your mother
didn’t spend
9 months
forming your body
inside of her
just so you could
hate and destroy it
—  Bejal
i hope you see my face in every passing car and hear my voice in your favorite songs and you realize i was the one all along
—  Bejal
like 99% of my problems would be solved if i stopped overthinkin, calmed the fuck down and stopped being such a panicky, anxious little shit
—  Bejal
i want to kiss her. not because i want to feel the softness of her fair lips or the warmth of her breath as she exhales against me. i want to kiss her because i can’t think of any other way to fully express the beauty that she is. i want her to know that i see her as perfect. that she is perfect.
—  Bejal
you will always find someone your attracted to but you may never find someone you are mentally connected to, pay attention to your mind.
—  Bejal