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“Ear to Ear” by Patrick Demarchelier with styling from Sara Moonves x the May 2016 Issue of American Vogue

Models: Lizzy Plapinger, Imaan Hammam,Frederikke Sofie, Chaerin Lee, Grace Hartzel, Tinashe, Karlie Kloss, Vanessa Axente, Fei Fei Sun, and Zoe Kravitz

Hair by Duffy and makeup by Sally Branka

Something I wanted to work on for a while. Quote taken from this post.

Branka has faced her share of ridicule for not being a typical krogan. And as I work on her I try to show how she is basically caught between a rock and a hard place. She tries to be “un-krogan” so she won’t scare people, but then others will laugh at her for not having that killer instinct and/or not taken seriously (”Are you sure you’re actually a krogan?” “silly, young, naive krogan girl”) It frustrates her. And recently in her development she received some advice from an important person to embrace who she is.

She may not be a brute but she is courageous. She might be silly or cute, but she’s also compassionate and generous. She loves pizza, she loves animals. She cries a lot and enjoys puns. It might be un-krogan to be afraid of so many things but with enough support and confidence she’ll power through it, even more so when it’s to support those she calls friends.

She is not just krogan, she is Branka :}

it gives me life that most of the dragon age fandom headcanons that Alistair and Cullen would have huge wife-offs and brag about their wonderful, beautiful, heroic wives and how they saved Thedas.

Not even just the obvious “Archdemon / Tevinter Magister Darkspawn With Delusions of Godhood”,  but like:

  • “MY wife faced FIFTY spider demons!”
  • “Well MY wife faced a HUNDRED darkspawn”
  • “Yeah well, my wife faced 5 giants and 3 great bears AT THE SAME TIME”
  • “My wife faced an unspeakable horror that fuels nightmares AND survived the Deep Roads.”
  • “pffff…  yeah, well I know you were there, but didn’t she face Branka as well?”
  • “MY WIFE STOPPED THE FUCKING BLIGHT!!!  (screams a battlecry and gets into a fistfight with Cullen)

anonymous asked:

Thanks for being passive-aggressively sassy in response to a civilized question. Biphobia and transphobia are not homophobia, but lesbophobia is, so I was just wondering why you couldn't have just left it at "he's a homophobe".

Because he has only written women who love women, being rude to women and creating tragic, abusive stories about women who love women.

He has never gotten his hands on a gay man, he has never called out a gay man and never had a character who attacks a gay man or mlm (Sera and Dorian get along well besides the magic thing). Sera is tight with The Iron Bull. Aveline leaves Fenris alone and Anders is seen antagonizing her first (which is because his writer was also in poor taste and bigoted).

Yet he has actively continued to write lesbians in a poor light and have characters disapprove and attack (quite literally at times) wlw. Isabela, Sera, Hespith, Branka, Leliana, and Marjolaine.

That is lesbophobia, that is specifically lesbophobia.

Why are you so insulted by the idea of lesbophobia? Why does it bother you that gay women are specifically being targeted by this writer and that any acknowledgment of that is upsetting? Why is this about you?

If it makes you feel better next time I won’t use homophobia at all, I’ll just go with lesbophobia straight to the point.

My initial plan was to compile all my sketches and make one big post but I wanna keep active as long as possible before I lose momentum.

So here we are with Turian!Branka. I like how the sketches came out and they had me thinking what if this Branka was a hardcore, dyed-in-the-wool “Die For The Cause” turian.

anonymous asked:

So in regards to Lukas Kristjanson, you listed him writing abusive WLW relationships as a reason why you dislike him, and that's fine, I accept that, but is that inherently bad? Say if a fic writer writes abusive Isabela/fem!Hawke fanfiction, does that make them a bad person? Or is it that you think he romanticizes it/it's how he assumes all WLW relationships are?

It is bad yes. 

Because there is a difference between writing it knowingly for a story and writing over and over again because that’s all you believe they are.

Patrick Weekes wrote an abusive WLW plot into his Masked Empire book, he didn’t romanticize it and he has shown to know queer relationships aren’t all like that. And what more it added dynamic to his story, it didn’t control the character, but it also wasn’t there to just be there.

Lukas Kristjanson has written 3 THREE abusive WLW relationships, Hespith and Branka didn’t even need it. Yet for some reason he decided to do that. Marjolaine/Leliana could have arguably been okay for the plot and yet he continued to use this trope with Sera.

Meanwhile Carver and Kaiden get the a okay, happy endings (for the most part).

He also did this to a black character, yet his White Men have relatively happy story lines and growth. As much as the story would allow.

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you. Fool me a third time, and you are a pretty bad person who don’t know how women, wlw, and PoCs work.

Not to mention, Kristjanson gets paid to do this. He is getting paid to write poor representation that aren’t just going to be seen by your average 10 kudos and 500 views, where people understand that fanfic is just that. He is getting paid to access a media that gets seen by thousands if not millions of people, a media that people absorb with the same attentiveness of real life society. He is getting paid for what is essentially art, because it is going to affect those thousand/million people.

So yeah, it’s a problem. He’s a problem. He might be a great guy to know, but even a nice person can be a bigot.


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