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I’ll use this tag for a couple fics in the near future, including ot6 puppy piles and just random fluffy things. Just wanted to decide what their wolf forms looked like first.  I have a lot of feels for B.A.P as a werewolf pack. This is gonna be my thing ^^

BAP as Pokemon
  • Yongguk:Doesn't fight. Is actually a companion pokemon. Used as a therapy pokemon for the sick patients. Looks like a tough pokemon, but is actually really sweet.
  • Himchan:One of those high-level pokemon that doesn't listen to you. Does what he wants. Falls asleep a lot instead of listening to you.
  • Daehyun:Steals food from the other pokemon and you. Thinks he's tougher than he actually is so he gets knocked out a lot.
  • Youngjae:Has the sassy nature. Likes being paired up with Pokemon who do most of the work and he gets all the experience points. Makes up for it by being super cute.
  • Jongup:High-level but his attacks miss a lot. Ends up confused a lot and always attacks himself
  • Zelo:Lvl. 1. Just hatched from an egg. Still young but very promising. Has a lot of good moves from his father.
B.A.P Reaction: You being very clumsy.

Request: bap reaction to u being really clumsy? thank you!

A/N: Finally done! Hope you like it!!


would stare before bursting out in laughter. At the start of your relationship he would be concerned and run to your side, but once he saw that you were so clumsy he would just laugh at how you tripped over nothing.

“Jagi that shirt was literally 5 feet away.”    

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He would always run to your side and hug you, no matter where you were. Himchan would laugh and rock you back and forth, pulling away to stare at you before pulling you in a hug again. 

“Aish Y/N be more careful next time.”

You’re Yongguk

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would run over to you and help you, he would always try to hide his laugh, by scratching his face or turning his head. 

“Bebe be more careful, before you hurt yourself.”  

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would help you up grining the whole time. How could you be this cute! Youngjae would love how you would cling to him when you guys would go out, he would wrap his arm around your waist making sure you don’t trip over something. 

“I got you Jagi, don’t worry.”

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would smile and stare at you lovingly. He always thought your clumsiness was straight up adorable. You would have to yell at him to get his attention again. 

“What? oh sorry, you’re just so adorable.”  

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would tease you like crazy! whenever you tripped he would laugh so loud people though he was crazy. He also loved this side of you thought, because a lot of times you would cling on him and he loved that you could rely on him. 

“Jagi watch out for that hole!” He would laugh.

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