bweep bwoop

I drew some aliens.

A Quiosiloi using several holographic screens at once. All six eyes are capable of focusing independantly or working in multiple combinations (quiosiloi have incredibly complex perceptions regarding eyesight) so they’re probably multitasking, and the two unused arms fold up casually. 

A Kuequa comforts his gravid mate. Kuequa are sequential hermaphrodites who exhibit protogyny- changing from “female” to “male” over the course of their life (although, being a monogendered species, the human terms don’t really fit?) as well as changing from their initial nonsapient form (a first-stage Kuequa is approximately as intelligent as certain species of birds or smart dogs) into fully sapient second-stage adults. They have really complex social structures built around this transition, and make very close bonds over the course of their lives as a result.