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happy new year! i was your tumblr secret new years santa....i'm sorry i was so awful at it, i've just been in the throes of finish last minute university applications! i'll send you your gift soon i promiseee :) HAPPY NEW YEARRR <3

Happy New Year to you too!! :D Aww thanks!! I don’t think they have posted it yet, but I am sure its wonderful!! Thank You!! :D and all the best for your university acceptances! :D <3

Bollywood New Year Results:

Okay, I hope you all received and liked your presents, and really hope this was a great ending to 2012. I wish you all good luck for 2013 and many more years to come on. Before we end this, I want to give a few shoutouts to people. First goes to all the people who asked to help me and they did. Thank you Issdilkaabkyakaroon, thirstyforknowledge, bhavs2699, naina-dagabaaz-re, who all asked to help me and there were many more but these four are on the top of my head. A BIG BIG thank you to Sidra for writing all the names down into a list and giving everyone out their person (some did not get it because tumblr was acting like a b*tch) Also a big thank you to Rummi, who came up with this idea and also participated :) And the BIGGEST, HUGEST, AND CRAZIEST SHOUT-OUT to you guys for all participating (even though some did not submit -_-) who participated and had the time out of your break to message your person and make a gift for them. All of them were amazing, I was shocked as each one of you submitted them :D


These are your new years buddy, (person who made gift) => (person who got gift)

I made some gifts because some people submitted late, so if you have two gifts then one’s from me because your person submitted really late and I thought you wouldn’t get one :) Happy New Year, and I wish there are many things to look forward to this year and hopefully you achieve your new year resolutions (I broke mine :p) I really hope 2013 is a good year for us all. Oh and 65 participants, love you all. 

  1. remembermesweetbravery => isdilkaabkyakaroon
  2. barsaat => remembermesweetbravery
  3. incompletedreamsx => oh-naadan-parindey
  4. crazymonsoon => prisoncreations
  5. Hulchul-hui => sapno-ki-rani
  6. oh-naadan-parindey => pehli-baarish
  7. pyaardostihai => discodeewani
  8. jaadohainasha => incompletedreamsx
  9. colouredvinyl => crazymonsoon
  10. prisoncreations => barsaat
  11. discodeewani => nainokibullet
  12. shahid-esmio => jaadohainasha
  13. mamaofdragons => znaj0319
  14. xlostinmoonlight => colouredvinyl
  15. sapno-ki-rani => mamaofdragons
  16. nainokibullet => shahid-esmio
  17. pehli-baarish => an-infinite-soul
  18. znaj0319 => oh-naadan-parindey
  19. isdilkaabkyakaroon => pyaardostihai
  20. an-infinite-soul (I made the gift) => Hulchul-hui
  21. naadaanparindey => pehli-baarish
  22. dhoomachale => teenagedreamer13
  23. ann-naan => angrejibeat
  24. angrejibeat => dhoomachale
  25. teenagedreamer13 => ann-naan
  26. supertgirl => rangeelaa
  27. nainparindey => jamtomytoast
  28. heeriyeh => crazyindianchick
  29. rangeelaa => nainparindey
  30. kaali-kajol => meenakumaricomplex
  31. armaankipaalkhi => sheelakijawani
  32. aye-chikni => iheartipkknd
  33. tazzyspazzy => thealphaindian
  34. surajaurchand => heeriyeh
  35. iheartipkknd => sarzzzz18
  36. Pehli-nazar => restisstillunwritten
  37. korakaghaz => surajaurchand
  38. meenakumaricomplex => armaanokipaalkhi
  39. jamtomytoast => korakaghaz
  40. barumania => supertgirl
  41. restisstillunwritten => aye-chikni
  42. sarzzzz18 => tazzyspazzy
  43. Kajolsunibrow => kaali-kajol
  44. sheelakijawani => barumania
  45. shabanasks => priyankachoprabeauty 
  46. priyankachoprabeauty => shabanasks 
  47. Thealphaindian  => bigeyes-bigeyelashes
  48. Bigeyes- bigeyelashes => Publicpajamas 
  49. Jaana-sanam => kajolssunibrow
  50. Publicpajamas => jaana-sanam
  51. crazyindianchick => jaanekahaandillmillgayye
  52. Notfadedaway => pehli-nazar
  53. Ishqwalalove => notfadedaway
  54. Ittisihasni => minidesipakora 
  55. thodi-si-kameeni => ittisihasni 
  56. Ahedsrk => junglibilliash
  57. Junglibilliash => main-ishaqzaadi-pareshaan
  58. main-ishaqzaadi-pareshaan => bhavz2699
  59. Andimfallingforyou => ahedsrk
  60. Bhavz2699 => blindsandcurtains
  61. naina-dagabaaz-re => zayedkhan929
  62. zayedkhan929 = andiamfallingforyou
  63. blindsandcurtains => naina-dagabaaz-re
  64. Jaanekahaandillmillgayye => zayedkhan929
  65. Reasonswhywelovebollywood => xlostinmoonlight 

Hi Sona:) Happy New Year hun. May this coming year brings lots of happiness, love, joy, success and bright future for you and your family. It was very nice being you Secret Santa for new years. Have an amazing day party hard and best wishes for upcoming year. Hope you life your gift. I’ve just started gif-ing like 2-3 weeks ago so im not amazing in gif-ing but I hope you’ll like whatever I made:) It was very nice meeting you. 

Best wishes and love.

-Your SS:)

Hey there! Let me start off by saying that i absolutely love your blog! I hope you have an amazing new year filled with laughter and happiness. I’m not much of a photoshop wiz… this is like the second photoset I’ve made so please excuse the lack of quality :) I’m so glad I found your blog through this. I hope you had fun on your holiday and all the best for the upcoming year.

All my love,

Your New Year Anon <3

Hey K-K-K-K-Kiran! It’s me, your secret New Years buddy! It’s been so much fun over the past few days getting to know you and your obsession with SRK and SOTY! I love how we have like a gazillion things in common and I hope your new year is filled with loads of fun and love and is everything you hope it to be <3


Dear Ira,

After doing some stalking on your blog, I’ve come to learn quite a lot about you. Also, from my questions as well, I have come to enjoy taking to you. We even share some similarities and I’m glad this gave us an opportunity to talk to each other. :)

Your blog is lovely. I don’t know why I didn’t follow it before. I hope you like what I made, for I’m fairly new to GIFing. As for the next year, I hope you have a wonderful one ahead of you with lots of accomplishments and things to look forward to. Happy New Year, Ira and have an amazing one!

Your, New Year SS :)

Happy New Years Meli! Hope your year is filled with happiness, success and joy. I admire your obsession for Shahid and Juhi! Hope we can be good friends.Hope you like my little gift, I’m new to this stuff so do excuse it hehe.  Love your blog! From your secret bwnewyears buddy! <3

Hey Baby lol, so basically you see I’ve only really talked to you once but you seem like such a sweet person and I love the fact that your always upbeat <3:) Plus you like the same actors and actresses as me ;O I had to edit Priyanka and Ranbir because they’re so cute together. Anyways, I hope that this new year brings a lot of happiness into your life and don’t let no b*tch ruin it for you :) Plus I’ll drop a little hint for you, my name starts with an “S”. Love you <3