by Katie

  • *walking up to Kara's apartment*
  • Eliza: We were supposed to be here over an hour ago.
  • Alex: Mother, please. I texted Kara and told her we were running late.
  • Eliza: I hope she's not upset.
  • Alex: *pulls out spare key to Kara's apartment and unlocks door* She'll be fine
  • Alex: *opens Kara's door then slams it shut in surprise*
  • *cursing and plates shattering from behind the door*
  • Alex: Well, she's definitely not upset.
  • Kara: *opens the door with wild hair and clothes improperly buttoned* Mom, Alex! HI!
  • Eliza: Hello, darling! *hugs Kara*
  • Lena: *comes to the door red faced and smoothing out her dress* Mrs. Danvers. Alex. Hello.
  • Eliza: Lena, sweetie. How are you?
  • Alex: *grabs Kara and whispers* I swear to God if you don't wash your fingers before you serve the food...
  • Kara: *embarrassed* You saw all of that?
  • Alex: You were supposed to stuff the turkey, not Lena!

tory-b  asked:

Lafluff headcanon: Lance makes Katie breakfast every morning.


And like, what if it starts like a way to make Katie go to sleep in a decent hour? Like:

“If you go to sleep I will bring you breakfast.”

“You can’t buy me with food –” 

“Hunk’s recepy with peanut.”

“….I never should’ve trusted you with my weakness.” 

So, at the begining it’s just to make her to to bed and she will have a nice yummy breakfast in the morning; and at first she was all blushy and shy because ‘omg Lance, this is too much, you aregoing way out of your way for me, just….ugh’ 

but slowly, it stops being more of a bargain and it becomes almost a second nature. Lance will come in with the tray, warm, fresh and Katie will smile as soon as the smell hits her and she will cup Lance’s cheek and drop a soft kiss on it with a quiet ‘thank you’. (after relationship, tbh) 

and THEN AND THEN, like, now Katie doesn’t go to sleep just because of the breakfast, she goes so she can get up early and START DOING IT BACK TO LANCE. So, like, now they wake up at the same time, meet in the kitchen and prepare breakfast together and laugh and play and these children are so pure wtf. 

bexloko  asked:

heyo! white rose, #9 for the "i love you" prompt thingy? :D

Yeah sure!

The first thing Ruby heard as she entered the front door of her house was a loud thud, followed by a stream of profanity. “Weiss?” Ruby called down the hall as she followed the sound of loud, high curses to the kitchen. “Are you okay?”

She turned the corner into the kitchen at the end of the passage. She stood for a moment in shock as she saw the state the room was in. And then she began to laugh.

All of the cupboards were opened, various ingredients and kitchen supplies in disarray across the counters. It was chaos, plain and simple. And Weiss stood in the middle of it all, covered head to toe in flour.

She crossed her arms, glaring daggers at Ruby. “Stop it! Stop laughing at me!”

Ruby tried her best but giggles kept forcing their way out of her every time she saw Weiss’ even paler than usual face, trying to look stern even under the layers of white, fluffy powder. “S-sorry, Weiss. I’m sorry.” She took a shaky breath, swallowing a chuckle. “I just–how? What? What were you doing?”

Weiss brushed at her shirt, sending little white clouds drifting up around her, but accomplishing nothing in terms of cleaning herself off. “I was trying to bake cookies! But this kitchen is an unorganized mess! I couldn’t find anything and when I tried to take the flour off the top shelf the bag ripped and it all fell out onto me!” She shook her head for emphasis, and flour flew out around her head like a halo of dust.

Ruby bit down on her lip to keep from smiling. “You were… baking?”

Weiss scoffed and rolled her eyes. “Yes. Is there a problem with that?”

She’s embarrassed, Ruby realized with a pang. “No! No, no, no. I’m sorry, I wasn’t making fun of you. Just… surprised, is all.”

Weiss stared at the floor, chewing at her lip. “I wanted to surprise you with something nice. Something not store-bought. You always made it look so easy, so I thought I’d find a recipe and… I don’t know. I’m terrible at this kind of thing.”

Ruby pulled Weiss to her, kissing her gently. It was dry, and dusty and flour-filled, but still good. Of course it was, it was Weiss. “Thank you.” She said, planting another quick kiss on the tip of Weiss’ nose. “That was very sweet of you.”

“But I dumped flour everywhere and I made a mess of our kitchen.” Weiss’ shoulders slumped.

Ruby laughed and shook her head. “That’s nothing. The first time Yang and I tried to bake something, she set the curtains on fire and I managed to get cake batter on the ceiling, the floor, and all four walls.” She smiled at the memory, remembering how Summer had helped them to clean up, and then made them promise to ask for help next time.

The thought gave her an idea. “First, help me clean up,” she said, glancing around the room. “And let me find my mom’s recipe.”

Weiss blinked, brow furrowing. “What?”

“Well we can’t do anything in this mess, and there’s no way some quack on the internet can be better than the Rose family at making cookies. The secret method has been passed down in our family for generations!”

“But this was supposed to be for you! You shouldn’t have to put in all this work. I’ll just clean up and then we can–”

Ruby raised a finger to Weiss’ lips, shushing her. “I won’t be on my own! I’ll have my apprentice to help me.” She grinned and winked, and Weiss’ eyes widened as she finally caught on.

“You’re going to teach me to bake?”

Ruby nodded, unable to contain her grin. “C’mon, it’ll be fun. It’s not every day I find something I can do better than you.”

“That’s not true!” Weiss protested, “You’re good at plenty of things. Being wonderful, for one.”

Ruby giggled and flung her arms around Weiss’ neck, leaning her head forward so that their foreheads touched. “You’re pretty wonderful yourself, Weiss.”

“Thank you, Ruby.” Weiss let out another sigh. “I’m sorry I made a mess of things.”

Ruby just shrugged and smiled. “But then we wouldn’t be able to have fun cleaning it up! Besides, the best part of baking is sharing it. That’s what my mom always used to say.” She felt that familiar ache in her chest that always came with talking about Summer, but Weiss held her tight and that eased the pain a little.

Weiss made a final attempt to brush the still-clinging flour off of herself, then gave up  with an irritated huff. “I’m going to go change.”

“Good idea. You look like a snowman,” Ruby remarked with a snort.

Weiss glared and turned away, flicking her hair as she did so that a cloud of flour flew into Ruby’s face, making her sneeze. “Hey! You did that on purpose.”

Weiss glanced over her shoulder, batting her eyes innocently. “I have no idea what you mean.”

Ruby sneezed again. “You know exactly what I mean, Ice Queen.” But Weiss had already flounced out of the kitchen towards the bedroom. “You are the worst!”

“Love you Ruby!” Weiss’ voice was light and teasing.

Ruby shook her head in exasperation, but even so a smile bloomed on her face. “I love you too.”