One of my twin brothers with Autism has recently taken an interest in knowing what the lyrics in the songs he likes mean. He’s obsessed with country music and asked one of the girls who work with him what “write your name in a tattoo on my arm” means in the song he was listening to. She explained that sometimes people tattoo the names of someone they love on them to show they love them. Today, he wrote “buffalo wild wings” on his arm. I have never loved him more.


Tagged by somecallmetracy to show the last six pictures on my phone. I didn’t count those I’ve already posted, beer app check-ins, or bad selfies. This works out since it kind of covers my week. I helped out on the farm, doing some roofing. The kids had a sleepover, and misspelled the greeting with window markers. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings and I got a taco in a Fritos bag. And this week, we had our first official Football Sunday. All in all, it wasn’t as busy as it seemed at the time.

‘Monster’ derives from the Latin word 'monstrum’, which in turn derives from the root 'monere’ (to warn). To be a monster is to be an omen. Sometimes the monster is a display of God’s wrath, a portent of the future, a symbol of moral virtue or vice, or an accident of nature.
—  Stephen T. Asma, On Monsters: An Unnatural History of Our Worst Fears