Today the love of my life asked me to marry him ❤️ his birthday is on Monday so he asked me to go on an all-day date today to celebrate. After an amazing breakfast after, he took me to the Getty Villa and we walked around and enjoyed the gardens. There was a little arch and I wanted to take a birthday picture with him under it. We set up the tripod but decided to wait to ask someone to take the pic for us. We saw a couple walking by and the guy agreed to take our picture. After he took our pic he asked if we wanted different angles and we were surprised cuz random people never suggest that. Turns out he’s a photographer (how serendipitous 🤗) and we all started chopping it up as we headed to the East Garden. Will had planned to propose in the East Garden as he filmed it on our camera (on the tripod). But when we were walking in, one of the employees told us no tripods were allowed. So when I left to go ask where I could check in the tripod Will told the photographer his plan and asked him to pretend to be taking pictures of us while actually filming. I was standing around posing as he was getting different angles. Finally he moved to an angle where Will was behind me. Will got on one knee and tapped me to get my attention. When I saw the ring I immediately started bawling 😭😭 It’s all so surreal! I’m engaged to the man of my dreams!