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“You have no idea of the forces I contend with…”

The first official picture of my Medivh is here!!!!  I feel so magical.  And powerful!  Bwahaha!

A HUGE thanks to my buddy @siffy of The Sisters Mischief for the photography and editing!  It was SO hot out and the bugs were attacking like crazy, but we managed to get some amazing shots!  ^_^  You’ll have lots more to look forward to over the next few weeks!
First Look At ‘Downton’s Dan Stevens As Golden-Locked ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Prince
Dan Stevens, his hair — or someone’s – considerably longer than his floppy Downton Abbey style, looks pretty charming in this set photo from Bill Condon’s upcoming Beauty and the Beast live-action film. Co-producer Jack Morrissey posted the photo on his Facebook page yesterday, noting that the reveal

It has now hit the Yahoo-page.

Yes, I’m that shameless… 😈 😈 😈

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What if you, and a bunch of other AU creators got together and made a comic where Reaper Chara went to take over the other universes, and was now able to thanks to life being killed, and the Frisks couldn't reset, thanks to the Chara's preventing it.

That, my friend, is a very powerful RT!Chara and in all honestly, is completely possible. I’ve actually toyed with the idea that Chara, using the Mirror (or some other universe-connecting object, but the Mirror would be most likely), would be able to corrupt every Chara from every universe – the Mirror, after all, is a conduit/channel to everything.

But why would you want an AU like that 8D

Little Battleborn Things #379

When you’re half way through the mission and you’re finally powerful enough to insta-kill weak thralls/minion robots and skulks with a quick attack to their face.

*another kickass submission from the godly Battleborn sneakysnakeyassassin. 

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Wayhaught prompt: Friday night last minute shopping fluff.

Bwahaha I know this prompt was over a month ago but… I felt like writing some fluff today. 


There was a soft thunk, the sound of a can dropping in a basket, followed by a “Yesssss!”

Waverly put her hands on her hips, shaking her head in disapproval. “Will you stop that please? You’re going to bruise my melons!”

Nicole can’t stop the laugh as she flips the other can in her hand, walking up to the half filled cart and dropping it gently. “I’d hate for anything to happen to your melons.” She slides her arm around the brunette’s waist, pulling her forward.

Waverly resists just a bit before stumbling against the redhead’s form, her hand coming up to rest on Nicole’s collar. “You are such a pain in my tushy.” Unable to resist, she pushes herself up to her toes, capturing the smile in a kiss.

“Oh believe me, I can make sure there wouldn’t be any pain you didn’t enjoy.” Nicole reaches down, two hands taking a hold of firm cheeks through tight jeans, pulling the woman closer.

“You are in quite a mood today.” Waverly wiggles out of the officer’s embrace. “Maybe you should go get some milk from the fridge aisle. I think you could use some cooling off.”

Nicole chuckles. “Whole milk? 2%? Soy?” She makes a face on the last one.

“2% please.” Waverly shakes her head again, watching as the tall woman strolls away towards the cooler section. Leave it to Nicole to make even the most mundane of tasks interesting. She checks her list once more, making sure she has everything for the barbecue. She’s already put her cupcake order in to the bakery down the street and they’re just about done there. All they really needed was…

“As requested.” Nicole sets the carton in the basket along with two tall red and white cans, her eyebrows wiggling seductively.

“We don’t need whipped cream.”

“It’s for dessert.” Nicole says nonchalantly, motioning the Earp to head towards the checkout.

Waverly passes her and looks over her shoulder, catching the officer’s eyes settling on her behind. “Will you stop?” She laughs, bumping backwards against the firm form behind her. “We’re already getting dessert from the bakery, remember?” An arm wraps around her waist and she’s pulled back against Nicole’s body, feeling the heat of the tall form draping over her.

“It’s for dessert when we’re alone.” She whispers into a pink ear, her hand coming around to trace the center seam of Waverly’s jeans, chasing the line down between the brunette’s thighs.

Her body instantly flushing, Waverly is glad they haven’t made it to the front of the store yet, that they’re still somewhat secluded. It allows her the small freedom to turn her head and capture those devious lips with a searing kiss, her hand reaching up to caress the smooth skin of the officer’s jaw.


Both women jump as they’re greeted with the grumpy face of Waverly’s third grade teacher.

“Mrs. Anders! How are you today?” Waverly manages to squeak out, bumping Nicole away with a hip and moving their cart over when she realizes they’ve blocked the aisle.

“Not as well as some, obviously.” The woman grumbles before giving her a wink as she passes by. “Damn kids.”

Waverly can feel the shaking of Nicole’s laughter and when they’re alone again she turns to playfully push the officer. “You ass.” She hisses in mock anger.

“Good thing I’m your ass.” Nicole strolls past her, leading the way to the front of the store.

Watching her go, Waverly releases a long breath, unable to erase the smile from her face. Her eyes fall on the cans of whipped cream and she feels the blush on her cheeks darken and her body react to the image. As she passes an endcap, she quickly snags a botte of chocolate syrup.

For “dessert.”

Bwahaha yes it’s not really on a whim. It’s a part of the official story (oooooh finally something officially new from Hollowtale)! It’s been so long since I draw Hollowtale related art so here you go!

And no Sans is not mean to his brother. He’s just hellbent on following the rules and is a workaholic. He may look like an asshole to Papyrus and the others but really that piece of shit is a–

fucking softie.

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Hello there! Citizen of Tumblr, or should I say the renowned creator of the well-known Reapertale Undertale AU! You have accumulated a massive number of followers as of late, numbering in the thousands, yes? Well, as a hard-hitting news man, I've been asking many members of the Undertale community if they could put the feeling of having their followers behind them into words, and I ask the same to you. How does it feel to be a figure that you are in the community? -News Reporter Anon

Oooh! Hello there, News Reporter Anon! :D

Whelp, I have to say– I don’t really feel like a figure in the community at all? BWAHAHA. I’m just a regular gal who posts random things that people happen to like, and when people get flustered/nervous talking to me, I get flustered too because I’m really just an awkward, normal person who gets awed every time people tell me how much I’ve inspired them. Every. Time.

To my followers, I wish I could let you all know how amazing and important and precious you all are to me. Even though I haven’t spoken to all of you, you’re more to me than just a number on a social media site – you are one more person that likes my content enough to see what I have to offer, to follow me in my journey as an artist and a writer. And that– means the world to me? It means the world to me. You give me the confidence that I need to keep going on this path, because let me tell you– the life of an artist, whether it be in illustration or in writing (or dance, or music, all of the arts), is a hard one. It’s incredibly hard– but it’s what I love. Don’t get me wrong – I would still be doing this even without the follower count, because that’s what artists do: they do what they love, even if it’s hard (and even if they hate it sometimes lmao). But each person who likes my work is a person that I’ve reached out to and connected with with my art, and that’s– that’s my end all, be all goal:

I want to inspire, and be inspired. 

That’s the mantra I tell myself every day; that’s my motivation line, forever. The follower count doesn’t really matter to me, because knowing that I reached out to just one more person makes my world. And hearing about it from a person themselves– that’s just completely amazing. The feeling can’t compare. It’s like a little bit of my dream coming true.

You all humble me and having you support me fills me with determination :’D I’ll do my best for you guys, because I don’t think you understand how much you make me happy. :’)


I’m new!

Hey all! I haven’t RP’d on Tumblr in quite a few years so AAAA!!!

I wonder if there’s a big Zootopia RP community on here? I hope so! I absolutely fell in love with Finnick due to the fact that I’m little/babyboy trash bwahaha! Anyway I wanted to see if I could portray him in this form. I’m not too sure yet if I’ll be able to go all thug but we’ll see! Please follow me!? Or recommend me blogs to follow :o


(Ok so quick explanation for this one. What would happen if, after you beat Ganon and watch the ending of the game, you re-enter that file? What would happen to Link? Well, in my mind, this is what happens should you choose to turn on that file again.)

Link’s eyes opened. He was just within the castle gates in Castle Town. Hyrule Castle loomed high into the sky before him. And deep within him, he felt a fear.

Fear because he knew what would happen should he go further.

So, he went back the way he came.

Midna immediately made herself heard from within his shadow. “Link, what are you doing? Zelda’s that way.”

Link’s heart skipped a beat at her voice, face flushing. “I-I can’t go. I’m, er, not ready yet.” He could see her in his mind’s eye, tall and beautiful. And he was afraid.

Midna made a sound of confusion. “Uh, what? I didn’t smash that barrier just for you to not be ready yet.” She retorted.

Link shook his head and kept walking. “I’m just not ready yet. I need to find more heart pieces. I don’t have enough room for error yet, I just know it.” He could see a tear, and he was afraid.

Midna floated out of his shadow a little, watching his stiff gait with a perplexed look on her face. “And you aren’t worried that something will happen to the princess while you’re off collecting hearts?”

“She’s waited this long, she can wait a little longer.” The green-clad Ordonian shot back immediately. He could see something within and without shattering, and he was afraid.

Midna was startled a little bit by his snappiness. “Whoa, calm down. Let’s think for a minute, Link. Ganon’s there, he could be doing something to her. What’s going to happen if you come back and she’s hurt, or worse?”

Link sighed, looking down at his shadow. “That’s not going to matter if I die trying to save her, Midna.” He replied, something very sad in his tone. He was so afraid.

Midna blinked. “Well, fair enough then. Do whatever you feel you need to do to adequately prepare yourself.”

Link smiled gratefully. “Thank you, Midna. I can always count on you.”

Midna blushed a little, sinking back into his shadow completely. “No problem.”

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  • Nishinoya:What are you getting all worked up about? You're gonna make Daichi-san angry, y'know.
  • Hinata:Where have I seen that person before...??
  • Tanaka:That's just Noya, dammit! What the hell was all that kid stuff. You guys are practically the same height!
  • Hinata:Urk! Noya-san? But... N... N... Noya-san shrank! Scary!!!!
  • Tanaka:Stop thaaaathaaha! You seriouslehee... don't... bwahaha!
  • Nishinoya:Ryu, you bastaaaaard!!! Don't laugh, dammit!!! You both better clench your teeeeth!!!
  • Daichi:All of you, quiet down!!!

When you realize that Koga and Ryoga are kind of the same character….. I see what you did there, Rumiko Takahashi…. bwahaha.
Photo by @adamrobertson
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10/10 would have crush on/try to impress Professor!TC as a student... I have issues....

Bwahaha all I can see is that student from Indiana Jones :,D

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But yeah, I am sure Professor!TC has a small cult following despite being a crochety creep :,} He’s got that…charm. (and a nose this time around!)

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Hey! Just wanted to say that I love your art style, it's super cute! Especially the way you draw Keith. He is my precious floofy-haired child and you draw him with FRECKLES and dimples and it makes me so happy! Also, your Klance art is the actual best. Love to see more of that. ^_^

aw thanks so much!!! I love to draw klance Im not stopping for a very long time bwahaha >:D <3

Hello^^! The most recent review you see for my shop is for a large order of Mimikyu plushies, but this was a custom order I did weeks ago^^! I haven’t put the preorders up yet, so you’re not crazy (・ω<)b! I apologize for the confusion though!

Only because I most likely won’t have time to create new patterns when I start school again, I won’t be able to take requests for something I haven’t created yet…Sorry (◞ ‸ ◟)! 

Hello~! Please message me directly on here, deviantart, etsy, or at for a price inquiry~ I promise I don’t bite (ꈍᴗꈍ)

Hey^^! I respect Toby Fox’s merchandise policy so I’ll only be selling Undertale plushies at conventions or through custom orders/commissions! So far I’ve only made Napstablook♡ I took a break on making a Sans plush because I just can’t seem to get his head the way I want it bwahaha (≧∇≦) I’ll go back to it though and I’ll get it right this time! I CAN FEEL IT IN MY BONES *ba dum tss*

I hope Milo is okay (╥﹏╥) You can think of it as all your Pokemon living inside Milo now? Maybe^^? Like the little twinkle you see in Milo’s eye is actually all the Pokemon you had in X saying “Hey” (ㄒoㄒ)

That’s so precious how you transferred your shiny Bellsprout to be with you in Pokemon X (≧▽≦)! I’d probably do the same! You’re already more than halfway done until it evolves into a Weepinbell! I bet you’re excited (≧∇≦)!! Have fun!

Whoaoaoa a shiny Wurmple is exciting, don’t you think ( ✧Д✧)?? Because you don’t know if it’ll evolve into a Silcoon or Cascoon ( ✧Д✧)!!! ISN’T THAT COOL ( ✧Д✧)?!? I THINK THAT’S COOL ( ✧Д✧)!!