by Katie

jeremymjordan So many birthday antics. Yes, that’s a death star cake. Ironically, today I finished building the Lego death star before destroying the one made of frosting. Life really has come full circle. Thanks for all my friends in Vancouver who made it great. And thanks for the countless messages from everyone out there. I’m one third to 100 (rounded down), so I’m gonna end the day with a good cry.

LENA ‘A FORCE FOR GOOD’ LUTHOR is literally out there leaving behind such a righteous legacy that she’s even making the world a better place 400 YEARS IN THE FUTURE. She has worked so hard, fought against so many and continues to do so and my baby is out there succeeding, leaving a impression on the world instead of a scar and I am emotional!!

I don’t want to hear jack shit!! About Lena being evil! You can pry that GOOD PURE PRECIOUS LUTHOR out of my cold dead hands and you still wouldn’t get her!

anonymous asked:

I expected Taylor to be at VS but she was a no-show :/ so disappointing tbh

If you’re going to be disappointed in anyone, it should be the people at VS running this messy ass show. 

Her and Harry’s paperwork was approved by the Chinese government in September, and Katy’s paperwork was leaked (before it was submitted) November 7th. A week later, Taylor submitted the paperwork needed to pull out. Two days later, Katy got denied. So - VS decided last minute to add Katy to the line up probably to create drama since Taylor was already performing. 

In the end, VS got neither of them and Taylor will probably never perform for them again given the crap they pulled this year. Karma’s a bitch I guess?

stennnn06  asked:


Did anything else happen in this episode? Lmao I blacked out after that MONUMENTAL revelation and forgot everything before it too.

Knowing that, in canon, Lena’s worst fears about herself and her ultimate legacy are UNFOUNDED and she and her company are known for how they help the universe for *hundreds* of years is just so … emotional and satisfying.

And she didn’t give up! She kept chasing that damn lead cure and haunted her descendants and whoever ran LCorp after her and made sure no one else gave up either! Knowing Lena she probably made it some ironclad condition of her will in perpetuity. WHAT OTHER MIRACLES did her legacy result in? The Legion better be dropping more FACTS about The Best Luthor immediately!!!