Approximately 60% of this episode consisted of Walt not understanding that lady’s bribe lingo and Hector’s nurse reading the alphabet.

A lot of people say vaguely threatening things like, “If you’re not watching Breaking Bad, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life.” For me, I say, “If you’re watching Breaking Bad and not reading Dan Hopper’s BWE.TV recaps, I don’t know why you even watch the show." 

unicornery unlocked HYPERBOLIC ONE-UPMANSHIP. 

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O Canada, Thank You for Ryan Gosling

We can all agree that Ryan Gosling sends chills up our collective national spine, right? Look at him: he is beautiful. He dresses perfectly. His hair sits at just the right angle. His smile is like a spear through your heart. His accent — whatever it may be — is sexually empowering to anyone who will listen. This guy is the one to beat, and by “beat,” we mean “mount in your dreams.”

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Watch Ryan Gosling talk about Canada, and by the end of it, you will decide it’s high time to move north. Sure, you said you were Toronto-bound when George W. Bush beat John Kerry to literally ruin the world, but this time you really mean it because, hey girl, you’d do anything for Ryan Gosling.-Eliot Glazer Is Officially Coming To An End |

This is deeply upsetting. The Internet, and pop culture in general, are losing a wonderful brand and distinct editorial voice. It’s going to be sorely missed.

After this week, will no longer be updated, and VH1′s digital pop culture coverage will be rolled into VH1 Celebrity, VH1 Music, and the VH1 Blog. We’ll be spending this week doing a series of BWE wrap-up lists and blasting “I Will Remember You” and “End Of The Road” simultaneously on a loop, and Friday, June 15th be our last day of new content.

If you’re wondering why this is happening, long story short, the show Best Week Ever went off the air more than three years ago. We attempted to re-pitch to VH1 as a type of Wives, but it didn’t take, so I’m afraid this is officially goodbye.
Why April Fool’s Day On The Internet Is F***ing Stupid |

A little bit of contrarian argument from Dan Hopper…

The only people in the world who are going to be Googling “Helvetica” today are people who heard of this prank virally and are deliberately doing it to see what happens. Which is fine, sure, but it’s not a prank – unless there’s one dude over in New Mexico who woke up this morning really wanting to know what Helvetica is so he Googled it and everything turned into Comic Sans font and he was like “guess that’s what it is, I will remember that in my life from now on” and went on believing that, and if that’s the case, then you nailed it, Google!

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The Cee-Lo Green Valentine’s Day V-Cards: 100% Guaranteed to Get You Laid | Best Week Ever

Above is the R Rated & Nasty Seduction video, there are 3 more at the source. “Fuck You” not included, so no worries about getting it stuck in your head.