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Fangirling over a few stills from the Last Jedi trailer

For everyone who thought Ben Solo might have “an ugly scar”:

Bwahahahahah. Sorry, no.

Rey’s voiceover about the balance of the force, and the quick shot of her running fiercely towards…well, Kylo, apparently. She looks a lot more angry than he does.

And…what is this intriguing scene? Past, present? The destruction of Luke’s Jedi training project in the past, or something that happens in the future?

Luke says it’s time for the Jedi to end. Bitterness and grief talking there? Will he still feel that way by the end of TLJ?

Ahhhhhh. Finally, fresh fragments of story to chew on! Yum. And hooray!

anonymous asked:

I need headcanons of what rin and Mephisto would do if they were actually friends

They actually start to get along when Rin turns 17. Honestly, 17 was such a huge turning point of a year for Rin, the year in which he started to get his shit together. Age 17 was when Yukio actually got hurt from one of his many suicidal endeavors, leading to Rin demanding answers and him and Yukio reconciling after a lot of talking. Age 17 was when Rin learned he was dyslexic and had ADHD so he got his shit together and started doing really well in school, the year he got the glasses he didn’t know he needed, the year his childhood curls came back with vengeance, and the year he and Mephisto statd to get along because Yukio coming forward with his suicidal behavior kind of fucked up Mephisto’s little game royally. Anyway, on with the headcanons…

-Mephisto loves Rin’s curly hair as it matches his curl/horn.

-Rin developed a dark sense of humor so he and Mephisto exchange a lot of disgusting jokes that makes Shura kind of want to rip her ears off. Example:

“Hey, Sam* (Rin’s nickname for Mephisto), why did the dead baby cross the road?”

“Oh my, why would it ever do that?”

“Because it was stapled to the chicken!”


“…What the fuck is wrong with you two?”

-They’re both really into Skyrim. Both have a mutual character who literally just runs around and destroys everything. Mephisto is very good at coding so he made said character invincible and flooded the game with NPCs to just kill for no actual reason. He and Rin refer to this character as their anarchist character. They do play the game seriously though! Mephisto really likes the concepts of the Dwemer. 

-They wear pink on Wednesdays. 

-They hang out at the mall all incognito-like on Sundays and get their nails done together.

-They like to pull elaborate pranks on the Grigori, one of which involved painting an unflattering picture of Angel on the ceiling. 

-Sometimes Mephisto will randomly pop into Rin’s class and pick him up, and take him elsewhere so they can hang out. This usually happens when Mephisto has a frustrating day and needs a smol cute child to help him feel happy and not set things on fire.

-No one actually knows that Rin is Mephisto’s ward, and there’s an on-going rumor that he and Mephisto are in a relationship. Sometimes they like to add fuel to this rumor just to watch people’s heads spin. In reality, they’re disgusted by the mere notion of them dating. 

Thanks for the ask.

-Admin Caspar


Megatron & Optimus Prime - Transformers as Humans

Y'all knew I had to cast Benny Cumberbabbu as Megs right?  Benny of the Awesome Names makes just a good villain as he does a hero and he’s got the voice and the attitude to pull it off.  And can you imagine him alongside Tom Hiddlesboo as Starscream? 

In my head, Richard would make for an awesome human version of Prime.  He’s deadly in battle and YEAH, let’s make all the majestic jokes here right now, because Prime definitely qualifies.  But at the same time, Optimus, the way I remember him from G1, can be endearingly adorkable and Richard definitely qualifies. 


Tessék copy+pastelek párat!

Nem mindegy, hogy

  • erek közt szelektálni, vagy szelek közt erektálni.
  • rovarszervet ivartalanítani, vagy ivarszervet rovartalanítani.
  • karban tartod a farod, vagy farban tartod a karod.
  • farkasokkal táncoló, vagy táncosokkal farkaló. (hork x,’D én láttam a filmet)
  • Pista bácsi a kaszát fenegeti vagy a f*szát kenegeti.
  • víz alatt szexelni, vagy szex alatt vizelni!(BWAHAHAHAHAH fúj x’D undorító)
  • egyöntetű vagy ön egy tetű
  • kecsesen ringó fecske vagy recsegve fingó kecske(ez a kedvencem eddig) x,D
  • fal mellett szarni, vagy szar mellett falni.
  • köhögve röpülsz, vagy röhögve köpülsz.
  • okos hülyéskedik, vagy a hülye okoskodik.
  • tengeri csata csúcspontja vagy csengeri tata púpcsontja.
  • vidd ki a bilit vagy idd ki a bilit!(életet menthet x,D)
  • helyet cserélni vagy csehet herélni!
  • az állapotom ideális, vagy az ideálom állapotos.
  • vízibusz, vagy buzi visz.
  • párbajban vérezni vagy vérbajban párzani
  • erek között egy injekció vagy innyek között egy erekció
  • kicsapongás vagy picsakongás

-Képzeld, meghívót kaptam egy zárt körű estélyre. A meghívó alján az állt: “Belépés csak fehér nyakkendőben.”
- Na és? Nem volt fehér nyakkendőd?
- Dehogynem. Csak ott derült ki, hogy a többieken ruha is volt.


Splatfest is over…

And Dogs were ‘technically’ the winner. On the technicality that they were the ‘more popular’ choice. Mind you if that was going to determine the outcome I could’ve told you who would be the winner before this even started. 

I take pride in the fact that us Team Cat players are more skilled and dominated dogs though. So all you Team Dog players can go lick your battle wounds now. 


topdjc  asked:

BWAHAHAHAHAH! I can't seem to send any more messages to the comic page about lewis being a nazi, so I'll ask you here. I just saw the heroes and generals video, lewis and simon just did, and Amy, I have to ask, was this coincidence intentional? because the the irony is killing me

I’ve had much amusement seeing people not quite making that connection up until the small strip with Honeydew I did

The joke of Lewis being literally Hitler has been around far longer then my comic and it is actually the reason why I designed his military uniform in that way. His uniform is actually based on a WW2 general uniform (Heinz Wilhelm Guderian’s attire to be exact.). As horrible as that time period was…you have got to admit, those uniforms where quite stylish!