As Obi-Wan held Luke in his arms, Padme beckoned, “Obi-Wan?” He met her gaze, and she said, “There’s good in him.” She gasped, then continued, “I know. I know there’s…still—”

And then Padme Amidala died.

Obi-Wan just stood there for a moment, holding the baby boy in stunned silence. He had felt so utterly powerless as Padme breathed her last, and not just because he couldn"t stop her from dying. Even though he believed that there wasn’t a trace of goodness left in Anakin, he also knew that it would have been a kindness on his part if he had somehow assured the dying woman that he shared her conviction. All it would have taken on his part was a smile or a slight nod, and she might have died in peace. But in the end, he had been powerless to even manage that.


Meeting her gave me a chance to finally use the name I chose. You’ll like this: Ben. I had seen it on the map at the property office in Bestine — there’s some mesa by that name. Satine used to call me that — it was a private thing. I like the sound of it.


“I see my job as very simple: I have to pretend to be different people. So, to make it interesting and to live up to my job description, I should pretend to be different people al the time. They must never fall into the same category. And because I’m an actor, it’s not about me. If I was worried about my image, or if I was always playing somebody who saves hostages from airplanes, I wouldn’t be in this business at all. I’m not worried about how I come across in a film, as long as my character serves the story. I don’t care what people think about me.”

Having studied Jedi skills as well as arcane dark side lore, Kylo Ren is the embodiment of conflict, drawing upon contradictory teachings and deriving power from discord. Ren has taken pains to bury his past, though he uses the unpleasant emotions that stir within him when reflecting upon his youth to fuel his anger and dark powers. Through his veins courses the bloodline of the most powerful Jedi and Sith, and Ren sees it as his birthright to rule the galaxy. As his power rises, it eclipses his past life leaving the young man further isolated. Kylo Ren aspires to build imunity to the light side — to succeed where Darth Vader and his sentimentality once failed.