2:46 am thoughts

Don’t you dare. Don’t you fucking dare try and push me away. We’re one extreme against another. You haven’t been loved in four years and I was just being loved a month and a half ago. You don’t know how to deal with all the attention and I don’t know how to handle the lack of attention. But don’t you dare act like an asshole. You and I both feel the same thing once were together laying in bed, taking in our lovely delicate kisses, holding each other, laughing at a silly movie we found on Netflix…and that’s what love is. We’re going to figure this out together. We have something special. Don’t fuck with my head when you know the shit I went through a month ago. Don’t do it. Just love me. Love me like you do once we are wrapped up in each other. Don’t ruin the good things just because you don’t know how to handle them. Embrace them.

It’s very early in the morning i’m going for a walk I hate too much yesterday, so i’m 30 Franz took me shopping he told me to choose anything I want and paid for it. I remembered all the pain he put me through and didn’t hold back he’s being very sweet and romantic. He noticed that i’m sleeping a lot but I don’t think he knows yet and I came up with a plan to “steal” his dna for the test, I don’t want to use sven’s it will be awful if the results are negative we tried so hard for a baby before our break up and I have this gut feeling that franz is the father. At this time last year I had everything I could ever wish for, a home, a good job, a hot boyfriend who loved, a family. Now i’m a pregnant 30 years old woman who made bad decisions and have nothing left, i’m rambling!

So today I saw a guy who really looked like Lay from EXO.

So me and this friend of mine were watching this guy from a side and then he just looked our way and he caught us starting at him so he smiled at us and as we were embarrassed we smiled back at him.

And he was with his friends and someone called him Leon so the first thing that came to my mind was that I diffinity not must forget his name cuz then I would not be able to look him up on facebook.

The first thing I did when I was at home is look on facebook for this Lay look-alike , and with in less than 5 minutes I found this guy.

I think that sending a friendrequest is a big waste of time cuz why would he add someone he just saw once in his life to Facebook ?!

*playing sad trumpet tune*