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Can ask for komaru with miaya, syo, and touko please? Fluffy stuffs??

You can indeed ^^ Here you go :P

Request: Komaru, Miaya, Syo and Toko Fluff

Komaru Naegi:

- She always has things to fangirl about

- “S/O - san! Look!”

- She holds up a magazine showing an interview with a celebrity

- “Aren’t they the best? Also! I have a coupon I can use in the bookstore now!”

- You let out a little laugh as she literally jumps up and down

- “Come with me! Please please pleaseeeee”

- You pat the top of her head before taking hold of her hand

- “Better hurry then, they’re closing soon”

- She gives you a quick kiss on the cheek before pulling you towards the bookstore

- After your little trip is over, the two of you sit on the sofa

- You’re watching TV whilst she’s reading, her head on your lap

- “Hey, S/O - san”

- “What is it?”

- She smiles up at you

- “I love you!”

- A faint blush appears on your cheeks before you start stroking her hair

- “I-I love you too…”

Miaya Gekkogahara:

- You never actually heard her speak but you didn’t mind at all

- She was usually typing away on her laptop but whenever she looked up and your eyes met, she’d lower her scarf and smile at you

- You always loved it when she came over and sat on your lap, it would always end up with a cuddle session

- Your favourite thing to do was to kiss the top of her head and murmur that you love her, she would always blush at that

- She was a hard worker, so you’d often find her snoozing on her desk

- You would always either wrap a blanket around her or carefully carry her to bed

- She would repay you by preparing the meals and often arrange them into cute patterns such as a smiley face 

- How are you so cute :’)

- If the two of you went out for a walk, she’d often tug you towards the nearest bench before proceeding to wrap her scarf around the two of you

Genocider Syo:

- You’re not gonna lie

- Being in a relationship with her was rather… Chaotic

- And she also always had cute nicknames for you e.g. Slowpoke

- You found out that she actually had a counterpart that was the complete opposite to her

- Nonetheless, you were still in love with her

- She would often make jokes (even though you didn’t get some of them) 

- When it came to affection it was rather… Random

- One day she would shower you with kisses whilst on other days she would hold up her scissors at you if you got any closer than arms-length

- One night when the two of you were cuddling she broke away from you and looked at you with a serious expression

- “Why didn’t you run away yet?”

- “Excuse me?”

- “Think about it Slowpoke! I’m a serial killer!”

- “I don’t deny that… You did a lot of bad but… I got to know you, both of you, and for some reason, I simply can’t allow myself to leave you”

- She lets out her famous laugh before pulling you into a hug

- “S/O you’re lucky you’re cute, but awfully stupid bwahahahahha”

Toko Fukawa:

- Unlike her counterpart she usually makes… Assumptions

- “Y-You’re just dating m-me out of pity r-right? I’m right aren’t I?!”

- “Huh?”

- “Don’t a-act dumb!”

- “Fukawa - san, do you really think I’d date you if I didn’t like you? That’s.. Not how it works… You write romance novels you should know that!”

- You compliment her as much as you possibly can and make sure to tell her that you think she’s amazing

- “Y-Yeah right…”

- “It’s true Fukawa - san! Afterall… I have no reason to lie”

- “… Want to… Read a part of my… New work?”

- “I would love to!”

- You pull her onto your laptop and kiss her cheek before beginning to read

- No wonder she has best selling books, this is amazing!

- You make sure to point out all your favourite parts, even  sneaking in some of your suggestions on what could happen in the future

- “I-Idiot… That’s not like the character at all!”

- She puts it in anyway

ABC it’s- a Me

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A - Age: 21

B - Biggest Fear: Spiders, losing a loved one.

C - Current time: 7:49 PM

D - Drink you last had: Dr. Pepper

E - Everyday starts off with: me hitting snooze at least twice

F - Favorite song:  Young by the Chainsmokers at the moment makes me happy.

G - Ghosts, are they real?: I don’t know, if they are then I would like to make a request for my haunting.

H - Hometown: one of the worst cities in California

I - In love with: bwahahahahha

J - Jealous of: The wives of all my celebrity husbands

K - Killed someone: In my writing? - Constantly

L - Last time you cried: Sunday

M - Middle name: M

N - Number of siblings: 5

O - One Wish: For things to finally start going right

P - Person you last called/texted: my friend and old neighbor

Q - Question you’re always asked: “What’s your major?”

R - Reason to smile: …. summer?

S - Song you last sang: my adapted version of Under Control by Parachute

T - Time you woke up: 8:45 AM

U - Underwear color: grey

V - Vacation destination: Currently my dream vacation is to go to Greece!

W - Worst habitat: procrastination

X - X rays you’ve had: Just for dental

Y - Your favorite foods: Mexican food!!

Z - Zodiac sign: Taurus, and Chinese year of the rat.

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hindi ko magets bakit kailangan naka-apppointment ang relationship date?

G: Babe gusto ko 6 tayo magpalit ng Rel. Stat.
B: Gusto ko 9.
G: Sige na. Please.
B: Okay, excitement ka e.

Seriously? Mag69 position na lang kayo sa monthsary niyo.


“i can show you the world…”