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Carol Movie Storyline :
In 1950s New York, a department-store clerk who dreams of a better life falls for an older, married woman.

Stars: Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara, Sarah Paulson


True Story Movie Streaming (2015) HD

➣ True Story Movie Storyline
“ A drama centered around the relationship between journalist Michael Finkel and Christian Longo, an FBI Most Wanted List murderer who for years lived outside the U.S. under Finkel’s name. ”

➣ True Story Movie Detail
Release Date : 2015-04-17
Casts : Michael Countryman, Jonah Hill, James Franco, Adam Mucci, Conor Kikot, Auden Thornton, Felicity Jones, Stella Rae Payne, Steve Routman, Maryann Plunkett, Maria Dizzia, David Pittu, Rosemary Howard, Betty Gilpin, Robert Stanton, Seth Barrish, Ethan Suplee, Robert John Burke, Uchenna Onuaguluchi, Genevieve Angelson, Charlotte Driscoll, Sam Rosen, Byron Jennings, Gretchen Mol, William Jackson Harper, Joseph Harrell, Dana Eskelson, Joel Garland, David Wilson Barnes, Mike Houston, Ngo Okafor, Peter Francis James, Mara Hobel, Kohl Sudduth
Duration : 100 minutes runtime
Rating : 5.9

Carol Movie Streaming 2015 (Original Movie)
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➢ Carol Movie Storyline
“ In 1950s New York, a department-store clerk who dreams of a better life falls for an older, married woman. ”

➢ Carol Movie Detail
Release Date : 2015-11-20
Casts : John Magaro, Cory Michael Smith, Chelsea Carnder, Sadie Heim, Ryan Wesley Gilreath, Deb G. Girdler, Steven Andrews, Nik Pajic, Rooney Mara, Ken Strunk, Cate Blanchett, James Brown, Tanya Smith, Kay Geiger, Amy Warner, Robert J. Ashe, Sarah Paulson, Anita Farmer Bergman, Michael Haney, Richard Doone, Christine Dye, Annie Kalahurka, Kk Heim, Ann Reskin, Liberty Fraysure, Gary Chinn, Greg Violand, Taylor Frey, Mike Dennis, William Cross, Chuck Gillespie, Linnea Bond, Kyle Chandler, Colin Botts, Douglas Scott Sorenson, Jake Lacy, Giedre Bond, Trent Rowland, Wendy Lardin, Michael Ward, Carrie Brownstein, Pamela Evans Haynes, Jeremy Parker, Kevin Crowley
Duration : 118 minutes runtime


Carol Movie (2015) Original Title

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⇡ Carol Movie Storyline:
In 1950s New York, a department-store clerk who dreams of a better life falls for an older, married woman.

➴ Movie Details :
Release Date : 2015-11-20
Category : Romance, Drama
Casts : Kay Geiger, Sarah Paulson, Kyle Chandler, Taylor Frey, Cory Michael Smith, Michael Haney, Jake Lacy, Michael Ward, Ann Reskin, Rooney Mara, Tanya Smith, John Magaro, Trent Rowland, Ryan Wesley Gilreath, Chelsea Carnder, Richard Doone, Annie Kalahurka, Kevin Crowley, Liberty Fraysure, Christine Dye, Kk Heim, William Cross, Carrie Brownstein, Cate Blanchett, Colin Botts, Nik Pajic, Giedre Bond, James Brown, Wendy Lardin, Douglas Scott Sorenson, Chuck Gillespie, Gary Chinn, Pamela Evans Haynes, Anita Farmer Bergman, Sadie Heim, Mike Dennis, Robert J. Ashe, Deb G. Girdler, Greg Violand, Steven Andrews, Amy Warner, Linnea Bond, Ken Strunk, Jeremy Parker
Runtime : 118 minutes


‘How is it you live alone?’ the woman asked, and before Therese knew it, she had told the woman her life story.
But not in tedious detail. In six sentences, as if it all mattered less to her than a story she had read somewhere. And what did the facts matter after all, whether her mother was French or English or Hungarian, or if her father had been an Irish painter, or a Czechoslovakian lawyer, whether he had been successful or not, or whether her mother had presented her to the Order of St. Margaret as a troublesome, bawling infant, or as a troublesome, melancholy eight-year-old? Or whether she had been happy there. Because she was happy now, starting today. She had no need of parents or background.

Therese did not ponder it. It was right. She was still smiling, as if she had just learned how to smile and did not know how to stop.”
Patricia Highsmith, The Price of Salt

The Best Time

Killian Jones always considered the expression “raising hell” to be a figure of speech. He never thought he’d have to face the literal version of it one day. And on his ship, of all places - or Liam’s ship, at the moment, if you want to get technical about it. The Jewel of the Realm may have changed names, but Killian insisted that as long as Liam is aboard, he is the captain.

It is fitting, in a way, that it’s the show ground of the final battle for his soul. Fitting, but again, not something he would ever have imagined.

The only unsurprising part of it is that it’s due to Emma Swan. If there’s any person in the world he’d have named as capable of raising hell, literally or otherwise, it would have been her.

And she did it for him. That’s a thought, or rather, a fact, that Killian will probably spend quite a few hours dwelling on, before he can truly believe it.

Right now, of course, Emma is not very happy about the whole situation.

“Son of a bitch,” she yells, fending off another demon with a rather impressive parry. Her sword flashes, and along with it comes a flash of pride in Killian’s chest. Good form. Just like he taught her.

They stay together, moving almost as though in a dance. She catches her attacker’s claw on her blade, and Killian’s hook slashes across the creature’s chest. There’s an unholy shriek, and it staggers back.

He ducks as it lunges for him, and sweeps his foot out. It stumbles - only briefly, but right into Emma’s blade. Another screech, this one cut off abruptly as the bastard crumples to the ground.

Emma grins at Killian as he straightens back up, and he feels his blood sing. It’s a heady mix - the rescue, the battle, the knowledge that he’s fighting side by side with the woman he loves. The woman who loves him, enough to cross into the underworld to get him back.

Killian Jones has always been a man who followed his heart. It has led him along a winding, dark path, but he knows now that it has led him true. It has led him to Emma. And now it’s beating loud and fast in his ears, and pours the words out of his mouth before he can think them over.

“Marry me.”

Emma’s eyes widen just a little. She dances to the side, deftly tripping another attacker, whom Killian sends flying overboard. She has to yell to be heard over the noise. “You mean if we get out of here?”

He shakes his head. “I mean regardless.”

Emma starts to smile, then stops. Cocks her head to the side. Another demon lunges for Killian, and he ducks under it, hoists it over his shoulder, and into Emma’s waiting blade.

When he faces Emma again, she’s smiling like the sun, eyes sparkling. “Then why wait?”

She looks around until her eyes find Liam, who is a few feet away and holding his own quite admirably. “Liam!” she yells. “Marry us!”

Liam looks rather startled. Nearby, David pauses, his eyes wide; luckily, Snow has retained her wits, and shoots the creature lunging for him right in the eye.  Liam kicks away a headless demon before yelling back, “I’m a little busy at present!”

“No time like it!” Killian shouts. “Come on, brother, you’ve never had trouble talking while you fight before!”

“Very well!” Liam’s sword flashes. “But I’ll have to skip the speeches!”

“Good!” Emma yells, and Liam’s face breaks into a wide smile.

“Do you, Emma Swan, take Killian Jones—” the next words are drowned out by another shriek, “—husband?”

Emma stabs her sword into the demon trying to claw its way towards Regina’s back. “I do!”

The words sound unreal, although later, Killian will reflect that in the heat of battle, they still feel more real than they might have otherwise. As it stands, he has little time to stop and wonder that Emma Swan is really, truly, marrying him right now.

“Do you, Killian Jones—” Killian lurches back, out of the way of a fireball; it misses its target, but the demon flinches, and Killian’s blade is there. “— wedded wife?”

Killian pulls Emma out of the way of a slashing claw. “I do!”

“Then as captain, I now pronounce you—” Liam slashes at a demon, “husband and wife. You may kiss the—” He stops as the demon lunges for him. Ducking, he slashes at it again, then kicks it away.

“You may kiss—”

The demon turns and lunges back towards him. Killian’s heart skips a beat. But  David is there, catching it across the back with its blade. It swings for him in turn, but Liam is already moving, and slashes his blade through its neck.

“Just kiss!” he yells.

Emma stabs and kicks another demon, sending it sprawling back. Then she grabs the lapel of Killian’s coat and hauls him towards her. Killian’s hooked arm goes around her waist and he bends his head, kissing her like it’s the first time - and in a way, it feels like it is. His heart wants to burst out of his chest, and it’s only the noise and the sword in his hand that keeps him from completely forgetting where he is.

They break apart just as another demon approaches, and stab it together.

Till death do us part, the words echo through Killian’s head, and he smiles.

Not that it can.


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