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“Greetings, Sans– so.”
“This is your job, huh.”
“Why do you have such a hard time with it?”
“It’s pretty easy.”
Why didn’t you just reap me properly too?”
“You’re so incompetent hahaha!”

So, in the First Reaping, Chara was not properly reaped and had thus managed to escape while being corrupted by Death’s (Sans’s) magic. Therefore, with their soul fused by the essence of darkness and Sans’s magic, they have an affinity with Death that allows them to wield Death’s scythe.

At some point, Chara would have grown strong enough to steal one of Sans’s scythes. They take it and reap mortals before their time, which would naturally brew chaos. Sans of course desperately tries to hunt them down in order to take it back, but he is unable to catch them. Eventually, after a mad period of Chara-induced chaos, Chara suddenly appears and drops the scythe by his feet as if it was worth nothing.

“Got bored. Killing people instantly is no fun at all. It’s much more fun… to see them live long enough to become corrupted. Don’t you think?”

And then they disappear with a child-like laugh, leaving Sans stunned and full of dread.

(Whether this was just a random act, simple curiosity, or part of a much greater plot, though, Sans doesn’t yet know. Chara was always so unpredictable.)

Little Notes [Doctor Strange]

Title: Little Notes [Doctor Strange x Reader]

Author: Ultrastrangetales

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Romance

Summary: You had to get his attention somehow, and as always, The Cloak of Levitation knew best.

Story Type: Three chapter fic –> Part II

Originally posted by themarvelstark

Stephen Strange had become obsessed with the random notes he’d find attached in his levitation cloak. Even if he wanted to ignore them, like he had been determined to in the beginning his cloak wouldn’t allow him to.

When he wouldn’t avidly take the time find them himself throughout the day, his cloak would rapidly smack his face with the tips of its collar until he’d exasperatedly search for them in the depths of the fabric. He had mostly done this to avoid embarrassment in the presence of others because nothing was more awkward than walking around with his cape aggressively attacking him in public over little pieces of paper.

It started a few months ago, after he began his official duty of guarding the New York Sanctum, that he began to receive notes from an individual with a strange sense of humor.

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