wow it’s been SO LONG since ive been able to draw anything personal…. or at all tbh. here’s some characters from a new comic idea i got poking around in my head. Adri on the left belong to tho!!!! S… SORRY FOR PUTTING HIS BANDAGE ON THE WRONG EYE……

After spending time together and hanging out at the local art gallery, Otto starts to feel a lot more comfortable being around Brendon.  He starts to twiddle his thumbs a bit before turning to face the smaller man.

“… Are you… flirting with me?”
Brendon just stares at him for a bit.  He chuckles and takes puff of his cigarette.
“ Maybe.”  

I have no regrets making this

As soon as I came across this post I knew I had to make this video. I pretty made this in half an hour but I still feel I put a little too much effort into this ;w;

Here’s the a link to the YT Version

Links (In order of Appearance)


If I missed anybody let me know plz