Call To Arms
  • Call To Arms
  • The Boston Strangler
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When you can’t find the meaning. When you lose all faith. When you’re stuck in a rut. When you need the change. When the words get lost on the tip of your tongue, then let out the sirens, cause you’re not the only one. As friends, as brothers, we’ll see things to the end. As friends, as brothers, we’ll show them where we stand. It’s a call to arms, so sound the alarm.

A Sin Away | 丘比特罪 | Not one individual I desire, there’s no one on my mind. She’s a fein for the touch, her tongue begs for my time. They say young god we pray for the, Kings, Queens bow before me. I’m unsure how this may end but broken love is how it began. I know too much to fall now.

“Looming” - Looming 

You guys, it’s finally here. The EP is up for streaming. I’m ridiculously proud of every person in this band, and I’m lucky to be able to play with them. Every one of us worked really hard on this. For a long time, I thought things just fell into place really well for this band, but they only did because of everyone’s hard work. I love you guys. 


Pero no somos fans jajajaja 😂😭 #BXS #bryndisxsiempre #bryndis


>>MFW Silverion Hammer

This is why Super Robot Wars: BX is ten times better than Z3.2.