Anna was the ticketing extraordinaire at this year’s Brisbane Writers Festival. She steered us through the five-day festival inside a tiny demountable box office outside the State Library (which can be a real pressure-cooker at times). Aside from looking after her team of four and putting up with me everyday, she made sure the festival ticketing system was ship-shape for the hundreds of patrons … while hosing down the odd fire-breathing dragon every so often. Incredibly patient and helpful, sometimes pressured but never stressed, and always, always full of class. I’m very fortunate to have worked under her.

Here she is phasing as Kitty Pryde with Lockheed.

BWF 2013 and more books

aw man. i’m already starting to get tired of keeping updates on this blog HAHA. GOTTA PERSEVERE OOOOOOON.

okay, so last Wed - Sun (4 - 8th Sept) was the Brisbane Writers Festival. basically it’s a festival for writers and readers and anyone else interested. talks, book releases, readings, discussions, master classes, awards, workshops etc all pertaining to reading and writing for people of all ages. most of what goes on happens at the State Library of Queensland (SLQ), but there’re a few others that happen at UQ, QUT and other libraries too. it’s really really cool. if you’re interested in those kinda stuff.

I volunteered to help out for the festival and got shifts for all the days, so most of my time last wk was spent at the SLQ.

volunteer shirt 8DDD :

I was given the position of Assistant Venue Manager, but really, that was just a nice term for helping out at venues, ushering, running and all the other usual lackey jobs.

it was definitely fun though. and i really learnt a LOT.

first time i did an ushering job. i now know how a champagne glass looks like. found out that apparently a lot of people like champagne cos it’s fizzy. first time seeing and learning how to use a dishwasher. lots of other stuff HAHA.

plus volunteers could freely enter talks and whatever session they wanted without needing to buy a ticket. WOOHOOOO. those tickets were really expensive. REALLY. it was great to be able to listen in WITHOUT having to buy any \o/

sat in the BWF opening, a children’s session bout ‘getting into trouble’ and how it can help in writing stories, rural romance, setting in a crime novel, fairytales in stories, some music one (that i really didnt understand), indigenous australian culture and how it affects education, comics and how it should be less comic-y. okay, i admit i wasnt paying attention in a few of them, but they were interesting. serious. or at least some were to me.

then after every single session, the panel of artists would have a signing session, so i managed to get some photos and signs YEEEAAAAAHHHHHHH

top left: Mathew Reilley … right: Simon Reynolds

bottom left: Ruth Ozeki … right: Matt Fraction

got simon reynolds and ruth ozeki’s signs for dad 8D

AND YAYYYYYY MATHEW REILLEY. AUTHOR OF ONE OF MY FAVOURITE CHILDHOOD BOOKS HOVER CAR RACER WOOHOOHOOOOOOOOOO. i think i still have the original first cover edition of Hover Car Racer back in Singapore. i think. it was so long ago that i read it omfg. when i was like 11 or 12?? MY CHILDHOOOOODDD. 

gahahahhaa cos i didnt have a comic for Matt Fraction to sign on he drew a friggin adorable whale on my notebook XDDDDD

I WAS SO BUMMED THAT I MISSED GETTING GARTH NIX’S SIGNATURE AAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHHHHHH WHEN I GOT THERE EARLY ON SAT (wayyyy before my shift) HE WAS LEAVING AAARRRGGHHHHHHH. and then he flew off on saturday night. SOBBBSSSS TTATT AARRGGHHHHH. actually bought a book hoping to get it signed but… dammit…

there were quite a few volunteers so after a few days i guess most of us kinda recognised each other even though we didnt rmr/know one another’s names haha. met some pretty cool people.

im really glad i volunteered for the BWF 8))) it was an awesome experience. plus i can put it in my resume YAY. hahahaha. definitely gonna volunteer again next year if i can.

in the span of 5 days, i bought 18 new books HEHEHEH OTL

6 from the BWF (3 of which are signed and 2 for my dad) and the other 12 were from a bookshop in the city which was closing down so everything was so friggin cheap. I COULDNT HELP IT. THOSE 12 BOOKS COST ME BOUT AUD35. and then those 6 books on top cost me over AUD100 -_- 

im thinking most of my luggage space back to singapore in nov’s gonna be filled with books…


Of Reflections and people.

The combination of which makes for interesting patterns, I believe.

A great few days at the Brisbane Writers Festival at the State Library of Queensland for some inspirational ideas and eye-opening talks. The need for silence at most venues meant instagramming was the way to go, eliminating the possibly annoying shutter clicks sound of the SLR :P

raja.syazwina.RS Photography