171123 Ken Fancafe

여러뷴 오뢔 깜뫈에 쨪아뱁께 댔뉸데~

졔까 여뤄뷴께 조ㅑ뢍 아뉜 조ㅑ뢍을 쫌 할뤄고 하뉸뒈~
윌딴~!쏴랑하꾸요><야깐 좔 뭐루게쒀요~이고 야깐 하뚜 같기둬 한뒈~솰짝 붕어 같귀도 하궈~좔 뭐루게써오~

Evwyone Iw’m cwoming two swe youw fow the fiwst time in a whiwe~

Iw’ve cwome two nwot bwag bwut bwag two youw aww~
Fow now~! I wuv youw>< I down’t weawwy know~ Dis is sowt of wike a heawtu~ And sowt of wike a cawp~ I down’t weawwy know~

T/N: Please let me know if this is impossible to decipher;;