Leon Followill|| Age: 24 || FC : Ian Somerhalder || Status: Open/Taken/Reserved

→ Bio:

Leon was born into a good family; he was the only child of Leonard and Rose Followill. His parents always thought him to live life to the fullest but also to be responsible and a good human being. Growing up he never got serious problems, he was a normal teenager; normal grades, he went to parties with his friends, he got drunk a couple of times but nothing really outstanding. When he was 17 years old he met a girl that changed his life forever, she was perfect or at least that was what he thought. He fell in love with her quickly; the way she smiled, moved and even the way she talked draw him more in, it was like he was in some kind of frenzy when he was around her. As they spent more time together he discovered she had some flaws, she was addicted to drug and she couldn’t stop but neither that made him leave her, he stood by her side and tried to help her; his love for her only grew stronger. One night they went to a party, in a blink of an eye she disappeared from his sight but a few hours later she find her way back to him when the police arrived. Her face was pale, terror filled her eyes, she was high and she has drugs with her. She panicked and he calmed her down by telling her he was going to hide the drugs for her, he took them shocked by the amount of drugs she had and wondering how many and ran into a bathroom to flush them but the police caught them first, when they dragged him outside he saw his girlfriend and in desperation he shouted for help but she denied him and pretended she didn’t know him. They arrested him and he was in deep problems, the amount of Heroin and Cocaine he had was enough to make the police think he was a drug dealer. He claimed the drugs weren’t from him but he never revealed who the owner was, he was crushed and hurt by what the girl he loved did to him that he didn’t care if he had to go to jail. Luckily for him his parents convince the judge to send him to Blackwell instead of jail, was he really lucky?

→ Life at Blackwell:

It’s been six years since Leon arrived to Blackwell; he’s probably the person who’s been stuck in Blackwell the longer time, he did changed when he arrived though, he stopped being the sweet kind guy and became a real problem. He was angry and bitter, and he stopped caring about people and life because he came to the conclusion people were worthless and that love and happiness was something that didn’t exist at all. He doesn’t get into fights often, only when his quiet world is being disturbed by something or someone, he gets along with some people but it’s careful to not get attached to him and If he does feel like he cares for someone he hides the feeling inside.

→ Personality:

Leon became a bitter person, he’s cold and careless and he’s not afraid to hurt somebody’s feeling because he’s cruelly honest. He’s quiet but fun to be around; he decided that life was too short to expect something amazing from it because he believes it nothing like “dreams coming true” would ever happen, so he decided to act as he felt in the moment. He likes some people in Blackwell but he doesn’t trust them because he believes people lies all the time, “They’re selfish and full of shit” this is something he always says.