Gleich 2 Nazi-Kundgebungen am 31.7. in München

Haben sich bereits innerhalb der ersten Minuten nach Eintreffen der Nachricht von Amoklauf, Terroranschlag oder Falschmeldung die rassistischen Arschlöcher mit Schaum vor dem Mund in ihrer Hetze selbst übertroffen, wollen sie das jetzt auch auf der Straße tun (natürlich)! So wollen die neofaschistischen “Identitären” kurzfristig am Sonntag von 14 bis 16.30 Uhr eine Kundgebung gegenüber der Bayerischen Staatskanzlei am Franz-Josef-Strauß Ring durchführen. Das Motto der Kundgebung der Identitären lautet: “Integration ist eine Lüge. Remigration!” Danach lassen es sich die Brüder und Schwestern im Geiste bei der AfD natürlich nicht nehmen, zeitgleich mit dem Trauerakt im Landtag und in unmittelbarer Nähe am Maximilianeum von 18 bis 20.30 Uhr ebenfalls eine Kundgebung abzuhalten. Das Thema lautet auch hier irgendwas mit “Abschieben, Grenzen zu, blablabla…”.Wozu es führt, wenn Nazis und andere Rassist_innen und Sexist_innen ihren Müll ungestört verbreiten könne, müssen wir wohl niemanden mehr erklären. Also zeigt, was ihr von diesen Menschen haltet und beteiligt euch am Gegenprotest!


                                 With my undying, death defying
                                                Love for you
                                           Envy will hurt itself
                                      Let yourself be beautiful.

                                         I’m so in love with you.

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Prompt: Nurseydex getting together in the style of Jack and Bitty with a graduation day realization that they want to spend the rest of their life with that dumb D-Man and a run across campus that culminates in a wonderful kiss.

My babs! Graduating!! I’m not crying, you’re crying!!!!! (yeah, nooooooo, I’m totally crying here.  My babs, all grown up!!!!!!!)

Thanks for the prompt! Enjoy!  :-) xxxx


“I can’t believe we’re graduating.   It feels like we just started college” Nursey said, as Dex joined him in the Reading Room.

“I know” Dex agreed, sitting down.  He’d been doing that a lot more with Nursey over the last few years.  They still fought all the time, but they were got along better now.  They understood each other more, and were definitely near Ransom and Holster levels of close, or even Jack and Bitty levels of close.

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Dex gets sick while Nursey is out of town, and refuses to ask for help (he was raised not to let others get sick from him). Nursey only finds out when he tries skyping Dex, and immediately messages the guys asking someone to go help the proud fool.

Oh man, he’d be such a bad patient.

I don’t really know what kind of illness this is.  Maybe a flu. Maybe a bug.  Maybe a specific kind of illness only Dex can get.  Who knows?  

Also, Nursey’s gone home for spring break, and the rest of the team are leaving for break as well.  Dex was planning to stay on campus anyway.

Thanks for the prompt! Enjoy! :-) xxxx


Dex was not sick.  It was just a headache, no big deal.  And as for “looking pale”, when didn’t he?

No, Dex wasn’t sick. Dex didn’t get sick!  None of the Pointdexters did – there simply wasn’t time.  There was no way he was sick, and he said as much to Nursey.

“I’d believe you babe, really, if you hadn’t spent the first five minutes of this conversation coughing” Nursey said, raising one eyebrow at Dex.

“I did not spend five minutes coughing!” Dex protested weakly.  His throat hurt too much to talk very loudly.

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Through Time (Dad!Tony Stark)

BIRTH (1990)

“One more push!” The doctor shouted. Tony was gripped onto his wife’s hand tightly as she screamed at the top of her lungs, giving one more push and bringing their child into the world. Tony was in tears after the doctor announced the time of birth and that it was a healthy baby boy. His wife was crying with Tony and their son. The doctor handed their son to Tony and he smiled, letting tears freely fall from his eyes. Tony walked closer towards his wife and carefully handed their son to her. “What would you like to name him?” The nurse asked. “Y/N.” Tony and his wife said simultaneously. “Y/N Stark.” Tony repeated and his wife smiled.

“He’s going to be a genius. Just like his dad.” His wife smiled. Tony looked down at her, holding his son and couldn’t think of anything more beautiful. The love of his life, the woman he had loved since he was fifteen had given birth to his first son. They were married the second she turned eighteen, keeping it a secret from the media until she felt ready and even then, people called her a gold digging whore. Tony told her that he knew she loved him for him, not his money or his company. She didn’t care about either. All she wanted was him and now, she wanted to raise her son with the man she loved.

She wanted to raise her son to be a respectful man, wanted to see him grow up to be a great man, just like his father. She also wanted to celebrate holidays and birthday with her family, maybe even birth another child. Tony wanted all those things too, but sadly, it wouldn’t be possible. The night they had brought their son home, she suffered from pain in the diaphragm and chest area. The pain gotten worse that Tony rushed her to a hospital where she died.

Tony was heartbroken. The love of his life, snatched away from him. He had planned out their entire lives, even planned on moving to Malibu to raise their son. Not a week old and Y/N had lost his mother. Tony mourned for his wife, but knew she wouldn’t want that. She’d want him to care for their son and continue on with their plan, even if she was gone. Tony did what he knew she’d want and moved the Malibu.

AGE 2 (1992)

“C'mon, Y/N. Say it. Say da-da.” Tony said and Y/N laughed. “Sir, I don’t think he’s ready to start talking.” Jarvis stated. “All the books I’ve read said that babies talk by the time they’re two. Y/N’s two.” Tony stated. “His birthday was yesterday.” Jarvis told him. “Da!” Y/N laughed and ended up falling on his back, clapping his hands and cheering while staring at the ceiling. “What’s so entertaining about the ceiling?” Tony asked, falling on his back next to Y/N and stared at it together. Y/N then crawled onto Tony’s chest and sat on it, causing Tony to laugh.

“Sir, you have an incoming call from Rhodey.” Jarvis said. “Answer, please.” Tony said, gently taking his son’s tiny hands into his own and playing peekaboo with him. “Tony, where the hell are you?” Rhodey asked. “Playing peekaboo.” Tony answered. “Well, are you done with the prototypes?” He asked. “I’ll get to it when I get to it, get off my ass.” Tony told him and Rhodey laughed bitterly. “I understand it must be hard being a single dad, but can’t you just hire a nanny?” Rhodey asked.

“That position is filled.” Jarvis told him. “You did not hire an AI to be your son’s nanny.” Rhodey stated, not believing Jarvis. “He’s not paying me.” Jarvis added. “Jarvis, don’t you have someone else to sass?” Rhodey asked. “No.” Jarvis told him and Y/N laughed. “Jar-vice.” He giggled and Tony gasped. “He said his first word! He said his first word!” Tony cheered. “Vice, did you get that on camera?” Tony asked his AI. “I’m recording 24/7, as you requested.” Jarvis told him.

“I didn’t make you this sassy.” Tony stated. “Tony!” Rhodey shouted. “I know I’m sounding like a pain in the ass, but the army wants to see the prototypes in action if they’re going to buy them.” Rhodey stated. “Do I have to be there? Can I just send an engineer?” Tony asked. “Just get the prototypes.” Rhodey sighed. “You still coming over?” Tony asked. “Yeah.” Rhodey nodded. “Cool, cause Y/N wants to show Uncle Rhodes something.” Tony said. “Doesn’t he? Doesn’t Y/N want to show Uncle Rhodes something?” Tony asked in a baby voice.

Y/N giggled again, clapping his hands loudly. “Rhodes!” He cheered and Rhodey smiled. “Alright, that was cute.” He told him. “Yeah, well once he says dada, it’ll be cuter.” Tony told him and Rhodey laughed. “Is dada jealous?” He asked Tony. “Dada might be.” Tony said and Rhodey laughed. “I’ll see you guys later.” He told them before hanging up.

“Dada!” Y/N giggled.


From the safety of his home, Y/N  fiddled with wires. “You’re going to be electrocuted.” Jarvis warned him. “Then we better have 911 on speed dial.” Y/N joked. “I do. Along with your dad and uncle.” Jarvis stated. “I was joking, Vis. I’ll be-” He then began to scream and shake like electricity was running through his body and soon began to laugh. “I got you!” He laughed at Jarvis. “You didn’t.” He stated. “You’re no fun.” Y/N stated. “I’m here to make sure you don’t get hurt.” Jarvis told him. Y/N huffed and got off the counter. “I’ll just watch TV. Like a normal kid.” Y/N said.

“You aren’t normal, Y/N. Your brain has shown maturity at an incredible rate. You might even surpass your father and graduate college by the time you’re fifteen.” Jarvis told him. “I don’t wanna do that.” Y/N said. “Why not?” Jarvis asked. “Because…he’s my dad. I want him to be the best at everything.” He told Jarvis. “Well, you’ve already built your first engine. Your dad was seven when he did that.” Jarvis stated.

Y/N turned on the TV and saw his dad being arrested. There was a lot of flashing lights and people trying to ask questions as the policemen escorted him into the car. Tony hung his head in shame and Y/N was confused. “Vis, why’s my dad on the news?” He asked the AI. “He was found to be in possession of heroin, cocaine and an unloaded handgun while he was speeding down.” Jarvis informed him. “Can you call uncle Rhodey?” Y/N asked. “He’s already on his way.” Jarvis stated and Y/N nodded.

AGE 10 (2000)

“Y/N, you ready to watch the Tigger movie?” Tony asked. “Yeah, I just gotta send my professor the essay….and…done!” He cheered and walked out his room. “Dad, can you tell me about my mom?” He asked. He didn’t seem sad, just curious. “Yeah, um, she was…amazing.” Tony smiled as they walked down the stairs. “Bye Jarvis!” Y/N said as they walked out the house and into the car. “Your mom had a heart of gold. She was there for me when I needed someone to talk to about my dad and…she helped me through a lot of things.” Tony stated and Y/N nodded.

“I want to meet someone like that.” He told his dad and Tony smiled. “I’m sure you will.” He said and started the car. Y/N was in the back and buckled himself in, Tony did the same. After five years of substance abuse, arrests, rehab, and relapse, Tony was finally ready to work toward a full recovery from drugs and a return to his main priority, raising Y/N. Tony wanted to be there for his son and be better than Howard was, that was what made him realize what a complete idiot he was being and got help.

He wanted to help Y/N with his homework and be there for school events. Wanted to be a better father than his dad was to him. Y/N knew everything that was going on with Tony and as much as he hated what everyone was saying about him, he knew his dad was better than what the press portrayed him to be. It was a rough road to recovery, but with the help of Rhodey, Jarvis, Y/N and Tony’s new assistant, Pepper, they were able to help him.

Y/N liked Pepper. She wasn’t like the other assistants and liked talking with Y/N, didn’t treat him like a freak or kid because she knew his mind-set was clearly further advanced than his age.

AGE 18 (2008)

“Dad! Listen to Pepper.” Y/N exclaimed. “Don’t shout.” Tony groaned. “I wouldn’t have to shout if you’d just listen.” Y/N stated. “God, you’re just like your mother.” Tony said. “I’m going to take that as a compliment.” Y/N said and jumped onto one of the tables. “You’ve got a Jericho missile demonstration in Afghanistan.” Y/N reminded him. “Are you coming with me?” Tony asked. “Can’t. Jess wants us to go shopping.” Y/N stated and Tony raised an eyebrow. “Really now? If you don’t want to go, you can just tell me. You don’t have to lie.” Tony stated.

“Alright, I’d much rather spend the day with Obadiah then be in the sand.” Y/N told him and Tony smiled. “Alright, well, Anakin, have fun with that.” Tony said. Y/N faked a laugh. Pepper finished telling Tony the details as Y/N began to fiddle with some prototypes. 

“I don’t have a good feeling about this.” Y/N told Tony as soon as Pepper walked out the cave. “The weapon?” Tony asked. “The demonstration.” Y/N stated. “It’s fine. We’ve done this a hundred times before.” Tony reassured his son. “Yeah, but this time…it feels different.” He told Tony.

“I’ll call you as soon as I land and once the demonstration is done, okay?” Tony asked. Y/N nodded, “Alright, just…come back in one piece.” Y/N ordered and Tony laughed. “I promise.” Tony said and extended his pinky. “Really? What are we? Five?” Y/N asked him. “C'mon…” Tony trailed. Y/N chuckled and extended his pinky.

Tony did as promised and called Y/N as soon as he and Rhodey landed. Even if he was drunk, he manged to tell Y/N he was fine and the demonstration was going to be amazing. When they hung up, Y/N told Jarvis to keep him updated with news about his dad, knowing he’d probably meet some woman and get drunk again, forgetting to call.

Y/N was downstairs, designing another cell to keep people for interrogations. Unlike his dad, Y/N wasn’t very fond of building weapons, not trusting Obadiah or the board for that fact. Y/N had just finished adding details to the cell when Jarvis alerted him that the base had been attacked and his dad was nowhere to be found. Y/N immediately called his dad and when he didn’t answer, he called Rhodey.

For almost six months, Y/N had helped Rhodey trying to find his dad. He and Pepper ran the company in the absence of his dad and Y/N could notice Obadiah wasn’t very pleased with Y/N running the company instead of him, just an 18-year-old boy. While looking for his father, Rhodey told Y/N that he should hire bodyguards, and he followed his uncle’s advice.

When Rhodey found Tony walking in the sand, Y/N was the first person he called. Tears of joy were streaming down Y/N’s face when he heard the news and drove down to meet them as soon as they landed.

AGE 25 (2015)

“You probably think I’m a selfish bastard, don’t you?” Tony asked his son. Y/N looked up at him and knew he had been drinking. He also noticed that he’d been crying. “Get some sleep.” Y/N told his dad. “I can’t.” Tony said as he stumbled onto Y/N’s bed. “Why not?” Y/N asked, closing his laptop to prevent his dad from reading what people were saying about him.

“The nightmares don’t stop.” Tony whispered. “Do you want to talk about it?” Y/N asked. “You were dead. Your blood was on my hands and-and your mom she was crying. I-I wanted to hold you, but she wouldn’t let me.” Tony explained his nightmare.

“Dad, you need medical help. The things you’ve seen and have been through…it’s not good for you to suppress whatever is going through your head isn’t good for you. You’re my dad and I don’t want to lose you. I don’t care about Ultron, all you did was tried to protect the world. Steve, he’s an old man. He isn’t ready for the world to move on. Whatever you saw while you were up there, you just wanted to protect us from it.” Y/N stated and Tony nodded.

“You’re just like your mom.” Tony smiled. Y/N chuckled, “Yeah, Jess says I have her eyes.” Y/N told him. “Huh, you do.” Tony noticed. “Go get some sleep. I’ll be right here if anything happens.” Y/N said and Tony stood from his bed and walked out the room. Y/N opened his laptop and continued to read the disrespectful and rude things people were saying about his dad.

Y/N got ready to go to sleep but couldn’t shake the feeling that something sinister was on it’s way.

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Here's a prompt! Soulmate AU where the world turns into color when you meet your soulmate. Both are in denial they are meant to be!

Oh I love this!!  Just imagine what it would mean for everyone to not see colours for years! And if you never saw them! And people pretending to see them!! And and- okay, I’m getting too excited about this idea.

Also, what taddie tour? I need to ignore that for this fic.  So like, this is a crazy au with soulmates bringing colour into your life and no taddie tour.  Okay?  Okay :-)

Also also, I’m dying of second hand embarrassment.  Dex nooooooooooooo!  (But like, once I thought of it, I couldn’t not put it in, y’know?)

Thanks for the prompt! Enjoy! :-) xxxx


“But I don’t get it Mama” Derek complained.  “how does the poet know her eyes are like the sea?  How can eyes be like the sea?  Are they moving or something?”

“They mean the colour of her eyes is like the sea?” his mama said with a smile.

“Colour?” Derek asked “What’s that?”

“You’ll see” she said with a soft smile “But now, you should be asleep”.  She pressed a kiss to his forehead, and tucked him into bed.  

In the dark of his room, Derek tried out the new word.  “Colour” he whispered to his teddy bear.  He didn’t know what it was yet, but he liked it.  With a smile, Derek fell asleep, dreaming about the sea and poetry.

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