Check out our latest adventure video in El Nido, Palawan. 

We know you guys like our vlogs where we talk, but we also enjoy sharing our trips with you all in this style. We hope you enjoy our video.  :)

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After modeling in South Africa, Manila and sightseeing in China we were really eagered to spend our last month and a half volunteering. We have a chance to teach many Vietnamese children English and soon children in Thailand. We also get a chance to spend our days for others and with others and not just meaningless vacation days (as we feel we’ve had those days already). This day we went hiking with the Languages V.M School to Pig Jaw Mountain. I was really surprised that although many of the kids weren’t properly dressed, they still made it to the top with no complaints and no tears. Wish I could also say that for myself and Fabian. We spent 8 hours in the forest, 3 hours hiking up, 2.5 hours on the top pitching our tents and eating lunch (also protecting our lunch from 5 cows that ran through our spot) and 2.5 hours hiking down. It was indeed a long and good day. Vietnam.