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What about Felix's personality? How would you describe it? :)

ahh of course, can’t forget my sweet baby boy, feliz navidad 

hes a huge goof tbh, enough said right there hahah. total mama’s boy. like okay, have you seen the breakfast club? Felix is the goofy nerd kid when he’s smoking weed in the library with the glasses on hold on there’s gotta be a gif

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boom there you go. squeamish, scaredy cat. likes to pretend to be a cool, attractive, mysterious badass but he backs out of that shit fast like, he sees a spider and he’s screaming at the top of his lungs and standing on chairs. cute lovable little shit. needs love and attention 2 grow. spoiled af being the youngest sibling. knows he’s a bit of an outcast but is unashamed, nobody can make fun of Felix and have it actually get to him. comfortable in his own skin. heart of gold. not a mean bone in his body tbh