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my-bokuto-san  asked:

yo yo hmu with some of those Good Domestic Klance hcs my boi

Ay, good shit

  • Lance is ticklish everywhere and Keith knows this and takes advantage of it
    • Keith is only ticklish in a single spot: the bottom of his feet.
    • If Keith doesn’t wake up to his alarm the first time, Lance tickles his feet under the covers with his toes
  • Lance is great at housework since his mama raised him right.
    • He sings while washing the dishes which earns him smooches
    • Dances with the vacuum cleaner every time. EVERY time.
    • And you better believe he wears bandanas to keep his hair out of his face and yellow rubber gloves while cleaning
  • Keith wears socks to bed and Lance loathes it
  • Lance keeps the air conditioning on because he didn’t have the luxury of air conditioning growing up
    • Keith, a cold boi already, hates it
    • “It’s ROASTING in here, why do we have the heat on and fireplace going?!”
    • Keith, wrapped in blankets with a mug of hot cocoa: “…”
  • If you think Keith is the first one to fall asleep watching TV, you’re absolutely right
  • Will and Grace is on Thursdays at 9, and it’s the only thing Keith doesn’t sleep through. Ever.
  • Keith likes to eat toast for breakfast
    • Lance makes a mean omelet though. Keith never turns one down
  • They do cheap decorations all over their house for every single holiday
    • They even put up a bunch of lights for Diwali in respect of their Indian neighbors (who ended up inviting them over for dinner)
    • You know those weird gooey window sticks? they slap those on every window for every holiday. Pidge called to tell them how awful it is
  • Keith loves to read and quietly discuss his reading with Lance over dinner
  • Fairy lights everywhere. Warm lighting everywhere in their home.
  • If you don’t think they make pillow and blanket forts frequently you’re wrong

Thanks for the request~

i can’t with certain wrestling fans sometimes

i just wanted to check the news about why roman was being replaced and i see a bunch of people going “can i write a thank you note to meningitis cause now i can see tlc” and “all it took was reigns being off the card for me to watch tlc”

my dudes, if one person is stopping you from watching something then that one person means a lot whole more to you than you’re letting on

ps: we all know u were gonna watch anyway


“we all love Nicole, baby girl, and there is no way in hell that she is dying today.


The Disney TV Renaissance 2007-Current Posters

well here it finally is, my completed piece for the @memberzine that unfortunately got cancelled. this took about 100 hours, probably took several years off my life span, and in total there’s 37 characters on it… the most characters I have *ever* drawn on any picture haha OTL

I hope you guys like it and that the effort was worth it~

y'all be acting like Cartman’s the only bad kid