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I need to admit this to someone, and you're the only South Park blog I trust... I absolutely hate Pip. Wow that is good to get off my chest. I'm sorry if you like him

“It’s not like anyone actually likes me anyway…”

*Hits you with rolled up newspaper* NO!!! BAD ANON! DO NOT BE MEAN TO MY PRECIOUS BRITISH BABY!!

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Ship that pisses you off:💣 and Ship that makes you sad:💔

Ships that involve a minor with an adult piss me off. 

Fans of a ship - any ship, even mine - who harass others for liking something different also piss me off. 

But as far as actual ships, there aren’t any I can think of between two consenting adults that I would go so far as to say they piss me off. I’m internet old and come from the days of “don’t like don’t read” - my philosophy as always been that, just because a ship doesn’t appeal to me personally, doesn’t mean it’s not important to someone else. 

I don’t know what gets someone else out of bed in the mornings. I’ve certainly had days where escaping to my otp was the only good thought I had the ability to cling to - and I’m sure there are plenty of people who are uncomfortable with my ship for their own various reasons.

I do have one ship blacklisted, and since it’s the “controversial” ask I’ll name it, even though it’s pretty popular.. Dorian and Bull makes me incredibly uncomfortable, so I prefer not to see it - but, that being said, I’m not going to judge or harass the people who love it because of my personal preference, and if it shows up untagged on my dash, I just scroll past it and go on with my day. For someone out there, it means as much to them as fenhawke does to me. 

The ships that makes me the saddest are Karl/Anders, because there are so many bittersweet, tragic things you can do with that, and also anything involving Alistair, because every time I try to romance him I just come with worse and worse endings. Really, both Alistair and Anders I have trouble finding a happy ending for.

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I don't know exactly why but for some reason I always imagine 20s/30s jazz as the music for TGATNW. Like something about the dystopian society with like Ella Fitzgerald singing as background is so eerie and awesome to me. Maybe it's because I'm a bioshock and fallout fan. What is the music actually in TGA society? Is it just odes to the tsar?

Oh lord I love Ella Fitzgerald and 20s/30s jazz. It’s like my go to ‘I need to unwind’ music.

That being said, alas, Lune has no concept of jazz. About all they really have are folk songs, Lune sanctioned hymns/choral arrangements, and orchestral symphonies for the rich, along with military percussion-based arrangements for well…the military.

They are not otherwise a musically rich society. It tends to be one of the side effects of living in a dystopia in general. The things that inspire musical innovation become absent, so improvisational music never gets a chance to kick off. 

I’ve never played Bioshock or Fallout, but it’s kind of awesome when games/movies/shows use music in contrasting ways. :D

When you look back at the first couple episodes with the knowledge that Victor came to Hasetsu already sort of crushing on Yuuri, and therefore his flirting was him really trying to get this boy to notice and want to date him (as opposed to a flirty playboy persona he shows to everyone which is what a lot of fans thought was going on at first before Victor legitimately grew interested in him), it becomes clear how adorably BAD he was at it. And I mean, to me it makes it obvious that this is a guy with very, very little actual romantic experience. And that’s so charming, lovable? 

Local heartthrob living legend figure skater has no idea how to successfully flirt with crush. Because contrary to belief, and contrary to his charismatic front, this poor man has been a workaholic who hasn’t really taken the chance to have any sort of fun for the past twenty years. Hug him, Yuuri.

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You know jack the thing i like the most about you? You're not doing a fake facade or somthing like that You really care about your fans and dont mind physical contact and let peopole talk to you. There arent alot of youtubers who are actually nice

This means a lot to me, thank you! I try my best to be nice to people and not make it seem like I’m some untouchable entity. It’s much more fun to be real with people and treat everyone equally :)

Not every youtuber needs to be that way of course, some DO like distance but I am tired of all the fakers saying “I really care” when it’s clear they don’t

I love Hamilton, but something about the way white fans engage with the musical really bothers me: a lot of them are posting in the tag about the actual, historical revolutionaries and founding fathers in a way that makes them seem like funny, sweet, good people. They weren’t. I don’t just mean “Jefferson was a piece of shit”: none of them were good. Every one of their asses saw black people as inferior, even if not all of them supported slavery. All of them participated in genocidal policy against indigenous peoples. If you’re watching/listening to Hamilton and then going out and romanticizing the real founding fathers/American revolutionaries, you’re missing the entire point.

Hamilton is not really about the founding fathers. It’s not really about the American Revolution. The revolution, and Hamilton’s life are the narrative subject, but its purpose is not to romanticize real American history: rather, it is to reclaim the narrative of America for people of colour. 

Don’t romanticize the founding fathers and the revolution. They’re already romanticized. It’s been done. Your history books have already propagated those lies. The revolution is romanticized as an American narrative because it was a revolution lead by and for white men. Their story is the narrative of the nation and it is a narrative from which people of colour are utterly obliterated. 

Do you understand what it’s like to live in a nation where you are made marginal and inconsequential in the historical narrative that you are taught from your first day of school? In the Americas, to be a person of colour is to be made utterly inconsequential to the nation’s history. If you are black, your history begins with slavery, and your agency is denied; they don’t teach about slave rebellions or black revolutionaries. You learn about yourself as entirely shaped by outside forces: white people owned you, then some white people decided to free you and wasn’t that nice of them? and then you’re gone until the civil rights movement. That is the narrative they teach; in which you had no consequence, no value, no impact until less than a century ago. If you are indigenous, you are represented as disappeared, dead, already gone: you do not get to exist, you are already swallowed by history. If you are any other race, you are likely not present at all. To live in a land whose history is not your own, to live in a story in which you are not a character, is a soul-destroying experience.

In Hamilton, Eliza talks, in turn, of “taking herself out of the narrative” and “putting herself back in the narrative.” That’s what Hamilton is about: it’s about putting ourselves in the narrative. It puts people of colour in the centre of the damn narrative of the nation that subjugates them; it takes a story that by all accounts has been constructed to valourize the deeds of white men, and redefines it all. 

Why was the American Revolution a revolution? Why were slave revolts revolts? Why do we consider the founding fathers revolutionaries and not the Black Panthers or the Brown Berets or any number of other anti-racist revolutionary organizations? Whose rebellion is valued? Who is allowed to be heroic through defiance? By making the founding fathers people of colour, Hamilton puts people of colour into the American narrative, while simultaneously applying that narrative to the present. Right now, across the United States, across the damn world, people are chanting “black lives matter.” Black people are shutting down malls and highways, demanding justice for the lives stolen by police, by white supremacy. And all across the world, indigenous people are saying “Idle No More,” blockading pipelines, demanding their sovereignty. And “No One is Illegal” is chanting loud enough to shake down the walls at the border; people are demanding the end of refugee detention centres, demanding an end to the violence perpetuated by anti-immigration policies. People of colour are rising up. 

…And white people are angry about it. White people are saying “if blacks don’t want to get shot by the police they shouldn’t sag their pants”; saying “get over it” about anti-indigenous policies of assimilation and cultural genocide and land theft; Jennicet Gutiérrez was heckled by white gay men for demanding that president Obama end the detention of undocumented trans women of colour. White people see people of colour rising up and they tell us to sit down. Shut up. Stop making things difficult. The American Revolution was a bunch of white men who didn’t want to be taxed, so white history sees their revolutionary efforts as just; they killed for their emancipation from England; they were militant. That, to white people is acceptable. But those same white people talk shit about Malcolm X for being too violent–a man who never started an uprising against the government leading to bloodshed. Violence is only acceptable in the hands of white people; revolution is only okay when the people leading the charge are white. 

Hamilton makes those people brown and black; Hamilton depicts the revolution of which America is proud as one led by people of colour against a white ruling body; there’s a reason King George is the only character who is depicted by a white man. The function of the visual in Hamilton is to challenge a present in which people of colour standing up against oppression are seen as violent and dangerous by the same people who proudly declare allegiance to the flag. It forces white people to see themselves not as the American Revolutionaries, but as the British oppressors. History is happening, and they’re on its bad side.

So don’t listen to or watch Hamilton and then come out of that to romanticize the founding fathers. Don’t let that be what you take away from this show. They’re the vehicle for the narrative, and a tool for conveying the ideologies of the show, but they are not the point. Don’t romanticize the past; fight for the future. 

I’m going to present to you a theory that’s probably already been theorized, but with more evidence from s2: Earth is already being controlled by the Galra through the Garrison.

We know that aliens already know about Earth’s culture from the Space Mall episode. I mean, aliens quite literally abducted our cows… and had an Area 51 hat. And had video games. In a mall owned by the Galra. Look, I don’t know how alien economics works, but they have to have some type of fascination with Earth to be able to have a shop for it and aliens would actually have to know what all of those items were for said shop to be successful. Imagine an alien Earth fan club. That’s what this is.

And that brings me to Keith’s flashbacks, once in a nightmare…

and once while he was trying to the awaken the Blade of Marmora, where he was in his shack in Earth. 

In both, Keith is placed in a situation where he’s around marching Galra. In some shape or form, Keith witnessed a Galra invasion. I don’t think that that’s going to be the last time we see that image at all. It’s obviously related to Keith’s past, but the Voltron team decided to draw this scene into two different settings: one purely related to the Galra and one set in Earth. Keith has probably already witnessed an alien genocide and is probably about to witness one again. 

I mean, think about it. If you were Haggar or Prince Lotor or whoever, how would you keep Voltron from running if they’re all humans? How would you set the perfect trap that would definitely lure Voltron in?  

The next time we see Earth, it’s probably going to be under invasion by the Galra. There are two possibilities: (1) the Garrison will be on their side or (2) the Garrison will see this as an act of war. Under both situations, I doubt that the Garrison doesn’t know about the Galra and other alien races. And, honestly, I see more validity in option 1. 

Listen, throughout season one, we knew that the Garrison was hiding something. Pidge obviously knew that they knew something about her family, but she didn’t have enough time to figure out what it was. And that means that the Garrison had to have known that this wasn’t a normal mission. In normal circumstances, we wouldn’t have known what had happened and would have ruled it out as an unfortunate death. But they knew more than enough to rule out the cause of death as a pilot error. 

Zarkon literally said that there was no place on the universe where he couldn’t reach. While he may have meant that in a militaristic way, I think he meant it in a quite literal way. 

We already know that leaders can be corrupt, look at King Lubos. The creators of Voltron made sure to mention that just because you’re a leader, doesn’t mean you’re on the good side or that you would do anything and everything for the benefit of your people. 

And for the Garrison to be able to make a presence or for the Galra to even think about asking the Garrison, they must have some type of political control. Considering that they are one of the best schools for training space cadets, I don’t think that this is too far off. We’ve only seen the school aspect from our younger paladins. We haven’t seen the military aspect. Considering that we don’t know the actual politics of future Earth, we don’t know how screwed the government is. But I’d literally bet 100 bucks that it’s going to represent the mess we have right now if I had the money.

I don’t really hate many fictional characters or people that much but I have a deep hatred for this little asshole, Mira.

now you are probably thinking to yourself “petal why the fuck do you hate a kid so much” well first of all she has stupid ass hair but I’ll tell you the real reason.

 If you ever played the 4th generation games you know at one point you have to go through Wayward Cave where you meet this little shit who got herself fucking lost and she decides to pair up with you during the game as you navigate the cave.

 So that means all the battles you encounter are double battles. Okay this is where the real story begins. You see I actually like her at first she was cute and sweet. Until we came across a random pokemon encounter of Zubat halfway through the cave. 

Now you are all thinking “Really zubat!! those are like the most annoying pokemon you can find in caves I’m sick of them.”

 First of all shut ur mouth they evolve into my precious Crobat. Second of all these weren’t any ordinary zubat one of them was a shiny. 

So me being the fan I am was all like “Fucking yeah my first shiny of the game i’m raise this into a precious crobat which is one of my favorite pokemon!”






IT WAS A SHINY ZUBAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi do you have the full text of bb member's message to top? and who wrote it for him? Thanks!

Seungri to T.O.P

I think you get drunk too easily these days. I’m really worried about your condition. I know you’re busy acting and doing BIGBANG at the same time, but please take care. Don’t drink too much and I wish I could see a stage full of your cool music this year. I’m actually a big fan of “DOOM DADA”. Get ready for Show Me The Money next year. I love you. That’s all.

Jiyong to T.O.P

I think you are really innocent and caring. I’m so proud that you are my big brother. I’m so thankful that you’re
trying to make more memories with us these days. Don’t forget we are always here for you.. I, and we will… be always beside you and protect you. I love you.

Daesung to T.O.P

My dear big brother, I really love you being innocent like a child. Please always remain beside us the way you are. Recently, you get drunk easily after only a little alcohol and pass out. We are all worried about you. It’s so sad to see you passing out. I want to stay with you forever. I pray for you every night. I love you

Taeyang to T.O.P

My brother, big brother, Choi, Seunghyun. I know you have a lot of worries these days. You are the most sensitive and thoughtful person. I have expectations for you but I’m worried at the same time. But as time passes, I see you are doing very well at your own pace which is amazing. And I’m proud of you and you are reliable. Don’t feel too much pressure. We have more days ahead than the time we have spent up to now. Don’t worry because we are here to trust you and support you. Everything is going to be alright. I love you, T.O.P.

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Hay cross how do you feel about me and nightmare sans shipped together because he's mine!

Now that we’re talking about ships…

Here comes another little tought.

You’re free to ship any characters you want… I won’t impose you which things I do like and which ones I don’t…
I think the shipping world is wonderful, because you’re creating something after all… (even if it’s nsfw lmao) and you are having fun! You like to do your story and that’s great!


Sometimes there’s something that can ruin a friendship between artists in real life because of this you know?

Like, some people only cares about their fictional characters and fame instead the people who supported them and had a nice time with those creations and ideas…

Always happen something that can hurts an artist just because someone didn’t like what this artist did, that person shows his dissapointment with hate, jealous, with fear of their fanchilds/ fan ships could disappear… in the worst case, they take the artits’s personal mistakes as an excuse in order to get everyone’s approval about their thoughts and “what must be right”.

I said before that I was afraid about some people could misunderstand the canon characters because of the “popular” ships, but this doesn’t mean I don’t hate those ships… actually this make me feel sad…not for the misunderstandings!

It makes me feel so sad when some people wants to hurt others because of a different point of view… and make that person could be hated for a entire fandom…forcing  them to quit all the work this person did, and being judged about their acts for another events… just because one person hated them for a ship they doesn’t like it and helped to increase hatred and revenge.

Is that…fair?

pd101 boys as boyfriends pt.2

i cry TT-TT pt1

kwon hyunbin

  • when he’s not a model, he’s ur personal photographer
  • the one thats takes all the aesthetics pics for ur ig
  • matching chic outfits
  • mindlessly holds ur hand on ur second date
  • really supportive in all u do<3
  • enjoys taking selfies with you and posting them in ig with the cringiest caption

park jihoon

  • such manly but much cute too
  • get jealous when he sees u having a long conversation with someone he feels is a competition
  • ties ur shoes for u
  • the type to get to the train station 30 minutes early and say “no i just got here like five minutes ago” when u arrive
  • tries real hard to win u something at a claw machine that u have to pull him away bc he’s churning out almost $20

kim donghyun

  • makes u listen to his new songs
  • they’re all always just snippets
  • likes to nap on ur lap (oo that rhymed. he’ll probably use that as his lyrics)
  • food adventures forreal
  • will not judge you if u take aesthetic pictures of food bc he prolly does it too

kang daniel

  • introduces u to his cats four dates in
  • “but forreal, if i had to save u or my cats during a fire, i need to save my cats first pls understand. i’ll come back for u. i mean u have legs right.”
  • likes to snuggle
  • really cuddly in general
  • is a human cat
  • the type to wait outside ur door all night long if you two get into a fight

takada kenta

  • will go with you to concerts
  • is probably more excited than u
  • u two learn fan chants together<3
  • is actually the sweetest and purest human being in the planet
  • gives u small gifts every other week bc “i had to get it bc reminded me of u” //my smol heart
  • ur mother approves of him

bae jinyoung

  • confesses to u with his head bowed
  • of course u couldn’t hear him tho so he has to say it again
  • #the most frustrating moment of his life frfr
  • looks at you like ur the sun and stars and the moon and everything

yoon jisung

  • really serious abt ur relationship but also a real life meme
  • really nice dinner dates
  • ur name on his phone is “my love”
  • would go to ur home in the morning just to make you breakfast
  • karaoke nights with this man never fails to make you laugh
  • insists on sharing every skewer of street food with you rather than getting his own bc romantic
L’Uomo Vouge (Smut)


A/N: Requested. Hope this is okay. 

Word count: 2,053

“Dude, there’s legit one saying she wants to lick your face while riding you” I laughed, pointing at my computer screen.

Shawn was standing beside the bed shaking his head lightly. He leaned forward, planting both his palms on each side of my body, leaning further down to me.

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Travis wants to introduce a trans character to TAZ. He is asking for trans people to advise him.
  • [Excerpt from the episode “From Gaston Rossdale to Learning Through Kindness” from the podcast “Interrobang with Travis and Tybee”]
  • - Beginning 31: 41 -
  • Travis: “We’re about to wrap up our main storyline, from the last two and a half years. And we’re gonna start some new storylines. And we have had, I think an appropriate amount, of audience interest in introducing like some trans characters, some gender nonbinary characters, some characters in which gender is not necessarily the focus [of their stories], you get it.”
  • Tybee: “Yes.”
  • Travis: “I have honestly been wondering, because I want to get it right. What is the right way to introduce a trans character, without having to blatantly say, like: ‘You’re looking at a character that was born a man, but now identifies as a woman.’ Like how do you- I want to correctly introduce a character. I want to do it right. I don’t want to just do it to like check off a box, you know what I mean? I really think not only do I want representation, I also want interesting characters. I want characters that aren’t just, like, the most default character I can think of, but I also don’t want to do it just to pander. I don’t want to do it just to say that I did it. I want to do it right, and I don’t know what that is. So I need help. I need people to give me input on what is the right way to introduce a trans character, and make it clear to the audience that it is a trans character without being pander-y.”
  • Tybee: “Yes. Ok. I hope that our listeners will help you out with that.”
  • Travis: “Thank you, it’s just a thing I’ve been thinking about a lot-”
  • Tybee: “Where can they send that information?”
  • Travis: “I mean you can tweet it at me but [I’m on hiatus from Twitter]. You can email me or has a 'contact’ button if you wanna do that.”
  • Tybee: “Cool. Um, I… I thought about adding to the conversation but I think I will allow for that to be answered by our trans friends and fans-”
  • Travis: “You know actually, I would rather if we’re gonna do it, let’s talk about it on the Facebook [Interrobang group, not page] so that we can get a lot of different inputs on it. Because here’s the thing, I also recognize that any individual person can’t give me the whole scope answer; they can tell me through their experiences and where they’re at and what they want to see. But at the end of the day, I want to value independent opinions - but also an overarching opinion. Because I want to make people feel like they are represented as possible and not just an individual, so I’d rather it be an open conversation in a Facebook group. So, Interrobang [group] on Facebook.”
  • - End 34: 50 -
Family Dinner

[Obi-Wan and Anakin’s Force Ghosts, and Old Luke with Rey at Luke’s little hermit dining table. An awkward silence has set in.]

Rey: [nervously darting her eyes back and forth between parties as she eats] So…the Force, huh? It’s…something. I’m a fan. Personally. From what I’ve seen. 
Anakin: [bitterly] Well! At least someone is.
Luke: [rolling his eyes] …just say it, dad. 
Anakin: [irritated] Whatever do you mean, son?
Luke: Look you were never that big of a fan of the Jedi, either! Need I remind you? 
Anakin: I DIED to destroy the Sith! Yes: the Jedi were kind of a bunch of dicks sometimes, but you know what? I really liked some of those dicks! 

[Rey and Obi-Wan’s eyes widen] 

Anakin: [continuing] And I have lived on both sides of the fence, son, and let me tell you: the Dark Side? Is the actual WORST. It’s cold, and you have to go to bunch of boring meetings about mining, and you don’t even get a foosball table in your Vader pod and everything hurts all the time. At least the Jedi tried to stop Ultimate Evil! Also? [pointing at Obi-Wan] How can you do this to your Obi-Wan? HOW
Obi-Wan: [pushing his food around on his plate] Well it’s not the first time one of you has done this…
Luke: [pinching the bridge of his nose] [murmurs to himself] Oh Force, he’s going all-in. Ben, look, you know I love you, but the Jed– 
Obi-Wan: No no, Luke, it’s fine. I’m fine. I’m used to rejection and sadness and watching my life’s work shatter in front of me. In fact, I’d have been shocked if you hadn’t turned on the Jedi by now.
Luke: [pained] Ben
Obi-Wan: I mean what have I ever done for you except live a life of solitude and pain, and save you from all that stuff that tried to kill you over and over again, and teach you how to use the Force? You’re right. I shouldn’t have bothered. [Luke stares at him while Anakin stares daggers at Luke] Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I should go meditate. I have some feelings I need to release into the Force. [chugs his entire remaining whiskey, stalks off] 
Anakin: [scowling at Luke] You see what you did to him?!
Luke: Oh so just because I’m questioning the relevance of the Jedi, I’m the worst person ever? You’re the one who tried to kill him those couple of times!
Rey: [taking a huge gulp of her wine glass, wide-eyed]  

Totally and earnestly clutching at as many straws as possible rn, however desperately, but the above is taken from the Next Time trailer for ‘The Doctor Falls’ as seen at the end of ep 11. I could be entirely wrong, but that looks very very much like Bill’s hair and silhouette walking upstairs behind Nardole. (the silhouette of her costume very much looks like the bulky torn grey coat she wears at the end of episode 11 too, complete with fraying fabric at the bottom!)

A closer look:

I’m perhaps taking obsessive trailer sleuthing to a whole new level, but it’s all in the name of peace of mind so it’s worth it!  Tell me that doesn’t look like Bill?! 

“ Mashable: so you were on Glee, and one of your costars is actually known in the Harry Potter fandom because Darren Criss was in “A Very Potter Musical” and all that StarKid stuff…
Chris: Oh, yeah yeah, right!
Mashable: … So was that weird? Were you like… Did you know about him beforehand?
Chris: Uh, I think I had heard of the thing of… Of the actual project, yeah. But um, I don’t think I’d… I’d never seen it. “

Never before has this gif been more fitting.


One of my favorite character designs and version of a character 10/10. I saw the Lego Batman Movie and even though I didn’t like it as much as the Lego Movie, it was still super cute and I really recommend it! One of my favorite things about the movie was their take on the Joker.

Now, I haven’t read any of the DC comics with him, but given my disappointment with the Edgy ™ Joker in Suicide Squad I LOVED seeing this genuinely funny, evil goofball on the big screen. He’s everything people generally seem to like about the Joker but a more light-hearted take on it, which seems actually kind of strange given how horrible (like bad guy, not a bad character) he is in everything else. 

Plus his design was super fun to draw too! The only outfit of his that matters is the vest w/ yellow sleeves and no one can tell me otherwise. I just wish they made Harley Quinn’s a little simpler (too much detail for too little color difference, you know what I mean?)

I’ll probably draw more of him in the future, but for no I hope you enjoy!

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Andy Dwyer getting mistaken for that guy from Jurassic world

H E R E  F O R  I T

  • Will 100% sit and give facts about dinosaurs and motorcycles that he is just pulling out of his ass
  • Sometimes when April gets bored and they’re in public she’ll just yell ISNT THAT THE DINOSAUR GUY?????? 
  • It’s her fault that some people speculate that Jurassic World guy had romantic relations with a velociraptor 
  • Andy for some reason can never 100% remember his name? but he tries. Variations include:
    • Owen Gravy 
    • Odis Grainy 
    • Draws a complete blank so fuck it his name is actually Burt Macklin
    • Or Kip Hackman 
    • Owen Stacy 
    • Tony Glady 
    • just straight up Andy Dwyer 
    • Tom Clancy 
    • Steven Gracy
  • Like Owen, he also sort of just scribbles like yolo i hope this passes i mean it should because hahah yes that is me, i am the jurassic world guy, always nice to meet a fan be sure to tune into my new show Johnny Karate’s Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show