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Why I like them: he’s gay, he’s Extra af, he’s cute and adorable at times, he’s romantic, he’s my EVERYTHING???
Why I don’t: he didn’t fuq yuuri at the banquet
Favorite episode (scene if movie) episode 7 sorry hoes
Favorite season/movie: season 65 (2087)
Favorite line: “This was the only thing I could think of to surprise you more than you surprised me”
Favorite outfit: the brown coat ass outfit
OTP: uhm,,, victuri??
Brotp: chris and victor lmao
Head Canon: he owns 7 different special edition yuuri catsup body pillows
Unpopular opinion: the dog he owns,, it will one day DIE,,, m sorry
A wish: marriage pls lmao
An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: victor actually does fucking makkachoke
5 words to best describe them: extra, adorable, im confused, gay, yuuri is amazing, wow
My nickname for them: C O M M U N I S T

give me a character and i will answer questions abt them

It’s the year 2087. Sidney Crosby is old but speedy. The Penguins are playing the Blue Jackets. Here he comes, Brandon Dubinsky, gunning for Sidney once again. Only this time Sid is prepared. Dubinsky hits him, only to sink into the numerous pillows Sid has strapped to his body.

A King’s Seed but a Bastard’s Child... (uhhh I’m not sure the name of this accurately resembles this story but i’m going with it)

(( @florenceivy I hope I tagged the right blog, if not I apologize deeply, who asked for a one shot to go along with this gif imagine . I know you wanted some smut in here but I couldn’t make it fit with the idea I had. I will be writing a second part that includes the smut though.))

((Word Count: 2087))

Shame. Of course you felt it. How could you not? You had slept with a married man, sure he was the King but he was still promised to another…vows had been shared. If the Queen in the North had been the daughter to anyone besides Lord Walder Frey things might have turned out a lot differently. Well, that is if people had found out your child was the King’s to begin with. As far as anyone knew, your child belonged to the King’s brother, the Bastard of Winterfell Jon snow who had married you in the early weeks of your pregnancy to hide the fact the child was his brother’s.

Love. You felt it for your baby and for your husband, and that night when you laid with Robb Stark you thought you had felt it for him as well. It was a lie though. A childhood crush…fantasy…that you had allowed to go too far. Robb was your friend, just as Theon Greyjoy and Jon Snow were, and he should have stayed that way. You didn’t regret your child, but you regretted making the child with him.

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To The Moon And Back pt. 12

Characters: BTS x Reader
Length: 2087 words
Genre: Angst
Comments: Alternate Universe, Crime

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11

Namjoon is your brother.”

That’s what Hoseok had said to Jimin, before Jimin had stormed out of the apartment, a whirlwind of different emotions cursing through him, most of all confusion and pain.

Hoseok had told him that Namjoon knew about this…. situation, and that he had always tried to keep it a secret from most people, until Hoseok had found out one day, when he was looking for one thing, but had found another.

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Profile: Saiga Jouji ・雑賀 譲二


“…I’m looking forward to her answer. I’m pretty bad, aren’t I…”

ID: 00475-AEUZ-06868-3

Kanji name:  雑賀 譲二

Romaji name: Saiga Jouji

Affiliation: Ministry of Health and Welfare, Public Safety Bureau, Criminal Investigation Department

Occupation: Analyst

Date of Birth: March 11, 2063

Age: 53

Blood Type: B

Address: Tokyo-to, Shin-Chiyoda-ku, Kasumigaseki, 2-1-B, MWPSB

Emergency contact’s address: Tokyo-to, Oota-ku, Nishi-Koujiya, 3-18

Wataishi An (relation: cousin)

[Education and Career]

March2078 ・ Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan Daiichi Junior High School (general education curriculum)

April 2078  ・  Entered National Daiichi High School (general education curriculum)

March 2081  ・  Graduated from Daiichi National High School (general education curriculum)

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INFJ Confession #2087

Does it bother anyone else if you’re talking to someone and they’re on their phone? I get so annoyed. I can’t read someone’s reactions without them looking in my eyes.

anonymous asked:

Ki-chan + "I’m always coming back to you" 💘

I’m always coming back to you.


Nobody believed him when Kise said he was going to travel through time. It wasn’t an impossible technology, but it had its dangers. Like driving, back in simpler years. You could do it if you learnt how to, but there was a reason that there was an age requirement.

There were rules, contracts to sign, for time-traveling. Do only what you needed to do. Don’t change history.

“Yokohama, Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, July 31st, 2087.”

The last day he ever spent with you.

A flash of light, a tingling in his toes, and suddenly there was a sea breeze, the sound of dolphins chirping and birds shrieking, and your hand in his.

“Ryouta, look! It’s a whale shark!”

And in that moment, that was all that mattered.

He spent that day with you like he had once before, going with you to see the beluga whales, the penguins, the dolphin show and the stupid pelican’s tricks, and all Kise cared about was spending more time with you before the day ended.

“I had a great time today, Ryouta.” You smiled at him, one arm wound around a massive stuffed whale shark, and the other hand linked with his. “Let’s come here again.”

Kise smiled back. “Sure.”

He wasn’t allowed to change history. He couldn’t tell you that later that night, a bunch of drunk kids would be going joyriding, and that your cab driver was too drowsy to notice them, and you were too busy texting Ryouta to see the car coming towards you.

He kissed you then, his lips on your forehead, as the clock struck midnight and the memory weathered away, and he was back in the lab again, his hands cold and empty.

Kise took a deep breath, and approached the time machine again.

“Yokohama, Hakkeijima Sea Paradise…”

Again and again, no matter how many years it takes. As long as I can see you, and be yours once more.

>bleeding edge new datajack installed
>log into illegal cybermarket for hacking programs
>novahot girl is new moderator
>datajack starts sweating
>girl tells me it’s 30.00 nu-yen
>reach into CreditPal™ for money
>spaghetti.png falls out of ZIP
>tomato sauce slips into mainframe and glitches my new jack