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What’s good yall I have completely run out of content so I’m just gonna start posting unnecessary nit picks about Naruto from now on. Nitpick Number 1 - In episode 24 approximately 16:22 minutes in one of the chunin exam proctors explains to a genin that he and the other proctors can always tell if someones cheating, but he has both his eyes covered with a big ass bandage and his forehead protector. Does he have x-ray vision no jutsu? Did Ibiki hire this guy because Stevie Wonder was unavailable? How does a man with no eyes get hired to do a job he is so clearly unqualified for - and can he hook me up with his employment agency. 

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I'm laughing at how you listed them in order as John Mayer, Orlando Bloom, Diplo. I'm sure it wasn't intentional, but you listed their names in the same order as she ranked them in the bedroom.

<archly superior voice> Why would you think that was unintentional? Honestly, am I not AWARE? 

<normal voice> My favorite reaction came from Diplo. I can’t remember the exact words of his tweet but it was something like he was proud of winning a “Bronze in the Sexual Olympics”. The implication of a much larger field of competitors is such a subtle but sharp dig.  Bwah-ha-ha-ha-HA!

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Yes, I mean't AFTER. Damn I need to prove read what I write before hitting send. Yes, from now on forget Google I'll have to just come on to tumblr. Thank you for the update on Calvin. I follow quite a few great Calvin blogs besides your's. Do you know if he has an actual update blog or not? All I learn from Calvin's snaps is what he is eating and he has great taste in music-I miss his motivational talks. All I am going to say about TS new music is I'm liking Swish Swish a lot more=as bad.

Swish Swish seems better by comparison. Bwah-ha-ha-HA! 

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Please stop! Maro! Wedge set with morph, simple yet promising mechanics, flavorfull clans, resonant world, fetch lands, my favourite pw (Sorin, in Abzan colors, we will outlast all!), time travel, new block structure WHICH is the start to a totally new structure that will double number of worlds we visit and STILL you say there are more cool stuff on the way? WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL HERE, MAGIC OR ME?!

Bwah ha ha ha!!! : )

So, as you may or may not already know, I like being silly!

I had an oh-so-brilliant idea to troll my guildies (but mostly myself) whenever they went into the guild hall.

When they loaded into the guild hall, not everything loaded right away. So whenever someone ran around to do something, they would run right into Tequatl’s Tailbones and get stuck. It was brilliant.

Well, I’ve been leveling scribing lately and my evil plan has grown!

Bwah ha ha ha haha ha.

I’m still working on a design where it’s a hard but not impossible way to get out. Sure, they could waypoint and run… but where’s the fun in that?

As evil as it is, I still miss the tailbones. I might put them back and make a SAB cage somewhere else.