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mr broadway how exactly will grumpy cat be utilized in cats on bway will she get her own number or will she just run across the stage? please explain

tweet andy and ask him… this was the news i was talking about… it was all andy’s idea
Broadway Producers Launch On-Demand Streaming of Stage Shows
Two Broadway producers have launched BroadwayHD, an on-demand service that will stream recorded theatre productions as Netflix and Hulu have been doing for broadcast media, according to Variety.

If you haven’t seen this, be EXCITED! Broadway Netflix! 

The theatre community is finally catching up with the way the world works. We’re already seen as pompous and rich because theatre can only appeal to people with the resources and time to get to New York and buy $100+ tickets. 

Now a small town, middle class kid can get to be touched by and fall in with theatre. We don’t need to watch shitty, illegal bootlegs to see great shows! There’s not to many shows up right now, but hopefully producers will realize how smart this is and put more hows up. Support this amazing site! 


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Fucked Up High School Musical - it’s like high school musical, but with a little more angst and a lot more death.  [listen]

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