friendship

Canon: I have this conversation a lot, because it’s sort of rocky, right? Santana and friends. Like, she doesn’t really have many of those, because she pushes all of them away. I’d argue that Santana is used to losing people, so she might as well alienate them first. I do see your arguments that she’s just a damn bully, though. Anyway! What happens with Santana and Blaine in canon? She really goes all out for him when he gets injured - it’s Santana who gets the confession from Sebastian, in a move that’s pretty unlike her. She doesn’t tend to put herself out there like that, so I feel like she actually likes Blaine. She’s also got his back when Kurt’s dating - or trying to date - Adam (she’s so very subtle about it as well, just casually dropping Blaine into the conversation like a person shaped wedge between them on that couch), and she’s certainly not Team Kurt when they come back to Lima prior to the wedding. Your mileage probably does vary on why, though.

Headcanon: I feel like Santana recognises in Blaine the same things she sees in Brittany. The quiet empathy, the subtle magic. Blaine’s Good People in a Cruel World, and she doesn’t want to see him hurt or taken for granted. In turn, he provides the quiet places where she’s allowed to be herself and not the person she wants people to believe she is because of how she’s learned to protect her own soft places. Their friendship is unlikely, but it makes a lot of sense, when you stop and think about it. He allows her to relax, and she allows him to stand up for himself. (I have a sudden desire to write them as like, Janus or something similar? That would be interesting.)

Heartcanon: In my heart of hearts? I have this other idea that doesn’t really fit anywhere else but is completely divorced from sense/reality and it’s this: Santana as a largely rootless travelling performer - session singer/dancer, pro cheerleader, I’m not quite sure what she does? But she’s got no real roots anywhere. Maybe an apartment she sublets or something. Regardless, whenever she’s in town, she shoots Blaine a text and then turns up at his door, stilettos in one hand, sunglasses pushed up into her hair, and a scarlet smile that’s all for him, and she’s like a damn hurricane that blows through his and Kurt’s apartment, her feet kicking up onto the coffee table as she tells him all about her life that he’s missed and she says yes to a drink (’Is it too early for wine? It’s got to be 11 o’clock somewhere?’ but he still won’t give her wine before at least 2pm local time, she can make do with decaffeinated tea with a twist of citrus) and barely pauses for breath in the mean time. Blaine just stands in the kitchen and listens to her, a small smile on his face, and says she can take the spare room, which is pretty much reserved for her at this point, and he asks about Brittany, which is the beginning of another avalanche. She eats whatever he’s cooking, leaves a red kiss on his cheek, and is gone before he wakes up the next day, leaving him a little dazed. He wouldn’t have her any other way, though, and is glad she’s doing well. As far as he’s ever been able to tell with Santana, she seems - content, at least?

Soulcanon: Blaine will be the father of Santana and Brittany’s kid at some point in the future. They’ll probably be in their 30s, and they’ll have talked about it a lot. That’s probably involved a lot of expensive red wine and laughing about it like they’re joking, and then they’re 36 and suddenly it’s not a joke so much as a desperate want. (It’s a girl. She calls Blaine ‘Ama’. I may have written like, 5.5k of this story. You will have to pry it from my cold dead and lifeless hands at this point.)

Crotchcanon: I have a not even remotely secret love of the notion of Blaine lying on the couch in the loft with his head in Santana’s lap, her fingers deftly picking apart the gel in his hair, as they talk quietly about how cute Rachel is. Blaine sighs wistfully about her voice and her smile, and Santana is all about her boobs and butt, and Blaine’s full of love and laughter because like, Santana’s boobs and butt. (Neither of them will say it, but they’re both quietly aware that - if they really believed in exceptions - it wouldn’t take much of a push for them to kiss. As it is, they’re just a place of quiet acceptance and solitude for the other. It’s nice.)

Okay but one of my favorite scenes from Star Trek beyond was when Jaylah and Scotty went to see who was caught in her trap and she started walking forward with her fancy fucking Rey-from-star-wars spear and Scotty just fucking took a rock off of a nearby boulder

And I turned to my friend and I was like “when your friend is super prepared for the test and you forgot to study”

The sings as star trek characters:

Aries: Nyota Uhura
Taurus: Spock 
Cancer: Hikaru Sulu
Leo: Leonard “Bones” McCoy
Virgo: Montgomery Scott “Scotty”
Libra: Khan 
Scorpio: James T. Kirk 
Sagittarius: Pavel Chekov
Capricorn: Jean-Luc Picard
Aquaruis: Data
Pisces: Kathryn Janeway


For reference my dad is horribly allergic to cats and dogs so we’ve never had one and they’re strictly not allowed in the house.

But I hear voices and something about a cat so I go into his room and he looks at me and is like “I brought home a cat, his name is PJ, I have no fucking clue what I was thinking and mom and dad are gonna be so mad, help.”

So now we have a cat I guess?

I don’t care what others think, I really liked the storyline for ob s4 and the direction it went in. super fuckin tense. super fuckin exciting stuff. we saw more of beth. met mika and saw preggo helena. cosima did way more things and DELPHINE IS ALIVE. felix had his own storyline and alison has stopped being naughty. krystal and scott met and cosima called him scotty. they left us with an adequate cliffhanger and I am not mad. the end